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The ideology of a conspiracy theorist.

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 05:59 PM
I feel that I've been following enough conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists to precisely define what ideology that is of a conspiracy theorist. I know this board is filled with conspiracy theorists and those who accurately look at them... and I've tried to make this ideology as accurate as I could- and I've tried to capture what most conspiracy theorists I've seen think on this board.

There seems to be four different main branches of conspiracy theorists. I'll go into each branch in detail in a little more.

One is the leftist conspiracy theorists. These people see an endless barrage on the political system by these elite groups- the bilderburgers... the rich... and these war-mongers. Their main concern is not with national sovereignity... but it's that elite powerful groups are in control of America... and other nations and they're all working together to perform socialism on a global scale- but not the socialism that people think is good- they see a Stalinist future for the planet. They want to take away the control of the state away from these elite groups... and start their own progressive state...and they want an era of reform. They don't like globalization because it'll be controlled by these elites- and it's going to just be more of what we've been having now.

The other main group of conspiracy theorists see these other groups... they see bilderburg groups... they see people in the media as the enemy... they see these elitists groups- as foreign entities outside the USA's control- and they see that these international bodies control other nations... making the policies and decisions for their nations. Conservative conspiracy theorists tend to target the G8 meetings, they tend to target these organizations like the UN- more on an ideological basis... because they see the UN as monolithic organization that just is up to no good. That we shouldn't be in the UN... and that we should get out of the NAU... and that we should restore our national pride and restore our sovereignity.

The third group of conspiracy theorist is characterized by people who see no good from either of the two major parties. All governments are evil. They aren't exactly evil. They're just more tired of what they've been lied to... they just want the constitution back. These people are more constitutionalists. They're tired of the government overstepping the bounds of the constitution. They don't like how FEMA has expanded to the point where if a national emergency was declared it could act as an alternative government. You may find your anti-semites and your ultra patriots in this group... these people are tired of how government has been acting. They just want people to wake up to the problems... and to do something about them.

And of course the fourth group is just the people who are on the fringe ideologies. These people have no faith in any of the political parties that are out there in Washington. There may be some green party folks in here who believe that the green party will do all the things that they like. This fourth group is just disgusted with it all... they want to end the fed... they may be against wars... and see that the political party system is a joke. These people are just tired of it all... they may be fringe groups so of course these people may have ideological interests in mind for solutions. So while these other groups want a non-ideological solution- these people have their own interests in mind.

Out of all of those- I've come up with a few categories to help one identify with the conspiracy theory ideology. While there are four different types of political conspiracy theorists... that I've seen so far (you can add more if you want to- of course I know about those Democrats and Republican conspiracy theorists, but I don't consider them conspiracy theorists since they've sold out to the establishment). Now... to define the ideology of a conspiracy theorist. They may disagree on many issues but they do tend to agree on how they see humanity in the world and about government in certain respects.

Rational: People are equal but are overran by the stimuli that is of every day life. They are hyptonized by all the propaganda they see. MSM outlets of political persuasion have various effects on these people. They think that if people knew more they'd make better decisions.

On the economy: Depending if they're left or right or not... they may be for or against the federal reserve. They just don't want the economy to be controlled by foreign bodies- like what they see as foreign intrusion on our governments- like the council on foreign relations. They don't want the government to punish the poor. Nor do they want the government to favor the rich.

On war: Conspiracy theorists tend to agree that war is just something governments use to pursue their own interests and they claim justification for these wars after false flag attempts. Wars are just phony and they serve no real purpose. People buy in a war because that's what they feel they must do to be patriotic. You must like the troops because they tell you to- that's what conspiracy theorists would say.

On foreign relations: Conspiracy theorists tend to agree that the best foreign policy would be one that the founding fathers of America said. That we should intervene as little as possible. Then we wouldn't get in so much trouble with other nations. A foreign body should not rule over another nation and it has no right to.

On equality: People are equal for the most part. People are different on an individual level. But... there are people who come to more of an elevated position than others... conspiracy theorists can be seen somewhat as communists in this regard by others who misread them.

On government: Government should be sovereign and should follow the body of laws that are supposed to guide it. Conspiracy theorists don't like it when a government overreaches itself.


Alright... that's all I can think of for now. Would you agree with my depiction of the beliefs of conspiracy theorists? Do you disagree?

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:08 PM
Conspiracy theorist ideology from my point of view:

Regardless from which side are you on, what is your origin or religion, what your belief is, I hate lies, greed, evil and delusion and I'm fighting against it no matter the cost. I consider myself independent and guard and protect everyone who is innocent and the victim of lies and evil. Whoever is breeding hate, fear and war, intending to cause the death of others for profit... who is doing these things, I'm against them. It's that simple.

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:21 PM
reply to post by Frankidealist35

Starred and flagged because my ideology was not something I had considered until I jumped into this thread.

I was not even sure I had an ideology, I was only ever concerned with being left alone to live as I see fit. Sadly my “fief lords” have other ideas because I am just an expendable number to them and I detest that on so many grounds that thinking on it makes my flesh crawl.

I am fascinated by your post because from reading it several times I have realised that I fulfil all the criteria to take on all four types of conspiracies though I have no love or trust for the green party either just to be specific.

Would that make me an anarchist?

I could go into detail on my ideology but you pretty much summed it up for me so all I can say is great post and I enjoyed reading it.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 08:21 PM
To me, a conspiracy theorist is someone who lacks the knowledge of the human psyche and believes that there are "good" people (the truth fighters for example) and "bad" people. What they fail to realize is that everyone is fighting for more power with their using whatever their specialized skills are.

On top of that, many conspiracy theorist will take whatever information that supports their idea and will use it - no matter how defective or untruthful/biased it is.

Such examples are the UFO threads. I am not saying all people who follow the ET stories are included, but many. This group of many will find some amateur web footage of a "UFO" and believes it validates their claims without even looking at the other side.

I must say that I have seen a few threads that can be given credibility, but that doesn't sway me much.

A friend of mine once said "NEVER believe ANYTHING you hear". That includes your so called "friends",or fellow C-theorist.

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by Frankidealist35

This post was starred. I really like your post. You did a real good job explaining your ideology and it seems to me like you did your homework.

I would add a fifth group of conspiracy theorists though. Those who have all the qualities of the first four you have mentioned. There are those who want to see and end to all those things you mentioned, and want to in my mind do what mankind is suppose to do; that is to help our species evolve.

I would definitely fall into this category. This is just a suggestion, but I do really like the way you think. Keep it up.


posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 10:37 AM
In my experience, this is the best categorisation of conspiracy theorists :

fundamentalist Christian-Zionists
These people believe society is collapsing because Jews, the Vatican, Satanists, Witches and/or atheists are corrupting Western society, using evolution to promote eugenics and using a mixture of rationalist science and philosophy to destroy religion. These people loathe contemporary Western culture which they consider decadent and shallow (including multi-culturalism and feminism). They do, however, support democracy and their views consist of a variety of unrelated fringe beliefs.

Ultra-right conspiracy theorists
These people believe Jews dominate media and politics in the West, spearheaded by the Rothschild family. They believe the traditional values of the West are purposely destroyed by a handful of radical Jews following a Talmudic agenda of global domination, aided by their Zionist and masonic minions. These people are usually Muslems or Neo-Fascists and loathe contemporary Western culture which they consider decadent and shallow (including democracy, multi-culturalism and feminism). The vast majority of them also disputes major elements of the Holocaust (which they consider anti-fascist and pro-zionist propaganda).

Ultra-left conspiracy theorists
While similar to the previous category with regards to several of their basic premises, these people usually support democracy, multi-culturalism, feminism and other modern liberal values. Unlike the previous group, they tend to condemn both racism and antisemitism. They criticise Zionism on a purely ideological base and consider it racist and fascist and they criticise capitalism on a basis of being exploitative of the weaker elements of society.

the Alex Jones crowd
While holding beliefs similar all three previous three groups, they don't blame any particular religious or ethnic group but refer to an oligarchic leadership defined only by the organisations they consist of (eg. Bilderberg, Club of Rome, CFR) and in some cases the alleged occult or fascist views of their members. Alex Jones is very popular among these people, which is why I like to call them the Alex Jones crowd due to a lack of a better term.

UFO conspiracy theorists
These people believe major governments are controlled by aliens living hidden in underground caves or shape-shifting between alien and human form. Their beliefs in UFOs are usually accompanied by a variety of unrelated fringe beliefs.

issue-specific conspiracy theorists
These people believe in only one or a few specific conspiracy theories (eg. 9/11 or the Kennedy Assassination) but reject the belief in the New World Order as an attempt to gain global dominance by a small group.

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