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No surprise in the Afghan Elections

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 02:14 AM
“Hamid Karzai has been declared the winner in the Afghanistan elections, after his opponent, Abdullah Abdullah, pulled out of the race amidst complications of election fraud.”

This “news” is being broadcast all over the Propaganda Wire today. So it has been declared, at last, that the White House’s top choice for Afghan leadership has been crowned to Hamid Karsi. For weeks, the entire World as seen report after report about Afghanistan’s troubled Presidential Election. The on-the-edge-of-your-seat result you’ve been waiting for is now over. And now Obama has called for a “New Chapter” in relations with the Arab State. But the truth is; Nostradamus could have taken a nap and still predicted this one.
Gareth Porter at Infowars says that Karsai wasn’t even close in the elections. Even the UN came out and declared fraud. This, as always, is unimportant when it comes to having the right man for the right job. At a time when we’re about to see a major troop increase, the United States has to make sure that everything is working properly…internally.
It’s been well documented that Karsai is in league with the Elites. First; Michael Moore pointed out that he was consultant for the oil giant Unocal back in the days when the U.S. was negotiating with their (then-partners) in the Taliban to build that massive pipeline down to the Caribbean. Despite the lies that the deal fell through due to a Civil Crisis, the reality is that the Clinton Administration had little choice but to renege on the deal because of wide scale protest from Human Rights Activists, who seemed to be the only ones who cared that the Taliban were (and still are) regular practitioners of Female Mutilation. Our Governments’ response to these crimes is practically null and void except to the extent in which the money starts filling their bank account.
Then; William Engdahl, also at InfoWars, wrote on a UN report indicted a dramatic increase in Opium production since the “fall” of the Taliban in 2001. Now, Afghanistan is once again the premier heroin provider in the World, at nearly 93% coming out in ’07. It is also now said that Hamid Karzai is the Opium Godfather. He’s the pimp daddy that sows a woman’s vagina shut while monitoring the poppy fields. Those goofy Popalzai tribesman!
PressTV is also saying that the opium is stockpiled at two primary sites…and, GASP; the sites are run by joint US, UK, and Canadian forces. It’s common knowledge that the elusive substance is a fundamental component of the Afghan economy. From there, it’s not hard to speculate that a country with such a major imperial influence – in the form if Uncle Sam – would see a tax on such a major trade. The cost of lives and addiction are irrelevant…or so says Uncle Sam as he sends your kids over there to fight and die for the Empire.


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