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Protect the Ignorant or not?

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posted on Feb, 22 2003 @ 12:44 PM
I was put in a very interesting situation last night. I had decided to take a walk around 1 in the morning due to the fact that it was around 30 outside (it felt like spring time and was too good of an oppurtunity to pass up.) Well on my way back I was coming across a bridge where a guy stopped me wondering where any parties were. I told him I was just returning to my room and didn't know.
We chatted for a few minutes (he was extremely drunk) about school and such, when another group of people passed by. Two of them stopped so their were in turn 4 of us on the bridge. I lit up a cigarette and offered one to one of the guys who had just shown up. The two new guys (one of them was about 6'3 220lbs, the other about 5'5 150lbs) started questioning whether or not we had any weed. I told them both that we didnt have anything (they were both pretty trashed as well.) At this point the bigger guy started accusing my new "friend" (who is only about 5'4 120 lbs) of lyeing and asked him if he had an attitude problem. I could see that the situation was starting to detiorate.
Then the big guy slugged my "friend." At this point I could have A.) just left and let them do what they wanted, i didn't know any of them and it would have all been the same. or B.) get involved. Well I chose b. I stepped in between the both of them and pulled my "friend" behind my back and just held him their. I questioned why they were trying to fight because their was no reason to. At this point the big guy started coming towards my new friend, and I stepped in front of him. he then came right up to me and told me to punch him cuz he would be my "worst nightmare." I just stood my ground and didn't back down. He backed away so I realized now was the time to leave and grabbed my buddy and started walking away, he then tried to pursue us again, mainly cuz my friend was talking trash( some people can be truly ignorant at times.) I just kept dragging my friend along and aftera few more of the big guy "thumping his chest" it was over.
It was after that that my buddy talked about how he would have fought him had he not been white. So my question to everyone is, was it wise for me to step in the middle of this (i had nothing to gain except for possibly some bruises) or should I had let them beat up this racist?

posted on Feb, 22 2003 @ 01:27 PM
AF1, I think you make the right choice and stood up for the weaker.

Once you found out what he though, you could of hit him yourself of course

How about just getting a better quality of friends?

posted on Feb, 22 2003 @ 05:26 PM
...One problem I see here:
If you protect the ignorant, you'll *always* be protecting them...If you *educate* them, they'll learn how to protect themselves (Leaving you free to pursue other goals).

In other words, that guy's ignorance could've led to taking a beating...By protecting him, you opened yourself up to the same possibility & then he'd always be seeking you to protect him from his own ignorance.
If he actually *learned* anything about his own prejudices & racist behavior in the process of taking a beating (or turns away from such behavior from talking with you), he'd either learn to fight better (or learn how to avoid such situations in the future)...Leaving you free from taking *his* responsibilities as your own.

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