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Plague Warning Back in August?

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posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 01:24 PM

Originally posted by chiron613.

Using vaccines to spread disease is nuts. Whoever "THEY" are, don't you think they'd want to spare the very people who meekly accept what TPTB tell them to do, who stand in line and get the shot? Wiping out those people - the meek ones who accept what MSM tells them - only means there will be more rebels around, more dissidents and troublemakers and people who think.

No one with courage and capable of independent thought is going to submit to a swine flu or any other 'pandemic' vaccine, especially if it is mandatory, since this would be an attack on civil rights. Therefore a man-made epidemic provides the justification to round up the dissidents and put them into concentration camps on the pretext that they need to be quarantined.

Judging by recent events in the Ukraine a man made epidemic is another example of how the NWO seeks to create threatening scenarios in order to remove our civil rights and introduce authoritarian government. All for our own protection of course.

posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 01:32 PM

Originally posted by chiron613

I don't even understand why the government would have to get all sneaky about changing the currency. Other countries have done this, without much problem. Sure, it upsets people for a while; any change is upsetting. I still don't like the new, bizarre bills we've got. But so what? No one had to have an emergency to make them use them.

Yes, we know that European countries have adopted the Euro as their currency without popular oposition, but the circumstances in which this happens in North Amerca are going to be different. The introducing of the new currency will conceal what is really a massive devaluation of the dollar and this is going to hurt a lot. US citizens will have to adapt to a drastic reduction in their standard of living and this is not going to be accepted without protests and possibly uprisings. Therefore the NWO elite are putting in place the authoritarian system required to hold down the civil disorder that they are anticipating.

posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 01:49 PM

Originally posted by SpaceGoatsFarts

Excuse me if my question is stupid, but can someone explain what's the point of the elites to depopulate the western coutries with a designed virus and/or vaccine ?

Because in case you didn't noticed, the flu hits mainly the northern hemisphere, and the vaccine is reserved for the rich countries who can afford it.

So let's say I'm an elite. I have this plan of killing the rich populations from the most developped countries, my workforce, my consumers, my source of income, but on the other hand leaving all those 3rd world countries crowded with people (because I don't see many ethiopians getting the flu or the vaccine).

What for ? I will kill only a 5th of the world population, the population I actually control, and need to make my global economy work. Leaving empty countries at the mercy of the neigbours from the south ?

Seriously guys, the vaccine depopulation conspiracy is a little too much. Sure they rushed the vaccine and hyped it to make tons of money. But to kill people ? To kill the western armies, workforces, wealth ?

The depopulation agenda already started : as planned it is targeting the poorest (and more crowded) countries of the world. It doesn't need a killer virus or vaccine. The four knights of the Apocalypse are already taking care of this :


So my question again ? Why would the elites engineer a virus and/or vaccine to kill only THE RICHEST countries of this world ? The countries they live in ?

Again and again we have posters asking why would the elite want to eliminate their own source of power and income with man made plagues or attacks on the electricity grid or whatever. The answer to this quandry can be found by considering the fact that the 10% of the US workforce who are unemployed are not a source of power and wealth for the elite. Sooner or later there will be 40% of the US workforce unemployed. That is an awful lot of useless eaters to support with social security. Therefore, from the elite's point of view shrinking the population in line with the shrinking economy is a perfectly logical thing to do. This is why the affluent 'post industrial' countries of western Europe, North America and Australia are being targeted. These are the countries destined to suffer the most severe economic collapse as the financial services sectors of their economies are drastically downsized.

We are in for a rough ride folks. The great depression will have nothing on this. You are going to be struggling for your survival.

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