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Disclosure: God in The Cloud of Glory!

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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 09:37 AM

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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 09:40 AM

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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 10:59 AM

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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 11:34 AM

God is always speaking of the Generative act of mankind (God's body) of which he "children" is always the head. Children will always be the head of life. Cut them off, cut yourself off.

Children are the "tresure" of Heaven that "does not rust". They are the lights which one puts on a pedestal. They are the innocent and the ones not given or taken in marriage.

"The way the truth and the life"

First take life. This is life, that which you are living now..."My reward is with me". "This is your life and it is ending one moment at a time"

Since, I can actually vouch for life, the way and the truth are either here also (Christian motto....All or none, salvation or damnation) putting the "son of man" on everyone, and the "big deception" is buying into things you can not vouch for and were never accountable for anyway till you subscribed to it. Truth is what you do everyday.


The plot from a science fiction novel.


This is the central theme of the bible. SEX

When two people become one flesh it is because they have had a child together and literally have become "One" flesh"..."bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh".

Heaven is inside of you means that "the life" which is more important then the body "carrying" it must go forword in order to propagate "the kingdom of heaven"

"God desires holy offspring".

When God said let there be light, it was on the earth of your body, not the planet, as in, "Insemination", that is to, "Pierce" the egg.

Let there be light....First cell divides
Let there be a firmament....Skin Tissue
....and so on.

The cloulds of heaven without being to vulger means simply "The money shot".

"Coming on the clouds of Heaven".....
"The kingdom of Heaven is inside of you"
"In a moment in the twinkle of an eye" in "your daddy's eye"

Good eye on the "rape" part of rapture.

"They took to them wives of whom ever they chose..."

Adam means "mankind" and was never a single guy. Where people get lost is with what Eves roll is.

Mankind was already made meaning "male and female".

What god did was to put mankind under a sleep. Then a thing called "nocturnal emmission's took place. This is also called

The reason this happens I conjecture is for the spirit to go before you to prepare the way. Before you are tainted with to much sexual input some of the "Good seed" or "the right hand" is saved from your youth.

Yep those little swimmers are alive

posted on Nov, 13 2009 @ 02:14 AM
Thank you for your contribution to this thread, Cosmicpixie. You certainly have some deep thoughts on this issue.

Originally posted by cosmicpixie

(2) There was laws forbidding "normal" or "old style" beings from interbreding with the designer race. This probably was for very good reasons - it's probably best not to tamper with an existing design as the consequences of doing so could be devastating for the new race

This could account for all of the bloody wars in the OT and the anihilation of so many tribes.

Originally posted by cosmicpixie
(3) Such interbreding did occur, and the feared consequences ensued as the designer race was now "sullied" by the introduction of what would be rogue DNA into there genome so that subsequent generations of the designer race had previously non existant "flaws" introduced into their makeup. The designer race was never intended to be "overloaded" genetically in this way and although the rebel faction responsible for all this may have had altrusitic intentions, the effects were actually very negative for the designer race. Previously peaceable, devoid of any urge to commit crimes or do "evil" things they exhibited many of the traits the designers were trying to eradicate by creating a new race of "enhanced "subjects.

Could this be the metaphor behind the story of Solomon's wisdom concerning the two women fighting over the child? Could it be that rather than to destroy the totality of the human creation (the child), that the originator allowed the evil mother to rear flawed children?

Are we victims of an experiment? Or as you say "to prove a point'?

Originally posted by cosmicpixie
(4) Conflict broke out between the two opposing factions of the ET race in question. The wars are documented in many ancient texts. The rebel faction seems to have maintained dominance down here on Earth and perhaps they were "granted" a period of time to "prove their point" so to speak. The rebel faction would have vested interests in humans because many would be directly related to them because of the unlawful interbreeding.

And could this be the meaning of Baphomets hand signals..."as above so below"? A war broke out in the heavens. Perhaps they are still at war just as we are. Perhaps the heavens are no more peaceful than the earth.

Originally posted by cosmicpixie

(5) The ancient accounts often describe the original creator gods as looking like us, only they were more "perfect" aesthetically. There are accounts the world over of these human type beings with exceptionally fair skin, fair hair and blue eyes who had long, narrow faces.....reminds me of the Nordics actually.

There is some info here on the Sami people (Lapps) who were indigenous to northern Europe. Some peculiar aspects concerning genetics...specifically the Rh- factor as well as a specific mtDNA group, Haplogroup V.

Originally posted by cosmicpixie
Nowadays , ever since the atomic bomb and the advent of genetic advancements the ETs have ramped up their presence here while a new phenomena began to occur - the abductions of humans by the greys who are sometimes described as being accompanied by the Nordics. I suggest that the greys are workers for the Nordics and these Nordics are the genetic masters who first created the designer race then had to stand by and watch their experiment completely screw up. It would be highly unusual for any scientist to totally abandon their experiment and I suggest this is the case with the Nordic-grey activities. People are quick to assume the greys are working purely for their own agenda, to save their own species, when in fact it is just as likely that there have been plans long underfoot to "restore Eden" and usurp the rebel faction. In this instance, these master genetecists may think it okay to do whatever it takes to make this happen, to "restore order" as it were . They would view the sacrifice of billions of lives as a terrible but necessary measure for the good of future generations . In their mind humanity as we currently exist can no longer be left to its own devices , free to take their madness into the universe, free to get up to nefarious genetic experiments as progress in genetics really gets underfoot.

This is an absolutely brilliant story!!!

Originally posted by cosmicpixie
From their point of view , millenia ago THEIR use of genetic engineering was done for altruistic purposes . Legends of a peaceful and advanced civilization can be found across the globe while those same legends talk of a "rival" race whose presence was also off world , as described in good detail in ancient Indian texts.

I would be curious to know how this off-world entity could be sexually compatible with humans? Did they mutate their own species to become so?

Originally posted by cosmicpixie

Long story short the creators designed a species that subsequently degenerated because of interferance from the rebel faction. Creating a designer race to start with is ethically dubious but from their viewpoint the damage that has been done needs "fixing" and they are likely to do what it takes to ensure this, even if that means playing both good cop-bad cop though there is no GUARANTEE they will win the "war" if the rebel ET faction are still about. A mother of wars could erupt in our very own skies - humans against the "Ets". Prophecy prepares the believer for human PTB and their rebel ET masters to FAIL in this war but we cannot take this as a given .

I can't quite decipher this last line. Yes, it is promoted that "good" will triumph over evil. However, "good" seems to be a relative term. According to the way you depict these ET's, good may refer to genetic strains, while we decipher "good" as being related to a heart condition that displays acts of love and compassion.

For all of our good, we may still have bad genetics. We must "work" on restraining ourselves from the negative traits, but we still have the inclination inherent in our make up.

Bible scripture reveals a mystery in genetics when it speaks of the "sins of the father" following four (?) generations.

Originally posted by cosmicpixie
Either way we look at it, the awakened hybrids down here are caught in the crossfire as only two realistic scenarios then exist- the rebel faction gain control once and for all, Earth is controlled in a very obvious 1984/Big brother fashion as that would be the only way to realistically gain control enough to stand a hope in hell of creating peace on earth

OR the rebel faction is vanquished and the "good guys" supplant "normal" humans with genetically enhanced individuals who are programmed NOT to commit the kinds of crimes and evils that subsequently "necessitate" strongent control measures.

From this, it sounds like there is not much difference between the "good" guys and the "bad" guys. Seems to me this is the same evil one with an alternate plan for back-up.

Originally posted by cosmicpixie

The rebel faction want to allow the defective hybrids (us) to live while the other faction probably want to gradually replace us with an "upgraded" humanity . The rebel faction would strive to control our thoughts and actions and behaviour and eventually even our emotions in order to realistically get some order on Earth while the other scenario does not require that kind of policing because the upgraded humans would be designed such as NOT to behave in ways which require such domineering leadership.

Perhaps the transition you imagine here could be that last phase which is the "Thousand Years of Peace". One way or another....

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