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A true American Patriot that loves his country

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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 11:52 AM
This guy has b@lls! He sent this notice to the UN, Joint Cheif's of Staff, Homeland Security, Congress, and within a day he has stirred up some very high up officals!

The fight to take America back from the tyranny of this corrupt government that has usurped our country under private corporation has begun!

This guy is a true patriot!

1. David Lee; Buess (Private Attorney General) (Beneficiary)
2. 22014 Delaware Township Road 184
3. Arlington, Ohio; [45814]
5. Phone (419) XXX - XXXX
7. October 26, 2009

8. United Nations General Assembly
Documentation Programming and Monitoring Unit
Mr. Xiong Lixian, Chief
New York City, New York

9. Dear Sir:


10. This is to advise that neither the Congress of these union States (50) nor the
11. Ambassador to the United Nations have been given the authority by the People of
12. these United States (50) to engage in a one world government/New World Order nor
13. the destruction of Our Constitution by either legislative act or TREATY.

14. This letter is to advise the United Nations General Assembly and all offices and
15. Agencies to (Cease and Desist) any such activities relating to the UNITED STATES
16. OF AMERICA: UNITED STATES dba Corporation: Et Al., as to these unlawful acts
17. Against us the American Citizen and our union States (50) Constitution.

18. All such actions violate both the Constitution of the union States (50) and the
19. Constitution of the District of Columbia. You are hereby put on notice that any
20. further actions by the United Nations in this regard will be considered an act of
21. Home Grown Terrorism, Honest Service Fraud: Aiding and Abetting in Treasonous Acts
22. Against the American Citizen: Our Constitution: and Law.

23. This letter is to advise you that charges of TREASON have now been filed into the
24. Superior Court of the District of Columbia Case No. 2009 CA 007868 B filed on
25. October 22, 2009. Two witnesses having first hand knowledge of Treason have filed
26. Into this court. The three branches of our Government(s) are all being charged under
27. both color of law and Constitutional.

28. There are 3 types of remedy suggested to the Court: A military take over to
29. reestablish law and order is highly recommended by the plaintiff(s). This would
30. Call for the arrests of all elected officials both federal and state for criminal acts
31. By the Corporate fictions created by the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches
32. Of our Government. Our Employees are out of control.

33. 16th American Jurisprudence, Section 177 states any law written in violation of this
34. Constitution is as though it were never written. Thus any treaties: agreements: written
35. Are null and void immediately. Congress is trying to join this new world order to
36. avoid criminal charges against them.

37. I, on behalf of all the American Citizens, et al, do herein demand the United Nations
38. to (Cease and Desist) any and all activities involving this new world order and one
39. World government that involves the union States (50): Federal Zone: immediately.

40. Sincerely yours,


41(a). David Lee; Buess (Private Attorney General)

42. CC: Superior Court of the District of Columbia Case No. 2009 CA 007868 B
43. Joint Chief’s of Staff
44. Homeland Securtiy FAX 1 312 353 0143
45. Congress of the United States:
46. Senator Voinovich: 1 202 228 1382
OHIO OFFICE 1 614 469 7733
Senator Sherrod Brown: 1 202 228 6321
Representative Jim Jordan Ohio Office 419 423 3233

Link to Dave and Rod's IRS DC case...


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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 12:33 PM
You're right, this guy does have balls. is he forming an organization of any sort? I didn't read the link, but I'm wondering if an organization led by this brave fellow (who, just by the wording of the letter) has leadership potential,

in my opinion, this movement is past the "authors and discontent phase" where the Thomas Paines of the USA and world are going to be effective. at this point its going to be actionable leaders> haha you can tell I m a total AMerican when i want to refer to Geroge Washington, butIm starting to be of thebelif that he was part of the selling of USA to England afterward, so I want to refer to some other great revolutionaries!

Lets do the Cromwell thing, off with their heads or something.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 12:49 PM
You can listen to their lastest update.

This is about 2 hours of recording, so listen to the entire thing to get an idea of what these people are doing.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 12:56 PM
Wow, this guy is a hero to me for sure now. Hope he doesn't get assassinated. (I'm dead serious, Im surprised Ron Paul hasn't had an "accident" yet).

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 02:27 PM
This is the fourth case filed against Corporate D.C.

*The cases so far: *

*#1 DALE, RODNEY Vs. UNITED STATES*, Case # 2009 CA 005391 B

Initial Scheduling Conference-60 Date: 11/06/2009 Time: 9:30 am

Judge: HOLEMAN, BRIAN F Location: Courtroom A-49

We're still waiting for the judge's decision on Rod's Motion for

Default...expected before

Nov. 3.

*#2 MANN, DONALD C Vs. UNITED STATES* Case # 2009 CA 005865 B

Initial Scheduling Conference-60 Date: 11/20/2009 Time: 9:00 am

Judge: COMBS GREENE, NATALIA Location: Courtroom 217

#3 Still, not for publication...perhaps soon ?

#4 David-Lee; Buess - Case # 2009 CA 007868 B ...not sure how

the defendants were captioned !

Case may be captioned BUESS, DAVID L Vs. ... we'll fill this in

soon !

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