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Not New, But Never Intro'ed Myself

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posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 11:53 AM
Hello all!

I am ModernAcademia, although my name has the word modern in it i'm actually quite conservative.

I am not a new member as many know, but i've never intro'ed myself so I thought hey why not today?

Basically I am an IT guy, started as a Visual Basic Developer, then an SQL Server Developer, then an SQL Server/MySQL DBA, did alot of web programming and now mostly into IT Project Management.

I am a gamer, love my Xbox360 and FPS games and am fond of the whiskey

Of course Beer too!

While everyone tends to categorize others and criticize their created categories I believe in individualism.
I believe it's important to look at everyone as an invidividual and that is the key to ending racism as we know it.
It is the powers that be who is trying to divide us and think in such a categorical fashion. And guess what? They are winning.

I hate words like left and right, I guess you can say that I am being self-contradictory when saying i'm conservative so it's the same as saying i'm right.

But I just mean that i'm old fashioned that's all, despite only being in my early 30s.

I do not believe in the two party system and believe that blind patriotism will be the downfall of the western civilization. People support a given candidate only because he is republican or only because he is a democrat.
That is delusional in my opinion.

I was born in NY, grew up in a tough neighbourhood, moved to Canada, then went back to NY and then back to Montreal to do a consulting contract.
A very long contract that keeps extending itself, though I don't mind, the money is good.

I am a geek in all ways, I love reading and educating myself and my wife tells me that i'm always eating.

But I eat small meals all thoughout the day, which is actually healthier.

oh ya, and ATS is the best site on the internet!
It has a huge array of different people of different walks of life with completely different views.
And that's a good thing, if it was full of like minded people it would be boring.

Just thought i'd say hi in the most long-winded manner.
Thanks for a great site, keep it up ATS~!

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 03:46 AM
reply to post by ModernAcademia

Greetings ModernAcademia!

From one older member to another! Thanks for the intro!
Always a pleasure to have another well informed member within the ranks here on ATS!
While I myself do not find myself posting as much as I use to a few years ago, I do still enjoy doing as much reading, if not more so these days..
When the MSM fails us on a daily basis, its good to know places like ATS are here for us thinking members who can sift through the dirt and rock, to once in a while find that gemstone here on ATS.

I am happy to tell you, I have found a couple diamonds in the ruff while surfing through your threads!
Keep up the good work, from the AV guy.. Zy5!


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