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Google admits to scanning books

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 09:30 AM

Google officials yesterday admitted to having scanned more than 20,000 books under Chinese copyright protection.

The world's largest Internet search engine has been in negotiations with China's copyright watchdog for scanning works for its online library without permission.

"They still emphasized the Chinese books they scanned are from US libraries and some of them are available for public use," said Zhang Hongbo, deputy director of the China Written Works Copyright Society (CWWCS), which manages China's copyrights for written works. "But they also admitted at least 20,000 books are still under China's copyright protection."

Earlier this month, CWWCS officials said at least 18,000 books from 570 Chinese writers had been scanned by Google, with authors neither informed nor paid.

Zhang told China Daily he had already discussed a timetable to solve this problem with Erik Hartmann, the Asia-Pacific head of Google Books.

"Google Books will provide a complete list of scanned Chinese books to us on Nov 16," Zhang said.

Google has been scanning millions of books under US copyright since 2004. It is in the final stages of reaching a settlement with two US copyright organizations, which brought copyright infringement lawsuits against the company.

It seems that this is an example of how a big company can go about performing illegal practises and there is not much more than a "negotiation".

If it were you or I, such as say...someone sued for downloading music and receiving a judgement for 2 million, is life breaking, yet if Google does it, it is not criminally charged?

"We still want them to admit infringement and apologize, which they skirted around yesterday," Zhang said.

"But we do not want to go to court either. It takes too much time and money to do this kind of multinational lawsuit," he explained.

Oh nice explaination. International court is too much all of a sudden? WHat about the UCC? doesn't apply to Google?

This is so contradictive of all the policies every other international business would be adhering to. And the saga continues...


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