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Lockerbie Bomber still alive WHAT?

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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 10:43 AM
I found this very interesting on the Yahoo home page today.

Revealed: Lockerbie bomber defies doctors' prediction of death The health of the Lockerbie bomber has "not deteriorated" since his release from prison three months ago – despite doctors' assessments that he would have died by now, a senior source has told The Sunday Telegraph.

Dated 31/10/2009. So urce

And yet just under 2 weeks ago this was reported.

UK's Sky News Reports Lockerbie Bomber Has Died by Staff Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset al-Megrahi has died, Britain's Sky News said on Wednesday, quoting "reports." The British Foreign Office could not confirm the report and the Scottish government said it was checking the report.
Source ANDHere

And on October 25th news was breaking about this.

Families welcome fresh look at evidence in Lockerbie bombing Relatives of British victims of 1988 Lockerbie bombing told of new lines of inquiry and possible new investigation

Now I remember distinctly hearing on Radio 4 in the UK that he had died, and then several days later, it was being reported that the Scottish Police where reopening the investigation because he had dropped his appeal, and then reporting he was dead also.

Yet today I find out the Man is still very much alive.

Like many of the British Family members, I have always thought this guy was a scapegoat, the evidence against him was wild to say the least, when it made it into the news he might be released, you could tell, both British and American Government had been embarrassed, and where pushing to shut up the media, but it was causing outrage in the USA.

I remember an interview with two Family members on Radio 4 the Family from Britain where pushing for his release, and the Family member from the USA was saying he should have been executed etc.

They got onto the subject of compassion, and the Brit said he had never thought Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi was guilty of the bombing, and with most other British Families had thought the evidence was misleading, and deliberately stacked against him to bring about a conviction, going as far to say the situation now, was brought about to attain access to the oil in Libya by offering his release on compassionate grounds, then pointing out that the conviction, was just the start leading up to what was happening now.

In my mind that means the whole game has been played out for years, and Megrahi was just a political pawn, or if you will a political prisoner.

The situation if you remember with Libya before they handed him over for trial, was very tense, people where being assassinated by Mossad in the middle east, for supposedly being involved in the Bombing, and the threats towards Libya itself, the hand over of this man lead to a new refreshed agreement with Libya, WHY?

Take a look.

More oil found in Libya (May 21, 2001) Spanish oil company Repsol YPF has confirmed an oil find in well A2 on exploration block NC186 in the Murzuq Basin in Libya. Hydro holds a 20 percent stake in the acreage. Well A2, the third drilled by Repsol on block NC186, found "a significant oil column" in the middle Ordovician sandstone in the Hawaz formation. Flow rates up to 2,670 barrels of oil per day, with a 64/64 inch choke on natural flow, have been reported from the well.


ALGIERS (Reuters) - Algeria's state-owned energy firm Sonatrach has made its first oil discovery in the Ghadames Basin in Libya, Algeria state news agency APS said on Monday. The discovery was in wildcat exploration oil well A1-65/02, some 230 km (140 miles) south of Tripoli, APS added, quoting a Sonatrach statement. The flow was through a choke size of 27/64ths of an inch, with oil flowing at 1,344 barrels per day from a depth of 9,033 feet, it said. The find was Sonatrach's first in contract Block 65, inc which it is partner with Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) which owns 75 percent in the operation.

BUT LOOK AT THIS from 2001

Can America help Libya? by Jonathan Power There was a time when it looked as if America and Libya were set on a dead-end course whose destructiveness was all but self-defeating. Its nadir was President Ronald Reagan's decision in 1986 to bomb Libya, attempting to kill Colonel Muammar Qadhafi, and in the end killing his adopted daughter. Libya's withering response was to blow up in midair a Pan American airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland, for which crime a Libyan intelligence agent was found guilty in a special court four months ago. Yet the two countries have managed, very slowly, to repair their antagonistic and fruitless relationship. Outsiders may consider that they have taken an unnecessarily tortuous road to get there but, nevertheless, where they are today is a different place from that of a decade ago. This is an achievement worthy of note. War, always a possibility, was avoided. Yet antagonism lingers, on both sides. Only this week, rancour raised its ugly head once more when it became apparent that Wintershall, a German oil company, was seeking permission from Libya to drill in oil fields that formerly belonged to American companies whose operations have been frozen by US sanctions since 1986. It has brought to a head a debate that was anyway due to erupt in August when the US Congress is scheduled to discuss whether to renew the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act, which imposes severe penalties on foreign companies that invest in those countries.


I find all of the above some what disturbing, IMO, I have read hundreds of pages, and a lot of them point towards evidence being fabricated by the CIA.

One year into the Zeist trial, the prosecutors were told for the first time that the evidence had been fabricated by a former Libyan agent who had become a CIA asset in 1988. Internal CIA cables show that the agency was well aware since 1988 that the man was a fabricator. The Zeist trial constitutes the only case in history where internal CIA documents were used in a foreign court.


If you read through that article it makes astonishing reading, IMO the trial should never have taken place, from reports to warnings being ignored about the bomb (sound familiar?) to the whole political process, I don't for one second believe this man was guilty.
It is all a huge game, one side offering compassion, the other condemning, but all played out like a script, nothing has been learnt over the past year, it's business as usual, with we the every day people being the ones who pay the price, the people running this game have plans looking forward for decades IMO, with back up plans to cover the back up plans.
Sky news reporting his death, then the new investigation being announced.

Here is where I would like to make a prediction, TPTB are about to change an already used script, this new investigation will now reveal that it was in fact Iran that planned the Lockerbie Bombing, and like Libya Iran will have a world of hurt thrown at it, I believe the original plan was to go and attack Iran, but Iran wont play ball or submit to the threat, so now the discovery which will be made that it was in fact Iran is what is going to be used to justify everything on the table to get at their oil, Iran IMO is not like Iraq, they are more prepared than we have been led to believe, and this has TPTB worried in case they get a bloody nose.

I think Rupert Murdoch jumped the gun with his new channels reports of the death, like the BBC jumped the gun with the collapse of WTC7, I am starting to believe nothing can stop this process of a NWO because they have plans to cover plans.

I also think some body is fighting them from the inside, and allowing things to slightly slip out, as to what to do is way beyond me, I am not really a conspiracy theorist, but I do notice when things are not right, and this news, the reason for this thread, tells me something is wrong, especially when they slip up like this.

Did they deliberatly make al-Megrahi sick so they could release him? is that now back firing because he has not died? it's important to remember that his release would only be considered if he dropped all his plans to appeal against his conviction, now he is free and still alive, perhaps he has time enough to speak out and tell his story before he does, if that is the case, I wouldn't be surprised if he deteriorates very quickly and dies for real, hopefully he has made plans to release his story after he does for the safety of his Family, because that is the only reason I could think, that would scare anybody who loves their Family, into keeping quiet about what they know, this story is a long way from dead and buried, I believe it's about to get a whole new dimension.
What do you think?

And please don't respond if your intention is not to discuss or to deflect, it's a reasonable theory, with some links to back up the information, disagree with respect please, and not ridicule because I wont play with you.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 12:12 PM
Your not going nuts. I heard the same thing that he'd died.

One of two ways

1. One of these weird time distortions that are going off time to time.

2. Likely we were lied to. Just strange all the machinations on a simple

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 08:22 PM
reply to post by felonius

I've been talking to friends and Family about this all day, and they said the same thing, they had heard he had died, and that a new investigation was to be held because of new evidence that had come to light.

In fact I had to show my Brother the story because he thought I was lying through my teeth, he had some conversations with friends at work about it, some from Scotland, and one who comes from close to Lockerbie.

The guy who lives close to Lockerbie, said that a Policeman had made a statement about evidence planting he had witnessed by American agents.

Who knows, maybe it is one of time slips that seem to be happening recently, but I still think someone jumped the gun and they are trying to cover it, I cant find the sky news article anywhere now, perhaps a planned assassination that went sour? and they reported it before it had thinking it was a done deal?

I did think this story would interest more people, but seems like it isn't that important, old news, I think it's only just started really, lets see if my prediction comes true?


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