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rescue mission.....Earth

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posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 08:35 PM
I graduated at point 4903 : 48568
2 : mw

This was a big occasion in my life. Ten cycles of study ,followed
by two of practical .
No-one is allowed to fail of course , but the learning can be slow and
exhausting . My friends and I , are ready for the move to the new explorer
class Vanguard ship .

The Vanguard is only small . It carries a crew of 20,000 , is fully self contained ,
and can make extended hyper-space journeys , without the need to stop for
fuel every 3 cycles . On board are the latest drones [80], and scout ships[50]
The central computer system is generation # 3645 . This allows for any
eventuality , and is infallible to the 25354.69th degree.
It doesn't get any safer than that , and at this point in space/time , this is very reassuring.
The first mission is to a speck in space , now known to be inhabited by simple humans.
It's designated number is 3856465: carbon/oxygen. Earth .
Returning drones have indicated that in another 12.47 cycles , the planet will need
evacuation , while environmental fixer bots , restore the atmosphere and water quality.
It's a rescue mission , and a rendezvous with more local , but older Guaran class tanker
ships will be the first objective .
The planet has a moon suitable for housing the population , and the first task will be to
enclose enough craters , and install all the basics for sustainability for the 1.26 cycles
it will take to rehabilitate the planet .
The computer is to be fed the programme tomorrow , crew boarding a week after that ,
and then the journey begins ...
My tasks include maintenance of onboard food production , and when the time is right
initialise contact with Earth Governments and negotiate the evacuation .
This is very exciting , and something that myself and the rest of the contact team ,
are looking forward to .
This log will be updated once we reach the rendezvous , in orbit of their moon......

.... to be continued

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posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 09:42 PM
is this a story or something??

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 10:02 PM
Vanguard is now in orbit around Earth's moon. The trip was uneventful ,
you gotta love that computer . There are 15 empty tankers , joined and stationed
half way between us and the planet.
Drones and an advanced covert landing team , were deployed last week , but
there seems to be a problem . An unforeseen problem that has developed
while we were in hyperspace ,and the mission has been put on hold ,indefinately.

The humans have engaged each other in a global nuclear war , and the atmosphere
and surface are now highly radioactive. The covert team reports very few survivors
and no chance of their survival beyond the next few weeks .!
They have been ordered to return to the ship , and we will move on to the next galaxy.

..... I really wanted to meet some aliens ... errr...humans too !

THE END [thankyou for your time]

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