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Swine Flu -- One of the Most Massive Cover-ups in American History

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 09:08 AM
What studies now are showing about the true H1N1 epidemic since it started in Mexico.

The lies, the truths and the statistics on all the topics of interest can be found here,

An Informed population is a population that holds the power.

Pregnant Women NOT at Special Risk from Swine Flu

Initial Studies Show H1N1 NOT Dangerous or Highly Contagious

Much Fear Mongering

ICU Hospitalizations

Majority of Children Respond POORLY to Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine DOUBLES Risk of Getting H1N1

Obese at Six Times Higher Risk from H1N1 Complications

H1N1 Vaccine is NOT Made the Same as Regular Flu Vaccine!!

Pregnant Women NOT at Increased Risk, Obese Women Are!!

Recent NEJM Study of the American Experience

Underlying Medical Conditions

Underlying Medical Conditions Risk Factor for H1N1 Deaths

Pediatric Flu Deaths by Year Made WORSE by Flu Vaccine

Every Parent Needs to Know Other Vaccines INCREASE Risk of H1N1

Risk of Serious Illness from the H1N1 Mutant Virus

What about the Danger to Pregnant Women? The American Experience

Smoking and Obesity Increase Risk of H1N!

Bacterial Pneumonia and Swine Flu

Pregnant Women Given Vaccine Have Babies with More Health Problems

How Many Cases are Really Swine Flu?

Actually LESS Flu Deaths this Year

What Do They Not Know About This Vaccine?

Vaccine Safety Testing Only Done for ONE Week

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 09:11 AM

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by swp1000

Well thanks for the poster but I would love for you to read the topics and post what you may thing or not about it.

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 04:51 PM
I just tried to start this same thread because yours was already buried! (how?!)

S & F

This is IMPORTANT information that anyone who has a concern over this "Swine flu" and vaccine HAS to read. It is long, but worthwhile. PLEASE take the time to look it over.

Unlike so many comments and theories, this article is backed with references and links to the statistics and info.

Bumping this to the TOP

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 05:22 PM
Thanks westcoast, That is why I chose the article because is backed by statistics not by opinions and what ifs, people needs to get informed the right way, not by fear mongering.

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