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Disclosure has already been going on.....

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 01:46 PM
After watching the wonderful library posted by MCROM901 I myself have come to a conclusion that may be met with much opposition.
I have been through approximately half of the videos posted, and have gone to the posted websites within these videos. Before I go further here is the page posted by MCROM901.
All the videos speak of either threatening menaces, or peaceful technologically sharing enlighteners. Creators if you will. THese things have disarmed AMerican Nuclear missiles, and have escorted planes in Soviet Russia. THese objects have made themselves known even to those that still do not believe.
Public officials from all over the world have come forth and stated these things are from other worlds, only to re appear the next day to say... oops I made a mistake.

What could be the reason the two governments US/UK could have for refusing to publically acknowledge these 'crafts'?

After countless attempts to destroy these, with little impact the attempts have all failed. This means our world military organisations cannot defeat this unknown 'problem'. (ergo the Battle of LA, Edwards AFB, Vandenberg AFB Atlas Rocket nike/zeus objective incident, malmstrom AFB nuke shut downs, R.Reagans speaches pertaining to UFO's, and RAF Bentwaters.)

These things, these craft, that do not exist have penetrated our deepest darkest most dangerous military secrets (european, american, and soviet weapons, defense bases) and have without any resistance shut down our defenses as if our weapons of mass destruction were nothing more than remote controlled toys.

We have a history of sightings and other strange phenomenon, and scientific investigation into these things more so than we do on drinking water.

What we also have is a serious problem called disclosure, and disinformation.

Disinformation is a clever accusation thrown about in the UFOlogy community, when one truth seeker disagrees with another. THere is a second type of disinformation thrown in the mix by the so called contactee's, the new age artists, and the other airy fairy flakes out there.

Not all these so called aliens are peaceful anymore than every human is an intolorant war monger.

THese things are of defense interest. Be they peaceful or otherwise they are of defense interest until we have formed a political alliance and understanding with them.

Why would I say disclosure has already been going on? what could possibly invoke this feeling?

the European, former soviet, and US governments have something called the freedom of information. This means, after a certain amount of time, depending on the level of secrecy/security of said incident, the file becomes declasified.
Phillip Corso, Georgina Bruni, Stanton Friedman, Jimmy Carter (to some extent), the COMETA group, dr. Peter Sturock, John Podesta, the illustrious Steven Greer, and the names go on. and on and on. The things these people have in common are some are in high places, others are holding in their hands official reports, formerly classified documents, and legally obtained proof of said incidents.

all the information you want is right there for the taking in the archival offices for your eyes. You have but to go there and get them. Our problem is simple./ We are too bloody lazy to get these documents for ourselves, and will come up with excuses before we even thin of getting them ourselves. we want to be told what to do and not do for ourselves. THat is why we havent seen disclosure. Its been going on and no one has said anything.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 02:04 PM
Nice Thread S&F For you!


posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 04:26 PM
Nice thread

Perhaps it is less disclsure and more of an enlightenment as a race that is the truth of accepting an ET presence.

(the universe revolves around us theory)

Perhaps society as a hole wants to belieave it is special.

who knows


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