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The truth about shapeshifting and reptilians

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 05:05 PM

Originally posted by IX-777
Virtually everyone can learn how to do this through practice, but it does take some time and understanding on how the mind and our energy bodies work to properly master it. I have experimented some with it myself successfully, but it is not something I see much use of doing.

I find it interesting that you assert that virtually anyone can do this through practice, but you make no mention of the methods available that would produce results.

You hint that you have had some success at these things, so clearly you must have a method or a means of approaching the problem that generates some success. Please share it, and allow us to test it for ourselves and thereby determine the truth value of your OP. Don't link me to anything. Using language that we can understand, explain your method.


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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I understand your doubt, but I do not think that it gives you free reign to almost completely derail the thread. Regardless of whether you are funny, you are definitely distracting, and in this case, rude. Some courtesy to the OP and the audience would be nice, even if you don't agree with what is being said.


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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 05:25 PM
I have read accounts from various people in books and on the net about encounters with Reptilian type aliens and or interdimensionals. There are so many "cases" out there that at least a couple have to be true right?
I have never encountered any of these beings but I am sure Reptilian type aliens exist out there in the Galaxy/Universe.

On the theory that they secretly control the world; I am still on the fence about that part of the equation. Lets just hope that if they are out there they are not all of the "Rape, kill, eat you" persuasion, and not always in that order.
They can be pretty nasty to people sometimes.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 05:26 PM

Originally posted by FellowTraveler
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I understand your doubt, but I do not think that it gives you free reign to almost completely derail the thread. Regardless of whether or not you are funny, you are also distracting, and in this case, rude. Some courtesy to the OP and the audience would be nice, even if you don't agree with what is being said.


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First I have made some very relevant posts (check page 2) on the spiritual and metaphysical aspects on this topic.

Second you are being highly pressumptuous that I am not dead serious in my intense dislike and distrust of Geckos and all Reptiles.

Now lets assume that some posters to the thread are correct. An intelligent, communicative, highly advanced form of reptiles exist and disguises itself in human form. Do you not think that they would consider them selves as reptilians to have an afinity to an aliance with every day commonly seen reptiles?

Did you not see that scene in the first Men in Black where Will Smith was able to antagonize the allien giant cockroach by murdering in cold blood our earth cockroaches to which he considered him a distant relative?

The reality is if true, I am more serious about combating reptiles than anyone on this thread? Have you killed, hunted, captured any of these advanced giant shape shifting reptiles?

I have killed, hunted and captured their Gecko distant cousins, snakes, iquanas and monitors, alligators and other reptile pests that infest Florida from nearly one end to the other.

I have a genuine dislike for them because they are pests, and a nuisance and at times dangerous either directly or indirectly.

For all you do know they share an alliance with this advance race of Reptiles that while you can't prove their existence nor combat them them selves, your self, I can prove the existence of these common to Florida Reptiles and do fight them.

For all you know this has made me public enemy number one to this advanced form of reptiles.

Like many conspiracists your theories tend to evolve only as far as your own imagination can take them. That does not mean what you imagine is not true, it does not mean though that the breadth and depth and scope of your conspiracy isn't much deeper, broader, and wider to include lets say Geckos!

My war with the Geckos is very real, ask anyone who knows me. Some people even criticize me for going out of my way to hunt and kill Geckos and other reptiles.

Geckos really are Reptiles, and this thread is about Reptiles.

Have you ever thought that getting more people to understand that these so called little harmless reptiles aren't so harmless could lead to a greater awareness of the Reptiles you so fear?

Have you stopped to think that in large part it's been my musings and ramblings and own jovial but very real war with very real reptiles that has kept this thread on the board?

I have to ask you whose side are you on? The Reptiles or the Humans.

I am a reptile slayer!

I would think in light of all this I would be at the very least someone you could not just admire but would be a hero to you!

I fight reptiles, I don't just talk about them.

How about you my friend?

In fact I have posted on every facet of the OP's multi faceted thread.

Unlike the OP I have no secrets. I am proud of everything I do, including my war with the Geckos!

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 05:27 PM

Originally posted by FellowTraveler
reply to post by prevenge

Did I miss the news that we had successfully proven that we live in a multiverse? If so, please link to a scientific journal or credible source that states that we, beyond all reasonable doubt, live in a multiverse of infinite universes. ]

I know what you'll say the link I provided doesn't prove anything it's just a theory. The important thing you seem to overlooking is it's just not those in the occult and people who study metaphysics, serious scientists are concluding that we in fact do live in a multiverse.

If I used your logic then I could use the argument that the big bang theory is hog wash. You won't say that because the majority of scientists agree with the big bang theory.

The point is the concept of a multiverse, ie extra dimensions, has some scientific credit especially in cosmetology, quantum mechanics, to name a few. Some will argue these areas of science are on the fringe of science and there is not a solid foundation yet. But look at how these fields have furthered our technological advance and our understanding of the universe. The proof is in the pudding so to speak.

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Sorry, I must have missed your "very relevant posts" underneath the stack of red herring that you left behind. Doesn't that actually help my point?

I hate it if you don't like how I perceived you, but all I have to go on is what you've given here. You can upgrade the perception going forward by upgrading the content.


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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 07:03 PM

Originally posted by FellowTraveler
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Sorry, I must have missed your "very relevant posts" underneath the stack of red herring that you left behind. Doesn't that actually help my point?

I hate it if you don't like how I perceived you, but all I have to go on is what you've given here. You can upgrade the perception going forward by upgrading the content.


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See how you fall right into Gecko hands by trying to silence the only person who is taking a true stand against the Reptiles!

Find me someone who claims Geckos aren't reptiles. Find someone who can prove the Geckos aren't part of a larger Reptilian Conspiracy!

I say they are. Can you prove me wrong?

The Geckos are involved up to their beady little eyes! Don't kid yourself.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 07:27 PM
reply to post by oconnection

I think the this-space-time-bubble-centric thinking will be eventually be seen to be as quaint, arrogant and deluded as the earth being the center of the this-space-time-bubble.

To paraphase Contact: I guess I'd say if it's just our universe...seems like an awful waste of nothing.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 07:42 PM

You are not going to read because you have seen what I look like? Now, if that is not suitable to call ignorance then I do not know what is. But, again, your free choice, no one force you to read, nor write in this thread, and it is somewhat odd that you still decide to write in the thread if you do not want to read it - apparently you must have read it after all.

Regarding me being a "troll" turning up now and then, yes I do, simply because I have a busy life and do not spend my time on the internet all day long like many of you do. So, I come here and write when I have the spare time to do so.

For the Pleiadian part, you are right, that is my claim, and I have explained myself about that several times and I am sure most people have figured that out by now.

When it comes to reporting people to mods, I have never done that, so I am not sure where you have that idea from. There is no interest from me to waste my time reporting anything to the mods as I do not really care what people write about me to such a degree that I need to start any "fight" or attack, in fact people attack, bash, laugh of me, make jokes about me , and so on all the time, and I chose to not get back at them as it is a waste of my time and nor is it of my interest. They are free to feel what they want about me, though of course it would be fine to see some more civilized people and useful contributions in the threads now and then too.

I wish you all well my friend, blessings be with you


You are correct in some of your theory, the "Elite" are descendants of the very ancient rulers, connected to the very ancient secret orders and societies. But they are also involved with the occult and esoteric, summoning of spirits, and even directly working with higher (or some would say lower) spiritual entities which gives them certain power and control through the knowledge they share with them. They also do work for their gods, which are these spirit entities they are in contact with, and these are the true puppetmasters controlling the highest top of the elite - including the ones that are the physical puppetmasters of the ruling elite and world leaders in our public view. This has gone on for thousands of years, and they do use false flag operations as you mention to keep more control, they use brainwashing and mind control techniques, both psychological, technological and spiritual methods. They have created an illusion of a society where people mostly believe they are free and do what they want, but in reality they only carry out the agenda of those higher up in power, being their slaves, having no true freedom or understanding of themselves or what is going on at all.

Good to see a brother around, personally I have great respect for most freemasons as many of my best friends are masons, several of them of highest degrees and also part of other orders which I myself am member of. Most masons are honest, nice and fine people, and I have not really ever met what I can call an "evil" or "bad" mason myself. There is corruption within the masonic system however, and there are those in power within that have more sinister agendas - but that is the case with virtually any organization of any kind, there is always some black sheeps around.

I am not saying reptilian aliens do not exist anywhere in the universe. i am saying they are not here on Earth. In fact I have seen reptilian like aliens on another planet myself, so I do know of their existence as physical beings. But I have never seen any such reptilian alien here on Earth, except for the spirit entities in human bodies as I have discussed.

When you leave your body, in what form do you think you will find yourself? As a rat, a rock, or as a person just as you are now - just in your astral body without the physical host? In other words, spiritual races do exist, virtually all people continue living on in their astral bodies in human form after death until they realize that even the astral body is not their true essence, and that their consciousness is not equal to the astral body, nor is the astral body the Soul. So, thus, the same goes for other beings - they too will find themselves in their astral bodies similar to what they were used to in their physical bodies, having the same lusts, consciousness, ideas, thoughts, beliefs and so on. Because of this, an reptilian humanoid would thus find himself in an astral body similar to what his physical body was like before the death of his physical host. At least until he ascend further and release himself from his astral shell as well.


Thanks, I am glad some have found an interest in my information and a common view from their own experience that verifies what I am saying for them.

Regarding aliens and the physical versus the non-physical, or spiritual, I can say that virtually all aliens here on Earth have come in a non-physical way. There are some exceptions though such as those using teleportation devices to actually come physically, but these are few, and most of them are connected to the governments whom have such teleportation abilities to reach various planets and beings. Some of these beings are also of a spiritual nature, but have been manifesting physically into this world. However, physical non-earthly beings are very rare, and I would say 99% of all alien encounters are related to spirits, or non-physical entities.

This goes for alien abductions as well: In almost all cases we see classical signs of astral projection experiences and not physical experiences, from various rushing sounds and voices, to paralysis, to floating up from the bed, moving through walls, meeting non-human beings, and so on, without anyone else seeing anything, and always waking up back in bed where the experience began. Some claim to find alien implants, but in most cases these are old shrapnel from years back that the people simpl do not remember getting into their body, and everyone have scars somewhere, so it is not too strange to find a scar somewhere on your body if you start looking for it - that does not mean an alien did something to you.

-continues below-

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 07:42 PM

Since you mention briefly medications, I can say that the pharmaceutical industry working together with the governments are dumbing down the people through such substances to remove their spirituality and ability to perceive reality, as well as further improve the brainwashing and mind control techniques used on the population.

Video errors and pixelation can produce many effects. This has nothing to do with shape shifting. If reptilian aliens were here in physical form, do you not think they would keep themselves in other places than in front of tv cameras where they could be exposed if their so called holographic technology suddenly failed?

Interestingly many tv shows and movies actually work the other way around - they base their story on real events being told, among other places such as forums like this, in books, documentaries, members of secret societies and so on. Actually, several profiled movie producers and directors are intentionally spreading truth within their works to awaken people and make people prepared for the truth, as it will come out one day.

People with split personality, schizophrenia, hearing voices and so on often have more than one soul within their physical host body, and at times these other souls may take temporarly control over the host body. Such things will also greatly disturb the person whom "owns" the body, and usually make him crazy and heavily medicated and put into a mental institution instead of treated properly for his condition - with proper treatment I mean driving out the unwanted spirit. Good old exorsism in other words. So yes, it is possible that a human soul and co-exist with a non-human spirit within the same body - demonic influence many would call it, and indeed most of us are bombarded with outside influences from such energies on a daily basis. This explains many "irrational" or "strange" thoughts a person suddenly may get.

An spirit entity can also obtain a human body before birth, and thus taking the body in his posession before any human soul gets to incarnate within it. This is often the case within the "bloodline" families, and rituals are performed to make sure they get the soul they want within the soon to be born baby, to continue their legacy and agenda. Some do it to live many lives and continue their work once their physical human body gets too old to carry on.

Yes, I warn people about channeling as you basically would let a spirit enter you to do that. I do not channel, I speak for myself. I have also explained the situation regarding Blossom Goodchild (if I remember the name correctly) - she was simply a victim of negative entities fooling around with her - and this is the reason I warn people against channeling, and I tell people to be very cautious regarding what they believe when they are told something from any spirit entity.

Good to see someone asking something useful. Here is a method:

Do a meditation, deep breathing, where you hold your breath as long you can and then exhale completely all the way out, push your stomach muscles together until all air is out. Repeat this for several minutes and while doing it feel and imagine all your muscles relaxing completely, and imagine yourself surrounded by a energetic sphere that bends all light around it. Continue relaxing and breathing normally after having done this for several minutes, and continue making the sensation and visualization of the sphere grow around you until you can virtually feel and sense it being around you, protecting you inside, and letting all light and visual aspects flow around you outside the surface on the sphere, in such a way that you will find yourself within a sphere that bends every visual aspect around you and thus eliminates your visual presence. People will only see what is behind you or at any side of you because of this - and know and feel this to be true. At this point gently press your thumb and index finger of any hand together and mentally say to yourself "I am now invisible!" and truly expect to be invisible. This is a mental programming, and it should be done frequently to make it as effective as possible. Then go out in public while remaining in your altered state, and keep the visualization of the sphere around you making you invisible, and simply walk gently around and experiment by doing certain things like going into a cafe and sit down next to a stranger by a table, and if you are doing it right he should not notice you sitting down at all. Then, say out Hello there ! and release the thumb from your finger, and he should be surprised to find you there.

This can be adapted in various ways, and is just one example, in condensed form as I do not have time to get into great details right here and now, but it should suffice if you understand the concept behind it and why and how it works.

For now this should have adressed most of the relevant posts and questions replied to me in this thread, so I will take a break and do a similar mass-answer when time allows it.

Take care all, blessings be with you, and may you all find your own path.

-Maggador IX-777

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 08:05 PM

Originally posted by IX-777
When you leave your body, in what form do you think you will find yourself? As a rat, a rock, or as a person just as you are now - just in your astral body without the physical host? In other words, spiritual races do exist, virtually all people continue living on in their astral bodies in human form after death until they realize that even the astral body is not their true essence, and that their consciousness is not equal to the astral body, nor is the astral body the Soul. ...

That was what I meant by "socks, not feet". The differentiations of that sort are defined by form of some nature. The form may be more of a pure mind-like nature but it is still a form, partitioning, information complex, etc. When all that is gone, there is nothing to distinguish one "race" from another.

I will be honest and tell that any astral traveling that I've done has included only as much body as I felt I required at any moment. Otherwise, I'm just awareness floating about with some sensory conversion of a sort. Looking down? No feet, no clothes, no hands, nothing. I'm as comfortable an inch above the floor as an inch from the ceiling.

So, perhaps that is something other than astral traveling? Perhaps I'm not so hooked on being human? It always had the usual hallmarks of the tones, the wooshes, vibrations, etc.

In regular dreaming, a body is present.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 08:31 PM
Alright, I gave this thing another test run.
I spent the day today, nearly all day, meditating and exploring the possibility that these supposed reptilian beings are just internal manifestations of is otherwise an inhuman soul incarnate in a human body...

I still don't buy it.

If there are reptilians in this universe that are visiting Earth, they are doing so in a very real sense.

OP, I flat out don't believe you when you say you are grandmaster of a SECRET (key word here) society...

If it were truly a "secret society" you wouldn't even be permitted to say you belonged to such, as there are plenty of ways to find out exactly who you are and exactly what your habits are. If one were so inclined, of course.

However, I found the topic interesting enough to stick around for a bit, so good thread.

I'll star it now as I leave.

Also, Proto, you have my allegience. I won't kill Geckos...
Or snakes...

But crocodiles, maybe.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 08:33 PM
There is a spirituality invovled as well, however. The very same soul wiping technology and trap has got them here as well. They are in the astral realms, and lower astral realms amongst other places I assume. Some stay in their own kind, many are incarnated as humans right now. Some walk in. Some of the ones incarnated as humans switched sides long ago. There are good and bad on all sides.

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 08:35 PM
reply to post by FellowTraveler

Yeah, maybe you should reread Proto's words.
He was on point throughout this thread.

Perhaps you just didn't want to listen to what he had to say.
He also covered his thoughts on the subject, at great length.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 08:43 PM
I shape shift every time my wife and I get IT on. it is an awesome transformation really.I'd show you an example vid but I dont think ATS will allow that.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by JayinAR

We have crocodiles a plenty here in Florida too Jay and let me just say buddy brave choice!

Special Forces all the way huh?

Clearly in the Reptilian wars Geckos are just not sexy enough for these guys who imagine they are going to bag a Bush or a Clinton Reptile!

Take away their Gecko army and their leaders are nothing without them!

Think Obama is going to go fight the Taliban? Hah, it's the little guys who do the heavy lifting in war, and in the Reptilian war it's the Geckos that bear the brunt.

Most of the Crocs are Salt Water down in the salt water lakes at the foot of the Keys but be warned Jay they love to bask in the warm waters coming out of the Turkey Point Nuclear Reactor Coolers these are highly radiated mutated glow in the dark Crocs, even the Crocodile Hunter would not take them on while alive, rest his soul!

Your a brave man Jay, a brave man indeed. It will be an honor to serve with you in the Reptilian Wars, dibs on the second pair of boots!

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:56 PM

Whom would not permit me from saying I am a Grandmaster of my own order? My members? Considering I am the leader of the whole organization, I am the one making the rules and chosing what to reveal or not.

Besides, it is hardly any order concealing whom is the Grandmaster of those various orders - if you take a look at various Orders and Societies websites and public papers the Grandmasters are listed.

Certainly my order is of one of the most secret, in the sense that very few individuals know the slightest about its name, existence, involvement and membership lists. Only those whom are actually members have any inside information - and the memberships are closely and carefully chosen by me personally as well as my highly trusted High Priest, which is his official title, and you could say he is the "Vice-President" of the Order using other terms.

At any moment, there are 13 high ranking members, whom all are chosen from long and careful examination and observation. These 13 are in charge of leading and arranging the Order with 12 of them having leader status of their respective lodges, and the 13th being me myself overseeing all of them.

The order itself is a blood line order, meaning that the Grandmaster is always born into the order and a direct descendant of the previous Grandmaster, unless the case should be that for some reason there is no direct descendant and thus the High Priest will take over as Grandmaster in accordance with the rules and teachings set in place by the previous Grandmaster and the 12 other overseeing high ranking members.

Personally I took over as Grandmaster at an early age, after the death of my father, the previous Grandmaster, but first I spent time being taught and intergrated through my grandfather whom was the Grandmaster before my father, and all material of the Order have been passed over into my posession to continue the order and reorganize it for the new age.


posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by IX-777

is there anyway to meet with any reptilians in person? I would be most interested, not for any research or exploitation, but as a natuarlly curious being. I do have a very young son whom i would not wish to abandon..... what say you?

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 10:46 AM
reply to post by IX-777

This doesnt sound truly free, and worries me a lot, but nonetheless it does sound like you have a great responsibility.

Have you heard anything about the father of the confederations, Olodeon. The Scorpio star system, or any connection with Tau Ceti, and cigar shaped crafts?
I've talked to another who also says he is a Commander with the White Brotherhood.

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 11:49 AM
I read a similar thread this morning, i have to admit this is my first ever exposure to this Reptillian concept. I have heard about it but truthfully never gave enough credence to the opinion to look into further. I guess my biggest compliment can be to ATS that allows me to find more information freely.
I watched a few videos and read alot of varying opinions, the first video i saw was of eyes changing or rolling in the head quickly. I have to say i had a similar feelin to that of the first time i was being exposed to 9/11 truths. I was seeing things with my own eyes that went against my internal logic of comprehension. Just as with the 9/11 crowd and any other crowd on the planet there are pure nut jobs all the way through to distinguished scholars. I cant say im a believer, but i wont be another person who adimantly denies the possibilities, for i strongly believe in quantum mechanics and however unlikely it is it is not impossible.
Thanks to everyone for both sides of the debate, regardless of the opinions to me it is the hunt for truths that makes all this fun.

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