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UFO flap in China

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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 08:34 AM

i know some of this material has already been posted to ATS but i wanted to put some new light on these amazing cases...

Nanjing – On August 17, 2006, a disc shaped object was filmed above an apartment building as it moved slowly across the top of the building. As the craft reached the highest point of the building, it suddenly showed seven white lights evenly displaced around the outer edge of the craft. These lights dimmed quickly as one large light lighted up and surrounded the craft before it abruptly disappeared. Nanjing is famous for one of the worst atrocities in the human history when Japanese invaders allegedly massacred 300,000 Chinese people in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in December 1937 massacre. Nanjing known for its prosperity and peace. This photo is of Zhanyuan Garden was called the Historical Museum of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. Notice the Temple Pagoda and the shape of the roof that shows the path to heaven. The roofs of many temples in China resemble UFOs, and millions of Chinese claim to have seen them.

Kongka La is the low ridge pass in the Himalayas (the blue oval in the map). It is in the disputed India-China border area in Ladakh.This is one of the most interesting finds in Google in quite some time.In June 2006, satellite imagery on the Google Earth service revealed a 500:1 scale terrain model [1][2] of eastern Aksai Chin(the alleged UFO BASE Area) and adjacent Tibet, built near the town of Huangyangtan, about 35 kilometres South West of Yinchuan, the capital of the autonomous region of Ningxia in China.Earth A visual side-by-side comparison shows a very detailed duplication of Aksai Chin in the camp.[3] The 900m × 700m model was surrounded by substantial facility, with rows of red-roofed buildings, scores of olive-colored trucks and a large compound with elevated lookout posts and a large communications tower.Terrain models are known to be used in military training and simulation bur usually on a much smaller scale.Last week, the same poster[4]found that the location the scale model represents is the region occupied by China (1962) but claimed by India near north central India (Aksai Chin -China near Ladakh district in Kashmir,India is also the region of a known UFO Base on Earth ;

Many UFO researchers believe that there are hidden UFO bases under the ocean and deep under the ground. Kongka La is experiencing some strange phenomenon and suspicious objects coming out of the inaccessible huge mountains (Himalayas) and both the Governments refuse to come out and say what these are.The other alternative is that it is an underground strategic Air Force base of some one. Then why will either country allow the base on the official no man’s land in the highly sensitive disputed border area? Why is this region continuously reporting UFO sightings from various kinds of people?

The director of the observatory, Ji Hai-sheng, told that scientists would not be speculating publicly on the nature of what was captured on film until it had been properly studied. He added:"'Purple Mountain Observatory and Chinese Academy of Sciences said that during the July 22 total solar eclipse observation, China had discovered near the sun, by observing staff, an unidentified object, it's physical nature remains to be further studied. "Currently manpower is being organized to deal with this data, complete the data analysis and reveal the scientific results and this will take at least one year's time to finalise."

some links on China UFO cases:


as we see, China, as being the worlds highly populated country, and being a super economy and technology giant, there is also a lot of UFO activity in that part of the world...

many of this cases co-relate with UFO cases from India, especially the Alien bases topics....

i also learned that in China, there is a goverment UFO group which operates from Beijing University and which task is to study UFO behaviour and to try to reverse - engineer UFOs...

also, the Chinese army has a great deal of interest in UFO subject...


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