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Between the shady lines

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posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 01:00 AM
She was always a problem child .
I gave her everything.I worked
several jobs and didn't see her
much,but she got anything , and
everything money
could buy.The best in hired help.
while I swept streets,6 days aweek.
Meanwhile,she had joined an evil cult.
The worst there was.She stole the
nest egg,and shared it with her junk
friends.I lost my jobs,ended up on my
ass,while she lived it up in my house
she bought from the bank.I had only
spanked her ass 4 times ever.I went
around to the house,she made my lunch.
After 30 years of slavery,I had , had
enough.I took back my credit cards,
bent her over, smacked her butt , and
marched her out of my house,#5
she called the cops,I yelled "checkmate",
and the rest is history that will never be
Her name is GAIA


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