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Recording of CFR discussing how to get people to take the H1N1 vaccine - Artificial Scarcity documen

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by Wrath5639

How can we? What is our sovereignty? I don't know. However I have learned that it is greater than their claim against my straw man.

No consequencE..

Thank you,

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by fever

Did you even read the article you mentioned? Here is an extract "Instead, most victims succumbed to bacterial pneumonia following influenza virus infection. The pneumonia was caused when bacteria that normally inhabit the nose and throat invaded the lungs along a pathway created when the virus destroyed the cells that line the bronchial tubes and lungs".

I'm kind of glad you posted that as most people can't seem to get the link.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 08:42 PM
reply to post by logican

Logican not here to argue or anything, just saying the guy gave you the wrong link, it wasn't the CDC you were suppose to get the link thats the link and read the whole thing and then see if its the people demeaner that is wrong...

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by agentofchaos

Many thanks for the link. I'm reading it now.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:10 PM

Originally posted by Aliensun

Personally, I've not made up my mind if I get the chance to take the swine flu shot. The shot that I did get is a booster for pneumonia. Pneumonia can be deadly even by itself, and you will permanently lose lung capacity. I was told 10%. IF the thread on Ukraine swine flu hitting with pneumonia is true and it comes back (you can get it again!) fatalities will be far higher.

Like the doc told the earlier poster. "It's your body (life)." And that should be our right to take it or not. And I have no doubt that if the topic had not become extremely contentious we WOULD have been mandated to take it. Resistance is not always futile. They have gotten the message we are not all sheeple.

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I can comment on pneumonia. I had it as a child and it took me out of school for 6 weeks. I was fairly ill, but never incapacitated. I had to get regular smacks on my back from my mom to loosen up the phlegm so that I could cough it out. For an older person, or extremely young person, infant to 2-3 years old, I can see it how it can be deadly. I was 8 at the time, and very active in sports, so I believe I had a much better immune and cardio system to deal with it than a regular child, particularly the video game/computer generation who are mostly inactive.

I did not lose lung capacity either. I became an accomplished soccer and lacrosse player in school and I could run for days. I guess if I did lose lung capacity then I suppose the only way it would be noticeable to me is if I was an elite marathoner and suddenly I was not.

By the way, cardiovascular exercise increases one's lung capacity, so if one were to lose lung capacity from pneumonia (I don't think that can happen, by the way) you can get it back from cardio.

The body is an amazing machine...put good in, get good out. Just like a car. Put crap gas in it, it will run like crap. Take your chance with a vaccine? No thanks. Humanity progressed far without it. Besides, if God intended man to take vaccines, we'd be born with needles in our arm.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:17 PM
For those who want the quote in context - Transcript here

COHEN: Well, it's an interesting question, though. Would you be against mandating?

SIMONSEN: Well, I think this is very interesting because, I mean, especially for the health-care worker example. I mean, there are many, many good reasons why health care workers should be considering immunization for their own safety but also to protect and, first, do no harm to the patients that they are treating. Having said that, does it work to mandate?

I think what would work better would be to say that there was a shortage and people tend to buy more of something that's in demand. (Laughter.) We saw that -- there was one season where, really, people lined up all night to get a flu shot.

COHEN: Right.

SIMONSEN: And I mean ---

COHEN: Well, there is shortage.

SIMONSEN: No, actually, because we thought we were going to need two doses for every adult and since we are - only one dose, so, actually, we have twice as many doses and enough for the whole population at this point, I understand.

COHEN: But it's not there today, so --

SIMONSEN: Right, right. But I mean, that's --

And then she is cut off as they go to another question.

Yeah, the whole conversation is much more interesting ... "actually, we have twice as many doses and enough for the whole population at this point, I understand."

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:22 PM
This scarcity tactic is exactly what they did in 1976 with the first swine flu scare...and sheeple are buying it hook, line & sunker just like in 1976....By Christmas it was all over...Pres. Ford had mud on his face and was a 1 term president because of it....Let's hope ALL of this parahraph's hitory repeats itself....

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:26 PM
This thing stinks bad ... real bad.

Lets lie to the public to get them to take it ... its better than making it manditory.

You really would have to be a complete fool to trust government and big pharma.

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:28 PM
The CFR are light weights when it comes to evil. If it were me, I'd just spray the vaccine on everyone during chemtrail exercises. Maybe throw in a annoying ELF, make everyone nauseated and unproductive for a day or 2

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:31 PM
reply to post by logican

Sure thing logican. So what did you think? Some of its weird the way they talk about certain things at times, wouldn't you agree...

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:36 PM
They don't want to kill you with the vaccine, instead, their purpose is to make you very sick down the road. You can't make money for them if you die quickly. However, if you get some long term sickness, they can take your home to pay for your medical treatment. Just think about it. How can you do a long term study on this crap they want to inject you with when it's a new release?

As for the dirtbag media, have they given any alternatives to fighting influenza? Of course not, because the healthy alternatives do not put money in their dirty pockets. These scumbags can take their damn shots and stick it up their collective arses!

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by SphinxMontreal

Excellent point about the alternatives. Yes it is always about money.

I quite agree that it won't kill anyone straight away - what money can be made doing that? Ah .. but get sick .... I hear money grubbing hands rubbing together.

... And maybe throw in a little sterility.

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:48 PM

Originally posted by Locke23
*pround laugh of a crazy person*
Im happy to be one of them haha
great video ,thanks alot

You've got to stay alive to kill..........

Rocky Feller and his crew just totally suck dont they?

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:05 PM

Originally posted by cronotrigger30
bet people on ats feel sorry for saying im full of crap

Never underestimate the arrogance of certainty.
The people you're referring to have very little if any intellectual honesty when it comes to admitting their mistakes.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:14 PM
The H1N1 vaccine is designed to alter your DNA. (As are all vaccines.) They contain animal DNA, which actually bonds with yours, altering you as a human being.

I'm not at all surprised to hear that they have been falsely reporting shortages! I AM surprised to actually hear a recording of them admitting to it. This is scary! Next will be mandatory vaccinations for everyone.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:17 PM
reply to post by UnityFT

Actually if you read the text I posted above this is her answer to having mandatory vaccines. She thinks just saying they are in scarce supply is enough to get people to line up. And you know what? She's right! Because that is exactly what I saw on the local news the other night. People in long lines for hours to get their vaccine.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:26 PM
reply to post by 2 cents

Right, but there are still millions of people who are not taking the vaccine, regardless of a "shortage" scare. What will they do to those of us who refuse?

On another forum, I read women post about how upset they are that their doctors don't have enough supply of the vaccine for them or their kids. I feel like telling them, "Do you KNOW what you're begging for????"

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by UnityFT

Yeah your right, I wouldn't rule out them making it mandatory for everyone.

Maybe they get enough people to take it - the majority - and call the rest of us crazy. And say we are endangering everyone else by not taking it. That we are irresponsible. That publicly stating or encouraging people to not take the vaccine is also irresponsible ... or maybe even criminal ...

Just some random crazy thoughts coming from another crazy

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:38 PM
The sad thing is in my town this ploy is working. People are lining up for hours to receive it, they are listening to the news to find out what clinics still have it and then are rushing to get the shot before they run out.

I've commented on this in other posts...the Canadian gov bought 50 million doses for a population of 34 million, how can there possiblly be a shortage?

This ploy is crafted to convince those on the fence to get in line. I actually heard a couple on the bus today talking about this very thing...they didn't know what to do, but decided it was better to get the vaccine now then to wait longer and see: "What happens if this gets out of control and when we need it there isn't any, why risk it".

As soon as the Gov stopped talking about the massive vaccine stockpile, people forgot about it.

Now there is a shortage? What happened?

The reason there is laughter in the video is because these people know thier enemy, they know how gullible the vast majority of people are. It's not that they arrogantly think people are this stupid, in sad reality most of the population is too preoccupied to think for themselves. If everyone else is getting the vaccine then it must be the right thing to do.

Nobody wants to be seen as a standout; mob mentality is a crushingly effective tool when properly manipulated.

Wait and see, the next step will be a high profile victim of the flu, or at least a family member. Someone famous and easy on the eyes, someone that can be plastered on the magezine covers we all stare at in line at the grocery store.

What will the story be? "I was against the flu vaccine and look what it almost cost me!"

Then the reality tv crowd will see 'Kate plus eight' at the clinic, or thier favorite character on 'The Hills' crying over some unknown relative who's in the hospital and the lines will get even longer.

Luckily there will be new doses, just in time.

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:42 PM
After hearing this and looking at the video and other things regarding Joseph Moshe, the scientists saying that H1N1 had to be man made, all the "stunts" that Baxter Pharma has pulled in the past and now the Ukraine outbrake, everything is falling into place.
If you research these things I believe that you will come to the same conclusion as me and others that alot of us have considered as crazy.
I can't begin to comprehend the reason for this and the motives, the only thing that I can think of is Greed by the people in the higher power and ignorance in those who follow them. I can't imagine something different than ignorance because I can't believe that knowingly they are doing this.
Excuse me if I am not making sense to some, but the severity of this is grandious and I now wish that I was blind as most of the sheeple are.

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