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There Is No Global Warming!!

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 11:06 PM
Before I begin, I will mention without much detail, that I've studied Climate Change professionally before. I will also mention that the internet is a very bad place to find information on Climate Change. There is likely a library nearby you, where you can spend a couple days doing some solid research, and everything I tell you will be true.

The earth has a very long history. It has been much warmer and much colder before. If one were to look at even the past few thousand years, which a blink of an eye in the long history of earth, you can see Climate Change much greater than we are seeing today.

A thousand years ago, it was warmer than today. Vineyards grew in England, and the Vikings were able to travel to North America.

What happens when it gets warmer?

Generally-speaking, there is more precipitation. The opposite is also true: When it gets cooler, there is less precipitation. This is important when it comes to glaciers in certain areas of the world, but glaciers are a whole other very complicated topic, which I might add on another thread. Glaciers disappearing is not a sure sign of warming.

If somehow all of the ice caps melted, and all the ice in the world melted into the sea, it would need to be extremely hot, much hotter than any scientist has ever predicted, and would still take thousands of years. If that did happen, which is nearly impossible (many glaciers today are millions of years old and have endured massive warming and survived), the sea level of the oceans would only rise 500 feet. Yes, that is the limit.

About 11,000 years ago (it took a while, so there is no exact date), an interglacial period began. Before then, the sea levels were much lower. Most people know about how Alaska connected to Russia, or the Persian Gulf was above sea level, or even that the Bahamas of today were one giant island.

Now, after the great warming, after the Ice Age ended, rainfall increased, and civilizations began in places like Sumeria. Although many think there may have been older civilizations, which are now underwater, my point is that civilization began spreading around the world once warmer weather and greater rainfall began. Warming is generally a good thing for humanity and life on earth.

Since about 8000 years ago, the climate of earth has been extremely stable, at least when looking at the long history of the earth's climate. There have been very minor changes, such as the warm period of about a thousand years ago as I've mentioned, or the mini-Ice-Age after, which were all very minor. In fact, the average temperature of the past 8000 years is actually slightly warmer than today, so we could use a couple degrees of warming.

Alas, that is not the case. There was a very, very slight warming during the 20th century, but the past 10 years have brought it down again. It is actually slightly cooling now, but there is a scary aspect to the cooling. Areas that were once covered in glaciers, such as the Great Lakes region of North America, and the British Isles, are cooling even more than other areas. But, like I said, glaciers are a very complicated topic which I'd need to discuss another time.

Okay, so looking at an even longer history, there are distinct times of major Ice Ages (lasting about 90,000 years), with brief inter-glacial times in-between (about 10-15,000 years long). We are at the end of an inter-glacial period, which might last another 5000 years, but it could also end within a century. Imagine Europe and North America plummeting 20 degrees F within 30 years! It is a possibility, but not likely soon.

Overall, the earth's temperature has been stable for the past (about) 8000 years, if you're looking at the long history of earth's climate of thousands or millions of years that we know about.

So, there is no global warming. CO2 is a whole other topic, but I will mention that CO2 from humans is an extremely small percentage of the CO2 released naturally from other sources, such as the ocean.

I'm sure some people will use links from NASA, Nat-Geo, or whatever, to refute what I'm saying. They are all corrupt, and I can take their statistics and tear them apart piece-by-piece. I've done it before, and I'll do it again.

If you have more questions, let me know and I'll try to answer them.

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