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There is a double game going on here

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posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 01:35 AM
sorry for playing necromancy with thread long dead, but...

what if they don't really want us to get vaccinated?
what if H1N1 will do it's job, and they don't have enough vaccines to vaccinate everyone, so they're preparing hoaxes/blowing things out of proportion, like with moshe or baxter, making themselves look as evil as possible, so people like Jane Burgermeister will spread the info that vaccines are bioweapons? of course they did their best to make those vaccines have some side effects, if not thanks to squalene in europe (soon in US anyway), then thanks to other crap - but the bottom line is, they don't really want people to think too much. they prefer to have slaves that will obey - and with a plan like this, that's what they'll get - those who will obey, will survive, the rest... well. they don't need the rest. conspiracy theorists will be either dead or so discredited, that they couldn't care less about what we're posting here. same for all the others except those few they want to have alive.

i'll make it clear, i'm 100% against those vaccines - side effects are scary at least - but if this theory is right... well. every person has to make his own decission.
there's a thread about it, btw.

staying off the grid is the best idea... but not always possible. what makes me wonder is if it'll be possible to stay off the grid without really moving away, to stay in place to help some people. in some small group, without chips, cellphones, and staying away from cameras... time will tell.

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posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 04:57 AM
I really don't know what's going on, but it smells like HARSH chlorine bleach outside right now......

Like going to the swimming pool, but 10 times stronger at least...

If there is anything to this "spraying" people have been talking about, I wonder if it smelled like bleach there too???

posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 08:31 AM
reply to post by mellisamouse

i never spotted any smell because of that, but... air feels kinda weird. basically one can feel in own nose that something is wrong. at least that's what i felt few days ago after some sprayings here (poland).

posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 08:49 AM

Originally posted by Doyder
You bring up an interesting point. As I was reading this thread something popped in my head and I got the chills. It's a bit off topic, but it fits together in some ways. Remember a few months back when the Census Bureau was GPS locating our front doors?! Do you think this all correlates together somehow?


Yes, it does.

4. Activate the Isolation and Quarantine Response Center (IQRC) to support the needs
of isolated and quarantined persons.
5. Through the IQRC (For more detail on activation of IQRC, See Appendix C, “Draft
IQRC Operations Manual”):
a. Develop a schedule of daily check-in calls for each individual under isolation or quarantine
b. Verify that the individual is at a specified location and monitor their health status.
c. Continue conducting daily check-in calls with each individual until they are released from isolation or quarantine.

d. Record information gathered during check-in calls on a standardized form and
enter information into a database.
e. Respond to irregularities such as changes in health status and failure to respond
to call(s) [e.g., request law enforcement or Public Health staff drive by; make
contact with the patient’s health care provider, personal contacts or employer,
[NOTE: If repeated attempts to locate individuals subject to isolation or
quarantine, including telephone calls and site visits, are unsuccessful,
coordinate with the Public Health Incident Commander, Public Health
Public Health-Seattle & King County I & Q Response Plan Legal Team, and the designated Disease Control Officer regarding the
need to pursue involuntary detention].

[[They are referring to home confinement as quarantine.]]]

Hmm, how could they check if people were staying at home if they have a cell phone?

Via fusion centers access to telecom company data --

(there are are 72 military/ police/ private corporation "fusion centers" in the US.
These are the centers that coordinate information between the military, police, health departments and private corporations (most likely telecoms). One of their tasks is to operate in health emergencies.
There are 72 cities in the Cities Readiness Initiative. The CRI uses this Rand paper:
as its blueprint for mass vaccination (it says "antibiotics" but the paper explicitly says vaccines also - don't want us catching on too easily, eh?)

--they can track your location. And since the census workers entered the GPS locations of your house, they can compare the two to see if you are complying with quarantine.

Also from NACCHO’s website is this overview of quarantine from the SARS events from 2003.
The purpose is to get the “best practices” of the countries involved in it and utilize them for themselves.

“C.3.2 With the exception of those contractually entitled to paid sick leave,
employees in the U. S. are not eligible for income replacement due to quarantine under any federal or state law. Providing income replacement for employees and self-employed persons is essential to ensure a high rate of compliance with quarantine.”

This is why a few days ago, the US House introduced a bill to give sick leave to workers with swine flu – to ensure a high rate of compliance with quarantine. If people need money, they will break quarantine to go to their job no matter what.

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