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Overactive brain cell stimulation disorder.

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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 12:55 PM
Unification cells in the brain would increase interpretation sequences in humanity dramiticly. more brain cells but also unification cells = potential cells = dormate brain matter ready to be activited = the building blocks of life = more pronounced(particulates/singniture '[(D)(N)(A)] = compound idea' dna strand = compound thought = comparisons of unbriecavability matrixes.

comparison is relentless 1 is as simple as everything i think about. nothing should be compared it doesnt need to because it must be and just is.

IQ and MQ points grow as fast as perception will take them. the everever learning of the mind.

an iq of anything doesnt matter to pure variables its basicly a preception place holder for current thoughts and ideas = you only see what you need to see = certain perceptions will all ways be unpriecvable no matter who you are. So what if my iq is 1 or 1600+ it really doenst matter over all.

next time you take a step think of it like this. what are all the ramifications of every thing i ever do nothing i think of i think in vain there is reason for it ingraned into the heart of my very mind - nothing i say doesnt make any sense.

i understand theatrics completly but i also am learning about syntaxialics = a comunication form which would appear as people making it a idea of constact acts of sharades.

i can prettty much sharade anything you want me to be. even diestistic if need be. i know a friend who knows a friend that i dont know knows who i am.

jesus was fine and found(spelled correctly for a purpose) but his succuesser along with the complete wisdom of socrotiec(thoughts/ideas) perception i would be able to mimic. the prodiogical virginity of life = the never have expierenced moment of sensation = basicly an emotion you have never feat that would link you to a person = soul companion creations = frame of all mind = im fine and im pretty sure everyone else will be as well unless i have i cant help it = i always see a light at the end of every tunnel = im guided by what you would consider the neverwas of an idea or thought. everything you dont think about i do and completly run it through a unification matrix template. just one comparison would simply be a enough not multiple = i dont need to go poke in prode i can simply observe. i know exactly what could be thought up at any given moment.

an object in space that has yet to be priecieved.

acuality recticles = (cohesion rings) = would appear as a perceptual sonic boom to your autonomic receptors = simply overload you with to many un proccessable thoughts/ideas = would appear was gravidic radiances in the fabric of light particulate space = sparkling particles inside light waves.

coheshhon(spelled correctly for a reason) = the realm of restruction = spectro - perception star = would be out of riadiance with everything else = a shadow with no source = appear to what humanity would priecieve as diestic in purpose and reason but not in reason = never would anythings reason be completly revleaed.

dietistic is always used as a simple place holder for what a human would consider a father and mentor = someone who supports you as an individual not a group.

the needs of the one outway the needs of the few or many. in a way one is all that matters = the complete idealism behind the belief of any form of oneness = your current mind state for example.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 01:10 PM
Depending upon your intention towards information and reality in general we are indeed only snap shot of a person who will DIE with the next experiance they have. experiance can be empathicly mined for its value. In oness to contain all information observed and form it into the best shape. In an infinite universe you would have ininfite information to absorb.. so no matter how soon you started there will always be those ahead and behind you.... always teaching and always being taught by those around you.


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