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Earth: My developing theory.

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:14 PM
1. The Earth is training ground 0 for you to re-learn that you are God.

2. We are all a tenticle of God. Every single spirit energy must learn that everything you do to another spirit entity is the same as doing it to yourself.

3. Every life in which you will ever live you will attract to yourself everything that you ever imposed upon somebody else. Every time you tried to embarrass somebody, you will take on the pain and anxiety of your victims to understand that you were really hurting yourself.

4. There is the spirit, the central commander of the body who is you, then there is the chakras, then there is a body entity that has lived many lives in animal bodies to develop animalistic stimulus response to environmental dangers.

5. The body entity has learned through various lives in different animal bodies animalistic stimulus response mechanisms, that is why your body knows to jump at the feel of pain, but this entity is only in charge of animal instinct survival mechanisms ingrained in the subconcious.

6. When someone has an OBE, the entity keeping the body's heart and lungs pumping is the body entity.

7. When one does alcohol or drugs, you relinquish some of the control to your own body, therefore entities tend to take control of these people and influence their thoughts.

8. Animals to are spiritually evolving as well. The lesson of love, if expedited in most of the animals that people keep as pets, help them to evolve to the training ground of humans.

9. Other ETs have been involved in tampering with the genetics of the human races.

10. It is possible that various ET races have tampered with various Earth species.

11. The reason Earth is so important to various races in our universe is that, when the ATOM BOMB was blown in the mid 20th century, they realized that they incurred a karmic debt to our planet, because the ATOM bomb interferes with the dimensions of other beings and ET races. Because various of them crossed our paths and tampered with us, it in turn made them, the seeders responsible allowed to have an effect on our affairs. ( All you entities on earth are granted free will, that is why they do not interfere even with the bad guys who are control the banks, because they are also on the same KARMA training ground were they are supposed to learn the lesson that this SELF is in everyone.

12. They had a non-interference decree on us, but glich was the ATOM BOMB.

13. The ATOMB BOMB is technology that we shouldn't have had, that came to us because of the Illuminati treaty with the Reptilian and Grey aliens.

13. The Reptilian and Grey societies are Scientist who , in exchange for blood heroine continue to engineer

14. In the beginning there was only one, that is why throughout the universe there is a hierarchy of spiritually evolved beings who are on different levels of making their way back to full God power.

15 The time travelers who help humanity understand that we are ONE. So they are us in the future, because everybody is you, in a different body. You multiplied to play a game eons ago.

14. Because the higher beings cannot interfere in the free will of people on this earth they did something else, they decided to have volunteers " beings of of higher spiritual evolution" to be born all over the world to change the vibration of and course of world events. These people are free from karmic debt and having them around you make things go in a better direction.

15 . The indigo and crystal children are the star seeds. It is their souls that our different from that of karma ridden souls here on earth.

16. Part of the problem is that the NWO masters are the ones who have stuck us in a World Structure that allows us to be cogs for their plans, without spiritually evolving lifetime through lifetime- their secret societies grip on all of us.

- Where you cannot evolve spiritually because you have to work to your butt off everyday to pay to live on your own planet, to live in your own house, even after you already paid off the mortgage, you still have to pay slave taxes to them.

- The industries you work, most of them have been infiltrated by them.
- They've bioengineered diseases to get rid of people they don't see fit to live and depopulation
-They mind control random people in society to go on shooting rampages, to make you believe that we need to put cameras in classrooms, screen mental illness in schools and put the kids on ritalin, and take away your right to have a gun, by making it seem like any regular person will go on a shooting rampage.
- They assassinate anybody who tries to make major societal impacts like Martin Luther King or make everybody believe you are nuts.

- UFOs and Aliens are massively ridiculed because it is FRONT AND CENTER to the truth about who we are and what we are doing here and if you were to delve further, you might find out that your purpose on Earth was not to be a working drone but to be like the HOPI people and tend to Earth and your brothers and in turn grow spiritually with the help of the more evolved entities who teach and inspire us to each new milestone.

The NWO masters are trying to create a contrived Heaven on Earth. They are trying to prove to God, that they can be God without having to spiritually evolve through the lessons seeing that the other is the same, to bypass the KARMA and natural laws of the universe.

- As long as the population is stuck in the day to day Survival game, infatuation with physical beauty, consumerism to their manufactured garbage they Tyranny will prevail.

- With society as it is with people stuck in materialism, they have easily infiltrated it all.


posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:57 PM
17. We are issued from the light and we are returning to the light

18. Fear is the ego based perception of thoughts, channeled through the human psyche.

19. As long as humans will believe in anything, they will distance themselves from their own knowing.

20. Discernment is essential to not be trapped in concepts and ideas that originate from other sources then our own.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 08:53 PM
I Am The Walrus. Goo Goo Ga Joob. I did mushrooms back when I was a kid too. It's all a very tidy scenerio that you paint and it incorporates many of the recurrent themes on this website. But where is your proof? Your post reminds me of L. Ron Hubby-dubby's Dianetics book, in which he makes the most outrageous claims about the human condition and about how our minds work, all the while assuring us that he has positive proof that his claims are genuine, except he never offers any of those proofs in his writings. You just have to take him at his word.

You've obviously put a lot of effort and thought into an elaborate "philosophy" of spiritual progression vs all of the evil bogey-men associated with this website ( greys, the NWO, etc.), but you clearly have nothing to offer that will back these claims up. I appreciate your willingness to share a body of thought that you have devised with the rest of humanity via this website., but you have honestly given me no good reason to adopt your philosophy since you have no evidence to back up any of your claims.


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