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MyVaccs - Store your vaccination records online

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 03:34 AM
Hello all,

I wanted to get your thoughts on this website MyVaccs which allows you to store your vaccination records (and your families) online in a convenient "confidential" database.

Could this be a way for agencies to keep an eye on what you are being pumped with? Not only could Life Insurance agencies use this to see how "healthy" you are but government agencies to keep tabs on the good families who subject themselves to the swine flu vaccinations etc.

If the CIA has already purchased an online spying tool then what is to stop government agencies having a hand in this database to keep tabs on us.


posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 04:51 AM
I think it's highly unwise to put any personal information onto any Website, for any reason. The Internet is not a secure environment. It was invented for the purpose of *sharing* information, not protecting it. The idea of protecting the privacy of information was an afterthought, and so far it isn't happening. We are constantly reading about yet another breakin into some Website, where attackers get credit card information, social security numbers, drivers license numbers, addresses, and other personal information.

There is no good reason to put any of your medical information on a Website. If you want to keep it, put it onto your home computer, preferably in an encrypted (password-protected) format. Make some backups of this information in case the computer dies on you. When you need the information, call it up, print it out, or do whatever else you need with it.

Unfortunately, your privacy is pretty well shot anyway if you have insurance, go to the hospital, or buy medicine from the major pharmacies. They all put your information into their databases, meaning it's accessible to anyone who gets into their system. Usually this would be legitimate users, but if the site is attacked, it could become available to anyone.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 05:17 AM
reply to post by chiron613

You are so right. Don't share any personal information online, especially when it concerns medical status. There is a reason why medical professionals cannot disclose your medical status to third parties, so why should you?

01.Store your vaccination records for free
Vaccination records are important and increasingly required in everyday life. But over the years they are easy to lose or forget. MyVaccs provides a free web-based solution to store vaccination records for you and your family in one convenient place. MyVaccs allows you to access your records instantly for reference or in medical emergencies when traditional based records cannot be accessed.

Increasingly required in everyday life? What a joke.

One convenient place? Should anyone feel the need to even keep track of this stuff, why not just enter a note into a mobile phone / USB stick / etc etc.
Would be a lot more convenient than storing it online, as availability of the data would be limited to having access to the database.

Must be some other reason they're not sharing with us. I really can't think of a single reason why I would trust any external party to keep track of important personal information (not that this vaccination BS is important to me, just saying)
Especially when it's offered for free, it raises my suspicion.

Storing your data on this or any other database has no benefit whatsoever.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 08:48 AM
Creepy stuff. It seems similar to the push in the US to go with Microsoft's HealthVault e-records system. Gates is a big sponsor of many WHO initiatives, mainly vaccines in third world countries.

Once we've got the global govt and global "health" system, e-records (with vaccination records) paves the way for the convenience of an implanted chip to access your records (oh yeah, it also has the handy "app" to detect if you've been "infected" with the deadly swine flu "virus" - no joke, check out where Verichip is headed lately... use your I-phone to receive updates from your biosensor chip using the latest in RFID tech (aka NFC near field communications)).

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 08:58 AM
So if you want to go to school or some camp or whatever and they require the typical proof of MMR and the like they'll accept a print out from this site? Highly unlikely. Without that you still have to track down your doctor and get the proof from there. So where's the convenience?

At best this is a suckers game to make money from not really doing anything at all and at worst it's a big brother scan into your life. At least you'd still have to participate in the big brother scan. For now.

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