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UFO Sighting in Hallsville, Tx (Video Link Included)

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:01 PM
Hello Everyone

Tonight on the local 5 o'clock news I noticed the reporters talking about a UFO sighting that supposedly had occurred in my area, in the early morning hours of Saturday, October 31, 2009. I would have just passed it off as another tall tale from an excited local had I not seen the video play shortly after. The sighting occurred in Hallsville, Tx, a small town about 5 miles east of Longview. Now the video is a bit poor in quality but does display some exciting qualities. Interesting none the less. Have a look and decide what you think. Sorry folks, couldn't find a way to embed the video so here are the following links which will take you directly to the news source.

News Source:East Texas UFO?

Direct Link to Video:Hallsville UFO Video

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:59 PM
Cool video that. Do you think maybe the power lines she speaks of could be a clue? Say, Corona discharge maybe?

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:24 PM
Didn't notice that until you pointed it out. It could have been slow to focus on the light though. There aren't any large airports around Shreveport's is the closest, which is about 60 miles away; we do have a small county airport, not much traffic, stray private jet here and there. I would like to know in which direction the object was located so I can personally check around 6:00 a.m. and see if I can maybe cause the same effects with my personal camera and a very bright star. It would be interesting to see what I would come up with. I do have to admit I did notice the stars seem to be a bit brighter possibly due to the colder air that moved in?

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:35 PM
Yeah, news stories always leave out important details like direction of sighting and duration.

Just for the record, Sirius and Arcturus, the two brightest stars in the sky, were both low enough to the horizon to be a possible match.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:45 PM
It looks like they were filming Arcturus (as mentioned above) which is really bright right now...and what we are seeing is motion blur probably from 1. having auto focus on and 2. not holding the cam still. I get this all the time when I don't use a tripod because I suck at filming and holding my hand still. IMO.

Couple of nights ago it was super bright and twinkling a lot!

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 11:02 PM
I watched the video twice to see if they mentioned which direction they were looking while filming, but they did not.

If they were filming to the west, at 6am, I'm thinking that what they are seeing is Betelgeuse. I have watched it at all hours in view of the sky and it looks exactly like the video.

As far as the "Movement" goes ... You'll notice in the video that all of the movement is from the camera operator's actions, which will be seen in an exagerrated manor due to the camera being zoomed in to the star. At the beginning of the video you can see that the movement from the "ufo" matches the same movement of the foreground trees and power lines. Also, at the end of the video when the camera is zooming out, the movements start to diminish and then we see the same power lines from before, but notice they're not as shaky either.

As far as the size and shape changes go ... It is a result from the camera operator zooming in and out, trying to get a decent focus. This would make the object appear to change sizes. The shape changes can be explained in the upper section along with movement.

I think that they were unsure of what they were looking at and made their decision that it was "deffinately not a star, but something else" while they trying to film it and noticed that it "moved so fast they had to move the camera to keep up with it" and that it also changed shape and size.

As far as the object changing colors go .. There are many stars and planets that are visible in the night sky that will appear to change colors or flash like lights. This is mainly due to atmospheric distortions that we can detect with the naked eye. Betelguese was my first guess, because it will appear to be very bright and have eradict looking color flashes.

After viewing the video and listening to the testimony of the people, my final decision is that the object is a star.

Final thought .. I watched the video again and it looks as if the camera is pointed East due to the lighting of the horizon and the time being 6am. If this video was taken at 6am of the Eastern sky, then the object could not have been Betelguese, because at 6am Betelguese would have been in the Western sky. Therefore, the object would most likely have to be Arcturu which has the same characteristics as Betelguese.

So ...
Camera facing West at 6am = Betelguese.
Camera facing East at 6am = Arcturu

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 11:09 PM
Ah Damn! eaglewingz and greeneyedleo beat me to it. When I started my reply there was no one else under Milkmustache, but I had to step away from the computer and do something. Finished my reply when I came back and didn't notice that yall had beat me to it.

Stars my friends .. 3 people all in agreement to what the object more than likely was, with explinations of the objects apparent behaviours.

Debunked I would believe.

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 10:42 AM
I totally agree 100%, I think this one has been debunked
Fun first thread though
Forgot to wake this morning before daybreak, but I did notice around 7 or so a very bright star on the western horizon, fading as day encroached. Probably have a chupacabra sighting or capture in the next few weeks. Hunters around here tend to find a lot of hairless dogs or coyotes haha.

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 01:03 PM
You folks have some interesting points however, if you watch just one more time, you can (well I did) notice some movement besides the obvious camera movement. This is why I asked about the Corona maybe - because I did see some movement of what ever we are watching. Thanks,

PS, you did a good job with your first post Mustache

Uhm, let me retract that statement I just made lol. I watched the vid myself one more, one more time and I am convinced about the star and movement of the camera. Thanks.

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posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 02:40 PM
Hey that was pretty close by to Big Sandy where I live. It doesn't look like your typical UFO in the way it moves so rapidly in strange ways. If I was in that thing I'm sure Id be as dizzy as toddler on a tiltawhirl I tell ya what.

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