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UFO around Fort Worth, Texas

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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 02:45 PM
So I was checking the mufon latest sightings page and came across two similar sightings both in the same area. First of all, I just want to say that mufon is a great tool for doing research on ufo sightings. I've traced many sightings across the US just by following reports. Enough on that though I'll get to the two sightings I found interesting.

I arrived home (in Roanoke, which is a suburb of Fort Worth, TX) about 7:15pm CST and was bringing in dinner, when my 7 year old daughter noticed "yellow shooting stars" in the sky. I looked towards the Southwest and saw three yellowish, extremely bright lights, in an upside-down triangular shape. All three of these lights were definitely separate entities, but were in perfect formation with each other, almost moving as one. When I first saw them, they were heading straight down with a tail behind them - kind of reminded me of what a comet would look like. All three of them made this streak behind them, then slowed down and the streak stopped. The light then faded slowly out to a pinprick and then all the sudden, they brightened back up again and went back higher in the sky and repeated the process over again. They fell slowly from the sky and had a trail behind them. The trail again phased out and then the light dimmed again to a pinprick. I ran inside the house and got my husband to come out and see it also. He watched the trio of lights do the same thing I saw two more times and then it disappeared from sight and didn't reappear. Unfortunately, the lights vanished before we could get video on it. During and after, there was a huge plane of some kind that was circuling the airspace. When it turned, it was almost at a perfect 90 degree angle, which for a plane this big, it was amazing to watch. We didn't get a close look at the plane as it was winter months here and it was already dark, but we definitely saw it's massive size and the lights that were on it. It was also apparent that the triangluar-type lights were not part of this plane shape. Rather, it looked like the plane was circling the area, almost like it was looking out for these lights, or whatever was making them. I checked online and wasn't able to find any reports of special events in the area that would give a legitimate excuse for the lights. If anyone knows what these lights were, please let me know!!

I was watching television at about 7:15pm and had the back door open so that my dogs could run in and out. My Pomeranian began barking and wouldn't stop. I yelled to her to be quiet as I thought she was barking at the dog next door. She continued to bark and ran inside and began frantically barking at me. It was then that I noticed she was looking out the window at the sky behind me. I ran outside and when I looked up I saw a large flaming meteor about the size of a full moon. It was black in the center with white flames around it and red on the edge of the tail. It was so large and moving so quickly I froze and the only thing I could think of is if this thing crashes we are going to die. Before I could gain my composure and decide what to do it changed right before my eyes. It suddenly stopped and became a smaller flamed object and turned into one, then two, then three huge balls of extremely white light. It was as if they had been stacked one behind the other. One to the right then one to the left while the last remained in the center. They were very bright and each about the size of a full moon. They were perfectly spaced apart in a straight line. It took a minute for my thoughts to catch up as a second before I was deciding how to survive a crashing meteor and now that was gone and I had accept a new impossible situation in a very short amount of time. I remember saying out loud, "What is happening?" and that is when I noticed some neighbors talking in hushed voices and I believe that they were seeing it too. After hovering in a line for a few seconds they began to flash on and off.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 02:58 PM
2nd report continued...

When they would turn back on they would be in a different location in the sky. They seemed to take turns flashing on and off. They went from a straight line to a triangle and then a diagonal line. They seemed to go through several patterns but I don't recall all of them. They also were higher and lower in the sky at different times. They finally ended up in an upside down triangle. The top two would flash in and out. And finally did not come back. The last one remained and this was the only time that I saw actually movement instead of flashing in and out and ending up in a different location. It floated slowing towards the ground and I really thought it was going to land. It hovered very low for a few seconds and then if finally flashed out. I stood in the silence and could not believe how quiet it was. There were the normal planes approaching and waiting to land at DFW airport. I could not believe I did not see any military aircraft or some type of activity to signify that something amazing just happened. I finally saw a large plane that seemed very close to the ground but I could not tell if it was military in the dark. I waited a little while longer and a single helicopter flew around the neighborhood briefly and then it was gone.

Wow!!! So we have multiple sightings of a comet like object that was seen flying towards the ground and then just disappearing. Both reports are without a doubt the same object. It seems that a triangle shaped unidentified flying object consisting of 3 separate objects was swooping towards the ground and flying back up into the sky. Apparently this object was quite noticeable in the sky as one of the witnesses reports that she heard her neighbors talking all hush about what they were seeing as she was outside. Both witnesses report seeing a large plane circling the area after the sighting.

Did anyone else happen to see this object? It seems like anyone around the Fort Worth area would have seen it quite easily.

Anyways, if you dont already, I encourage you to check out the mufon website and do some poking around in the reported sightings area. Its always fun when you find two pieces of the same puzzle. Happy hunting!

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 03:56 PM
That's a really interesting sighting. What was the date on it?

This is the kind of thing that makes me think of the alleged HAARP plan to project images onto the atmosphere. Regardless of where you stand on that whole theory and its plausibility, sightings like this seem to indicate something almost like a light show, whether based on the ground or in the air, more so than a physical object in the sky.

I wish we knew if the object moved below the treeline in the second sighting. Also wish we knew why one witness saw repeated movements in the sky and another saw mostly "flashes" of the lights. Assuming they were seeing the same thing, what accounts for the difference? I wonder how far apart these witnesses really were from one another.

And what the heck was that weird plane??!

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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by beatnietzsche

Hi Beatnietzsche, It seems as both sightings occurred last night, Nov. 6th. Its mighty interesting. The one witness reported being so afraid that it was a huge comet (reported the size of the moon) that she thought she was about to die! And then it immediately changed before hitting the ground. Cool stuff. The large strange plane seen by both witnesses is also pretty mysterious.

Some seriously weird stuff happening huh? Outside of ATS I don't really discuss UFO's with my other friends. I decided to bring it up one day to see what one of my friends views on the subject were. I was surprised when I heard him drop into a story of his own personal experience with a UFO sighting. It just reminded me how many more people have had experiences that just never came forward. Anyways, got a little side tracked there but I'm still hoping to find someone else with some more information on this sighting.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 06:22 PM
I also wanted to ask how I could get in touch with someone posting in the recent sightings page. There has been numerous sightings where someone has said "email me for the photo/vid" and I have no idea how to find their email address.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 08:08 PM
If no one else has any information I'll let this thread die, but I figured I'd see if anyone else had seen the reported object. Keep your eyes to the sky my friends, I feel that something phenomenal is on the horizon.

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