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The Nine Satanic Sins

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posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by Maxmars

I think it should be moved to the basement, where Christian rap sessions must also be held.

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 02:08 PM

Originally posted by Bombeni
reply to post by Mr Mask

If a person chooses to become a full-fledged Satanist, isn't this in a roundabout way a way of proclaiming they believe in the God of Abraham, The Creator, and are making a stand that they choose to worship Satan rather than God? I am not baiting either, asking a sincere question.

The title is not meant to adore or worship a is a deeper concept (right or wrong) then devils and demons.

Sorta like an early deterrent against the group "accidentally" acquiring "god fearers" and "superstitious folk". After all, what better way to assure you have no squeamish God lovers amongst you then to take the title of "Satanic Church"?

The philosophy being "no real Satanist" would find the name offensive since no real Satan exists.

It is a very brutal, unforgiving philosophy filled with self-worth, greed and love of wealth and personal self gratification.

Selfish and debauched as it has no desire to gain members who actually entertain the possibility of anything of devils or gods above your own self.

Some of the brightest, most entertaining, gifted and passionate people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting were Satanists of this group. I said...finding spirituality lead me to having to detach myself from the flock. Pity...I did enjoy the company of them.

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posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by Bombeni

I think the concept of 'true satanism' is as grand and as deep as the concept of 'true christianity' or the concept of Spirituality overall.

As much as I liked or disliked Mr LaVey, some think that because he is the founder of the church that he holds the patent to Satanism...
But there are so many sub groups that differ in their beliefs and opinions. Some, mostly those that choose to go solo do actually worship Satan as a God (but they are not considered 'true' satanists by most).
Others think they themselfs are God, or are 'like' God, this is the group where you find most of the dark magicians or chaos magicians... and others think there are no Godlike beings at all. You'll find much more subgroups if you do a search on it... that however is just the tip of the iceberg. The more serious ones, they keep in the shadows and you won't find them on the Internet 'just like that'.

It seems to be overall accepted that LaVey's way is the true way, I have always disagreed with that back in my 'darker' days so to speak. He may be an interesting person, he's also quite a bit disturbed in the head, that is IMO.

Anyway, all I wanted to say is that Satanism as as complicated as any other religion... or Atheism

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by GypsK

You are very right to say there are sub-groups and unconnected groups worshiping "Satan". Those groups are not endorsed or supported by the legal "Church of Satan", and to this very day there is no other "legal" church of Satan.

Since I do not have any contact with, or interest in, such cults, nothing I have said here is about such groups.

Lavey was an interesting man, and even if he coined-and-registered the title of "Satanic Church" firstly for his own, he is far from the first to create such a thing.

But...Antonian Satanism is far from such cults, groups or sects. The "official Church of Satan" does very much to distance themselves from such people. In fact, they openly hate and discredit such people as heretics and psychopaths.

You are not welcome in the CoS if you trust in spirits.demons, gods, etc.

But yes...there are groups that detached themselves (grottoes and cults), as well as secular groups created apart from the CoS entirely, and they are ALL not respected by "Antonian Satanists" or the Church of Satan at all.

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 04:18 PM
true, true and true... not debating any of what you said

But I do want to note that some of these 'sub-practitioners', perceive
the 'will to belong' as a sign of weaknes; therefor they don't care what the official churches think of them.
A herd is a herd, no matter how you call it. Your either a follower or an outsider... even the leader is part of the herd.

Where you a member of the CoS? Just wondering out of curiousity. I wasn't, so I have no need to defend it.

Actually I don't feel the need to defend or oppose Satanism or any other religion, atheismin general, my personal path is one of Light these days and I do believe that no matter the path, you learn something every step of the way.

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 04:41 PM
Yes, I was a "red card holder" of the CoS for many years. And I agree with your views on "herd mentality" pertaining to all these groups.

They say they are against pact behavior and herding...but in the end, if you are not a goddless one, you are left for ridicule.

I am not defending them so much as trying to make a few things clear that always bothered me when it came to "rumors" on the CoS.

They are not bad people or anything...just closed to certain beliefs.

I do not regret my time as a Satanist, it made a great impact on me as a learning creature here in our universe.

But its practices are too small (flawed) to allow larger views on spirituality.

I will say I left the Church on my own...not for reasons of mistreatment or being shunned. I simply knew I was no longer "CoS material" the day I found spirituality. So, out of respect for myself, and them, I distanced myself from the whole thing.

But, it was very interesting to grow up in such a circle, and I have so much to thank them for in the long run.

Heck, just becoming an adult within such a system was enough to nurture a pride of self and a deep respect for my being. It just wasn't "correct" in my new life.

To be honest...I doubt they would enjoy hearing any past member talking on thier behalf. After all, I am now a flawed psyche unbalanced and lost in fantasy of spirit.

Eh...o well. I do still salute them and wish each and every member luck in their quests for truth and self gratification. Even if they would scoff at me with raised eye brow and ego.

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by Mr Mask

I can understand all of the above. With me it was also my quest for 'truth' that led me into another direction, but it took me years.. and some very confusing times.
For a few years I was part of a cultish subgroup and in the end I was shown the door. The main reason was that they thought I was to stubborn, to curious and because of that: a danger to myself. I don't learn by example, only by experience. So if they told me not to do something because of various reasons, then I did it anyway just to find out for myself, that sort of things (I was very young back then). I know I'm like that, it's my nature. That's why I prefer to act solo these days and not be part of any cult or religion that has a doctorine.
It was a long climb up after that but still I don't have regrets, it's a part of my personal path and that paticular one thought me things I would've never learned elsewhere.

Thanks for sharing, I think you did a good thing following your own truth

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