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So you still believe the official story?

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posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by pteridine

As I read down your list, I see more and more people being excluded. I would guess that there are very few, if any, who fit every statement on your list.
You should poll ATS to see how many classify themselves as being "OS Believers" based on your crtieria.

What are you talking about, you are one of the OS supporters, and the proof is you disagree with everyone.

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 09:47 PM
reply to post by GoodOlDave

Some of my statements are coming from that new show on truTV called, "Conspiracy Theory". They had an interesting special last night, (December 9, 2009) on a 9/11 conspiracy. Look it up on youtube if you get a chance. The program is 30 minutes long.

I disagree and agree. Here's why:

-Believe what you wish. The eyes don't tell the brain what they see, the brain tells the eyes what to see.

-Some people say things not only to try to convince others, but to convince themselves.

-Most of the reckage was shipped off almost immediately. Sure, they don't want to leave rubble laying around. Wouldn't they want to test it to prove these theories false?

-So many things are left out of the 585 page 9/11 commission report. For example, the black boxes. The report states no boxes were found, but it is next to impossible not to find the black bloxes. They are designed to be found.

-If you look at some conspiracy videos about 9/11 around the internet, there are numerous accounts of explosions heard 3 - 5 seconds BEFORE the planes actually impacted the building.

-Keep in mind, most of these claims do not have anything to do with the pentagon being, "Hit." That is a seperate can of worms I do not wish to open due to the fact that most of these videos have stories that do not line up, most of them theories.


Basically, some things will never be proven. (If the government decides to ever declassify offical 9/11 reports 10 - 20 years from now) For example, we will never know, even with large amounts of extensive testing, if the jet fuel really did explode on impact. There are many conditions that could effect the condition of the fuel cells after impact, ect ect.

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posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 04:36 PM
While there are those that question or just can't come to grips as to what motivation the government may have had in doing 911, let me touch on just a few items that I can recall from the media. Let me itemize what I can recall just from my limited memory.

On Sept. 11, 2001 tons of gold bars were never recovered from ground zero at the twin towers. While some of it was recovered, billions in gold is still missing. Since we have reports of dump trucks being found with gold bullion still in it and left abandoned when the towers came down, that says that some part of that day was dedicated to committing a robbery of biblical proportions. It stands to reason that stealing the gold bullion was on the list of things to do that day but not the only task that had to be accomplished.

Vital records and files needed for the Enron scandal prosecution were burned up when building 7 came down. The records for many ongoing SEC investigations would have revealed the guilty and that could not be allowed to happen since it no doubt had many key Republicans worried that evidence could lead to convictions and more scandal for Republicans.

Insurance fraud with billions paid to Silverstein and other Jewish interests that somehow knew in advance that insuring the twin towers would be a good investment.

The put options placed the days before 911 indicate that someone knew in advance of the attack and placed bets that airline stock would plummet. Someone or some group wanted to cash in on the inside information and did just that. To date no one has been brought to justice for that important fact.

The justification to introduce the Patriot bill that to this day does nothing but undermine the freedoms we cherish. The anthrax was used against Democrats that were opposed to the Patriot bill and anyone researching this will find this statement to be factual and true.

Once the nation was robbed at ground zero, the public was coerced into legislation that took away freedoms instead of preventing future attacks.

The attack of 911 justified our response into Afghanistan which was and is strictly for the oil pipeline that Cheney wanted but which the Taliban prior to 911 would not allow the USA to build. After 911, the pipeline was built because we began murdering the Taliban members after we got there to ensure nothing would prevent big oil from getting its pipeline.

Mix in billions in weapons sales to the Muslim fanatics, the billions given to Saudi Arabia for weapons sales from the USA makes an interesting point to the fact that there are huge profits in being in a war. Just the sales of ordinance and weapons made someone filthy rich and continues to do so.

Mix in the billions in profits that Black Water mercenaries and all the contractor fraud being committed and you can quickly see that profits are the sole motivation reason for being in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Once we got going, it became known that Sadam Hussein had acquired secret technology that we did not want him to possess. As such the whole weapons of mass destruction was a bold lie that worked. In time we captured the secret technology and brought Sadam Hussein's double to trial where he was eventually hung to death. The real Sadam is safe somewhere spending his CIA billions because only the patsy double died in the place of Sadam Hussein.

Continue to add the billions in tax payer dollars already spent on these bogus wars and the billions expected to continue the war and pretty soon it should become apparent even to the most ignorant that 911 was about a multitude of goals to make billions in profits.

The Heroine business is also a billion dollar industry and since we have been in Afghanistan, heroine on the streets of America has been plentiful and cheap. Just a coincidence huh? I think not. This whole incident is about Guns, Oil and Drugs. Anyone who thinks these wars are about freedom and spreading democracy is a fool.

posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 06:07 AM
A note on heroin. It's cultivation in Afghanistan is dropping quickly due to the high costs involved in harvest and the rising prices of wheat. So the narco theory is undergoing something of a battering.

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