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Ultimality - k2*

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posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 08:28 PM
Random non occurance every 3 neutrons - a blank particle without substance inside an ion - potential energy - not kenetic - unlimited in source.

the gravitron emitter is a random unification gyroscopic lense diode. use the most concentrated form of light you could find(super fine laser) and shine it the main centricle(unification amplifier)=would appear as a rotating lense the a magnification amplifier. would require one universiality(one completion of a single particle to a parti-cohhesson)the collision and ahnnilation of a single particle into itself. first reaction point would create 25 megajoules of reaction potential(generated reacuring reaction)unlimited reactions with neverending reacurring reactions of this onto itself for a potentialy infinite number of times. all reactionary need to be anticipated and refracted back at the lense to create an infraction point - temperality

one light would be enough to power the entire planet for over 36 thousand years perhaps an unrelenting over aboundant source of power - energy.

k2 is the ultimate reactionary model - (k) = reason - (2) = purpose =result would be a reacuring reactionary existance unification psuedocode. syntax is fine but things do need to be reoriented - a partial unification of their minds for several seconds - unberable pressure on the mind receptors - 77 thousand interpertations in around 3 seconds.

potentiality aperture - wormhole - would look purple in color appear 2 demenional - but would have the skin of a 3 demensional object - like a 'sprite' from an old style 3 person shooter(doom) - however would be very bright to your eyes - almost like looking into the sun - this effect is from light particle concentration - would appear as if the sea was parting - a single universal particle infraction - the death of a black hole or superquasar - both occurances last for over tens of billions of years - however hyperaccelerate their own particles arcoss spaces curvature - black holes death would create a super cluster(absorption star)the merging of lifeform with a weak star. superquasar would make a path of radiance accross space time - a natural wormhole. both are in essence particle accelerators = (*) = unity variable. these final occurances would probably last until the end of the universe before it reforms. europa - the strangest thing in this solar system - covered in layered sheets of ice there would potentialy be a life bearing zone in there a more constant envirnment stable envirnment - the gas giant would be negated gravidicly within the icey to liquididy layers - a very high volume of possibility there is advanced life in there - earth is a strange planet in its water content - hardly any of it has been used - water is the best source of power for anything - all of its molecular componants can generate a form of power - reactions of destruction of water particles would in essence transfer the contents of the particle to another continium - primary gas around europa would be any waste from from the most common form of comsumtion - methane gas - even the waste could be used for more power - the ice curst b4 water transition would be as many as 14km deep - water is air tight it leaves no imprint on the interior of the planet - so radiation signal - radar - sonar - x-ray - gamma ray impervious - would need to use a rotation wobble index - caclulate its wobble to the other galian moons it would appear much more stable - the density of the water molecules bloats the planet up increasing its mass - increased mass would better negate jupiters gravidic field - use a uv reading device - to identify current hotspots of radiation collection anywhere on the planet - monitor its internal temperature based on depth all rock planets have a warm sport in them - a power source the one that causes their gravitational rotational movements. there would be miles of areas of habitbal temerature - anything within the range of liquid water. europa and at least one other planet in this solar system should have life on them. they are both really the only ones that have or had the ability of sustaining it.

mars changed to adapt to an incoming nuetrino emission star(underground protected them but they lost their power source their atmoshpere thinned dramaticly - nitrogen is a universal biproduct of many things - they are running low on water tho - eroupa or earth could provide that - give them one of our oceans - the atlantic just empty it out for them. do we really need all that extra water? mars doesnt have a fossil record all its resources have been exhausted - the driving force behind the rust on the surface - miles deep - most forms of metal break down before a billion years - the olympos mons could be a massive eternal volcano on mars before the io interior was removed.

earth has about as much water content as eroupa - the ice and water are transiononal - absolute 0* would exist somewhere here - it wold be here in order to maintain its cohesion - airtightness - the direct changing of solid ice to liquid water.

*super dense mega ice sheet.

these dark stars have different orbits than light stars - they orbit the complete curvature of space.

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