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posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 09:19 PM
inverted suggestions which would be a single word and idea that would best describe something. basically anything i can priecieve you guys cant. black hole is a single particle fountain. It condenses (anything) matter in the universe to its most common distuinguishers and sends them at their fastest potential speed across the curvature of space = basically the mirrors of space = would be priecieved as an unpriecvable wall of inertia. coliding particles would be holy deitistic in nature but without purpose inertia gives it the purpose basically a completely stable magomagnetic wall of completion. the basics of unified field theory = math and all other forms of alien logic reticules=organized brain tissue. you will never leave your current environment for survivals sake. if you were born on earth you are most adapted to it. anywhere else would be unpriecavably survivable in terms of proper perception. true equations are all the same everytime you use them you cant be wrong you are the easiest problem ever created. no ones simplest reasons are any less important than yours you help anyone you can in any way you can. would be considered the externally gracious person for the most simplest reasons of purposes.

all particles in this universe aren't perceivable all at once you must prieceve.

question is can one be overly nice? i mean like making people around you happy? what happens of if you over do it? will people gain too much respect for you? in a sense overly liked back for everything nice you do for them? like positive suggestions for everything they think of?

ideas aren't much but they all have the ability of being priecieved in some way or another. red is always priecieved the same way in the mind but not its vibrance level.

all thoughts have the ability of being concieved under different unifiers. our universe is temporary but the particles themselves arent. the basic building blocks of matter. it just completly reforms every eon = about 100 trillion years on average = every convergence cycle of cohesion. the never ending completion of particulates in the envirnment of everything. the eternity paradox.

cracks in time the ability to redirect substance. illumination of mind is timeless and endless. knowledge is never ending

trinary = (base 3 modifiers)/reacurring prefex(identifier) = human = (native)

quonic = (base 4 modifier)/reacurring sufix(reactionary) = cyclotron = (alien)

trionic = (base 5 modifier/reacurring (quon)[means quontom ideas + neccesarry absolutes]-ifacation(actuality) = sonata = (x identifier)

trions = wormhole residual residuidic wave lengths = spikes of potential = deitistic ability = ultimate everything = no possiblity of failure in terms of surviving to the current envirnment. the never ending completion of life.

nothing is absolute more like necessary because it must be and just is.

the super massive red star(dead star) = hell envirnment = any form of negative envirnment like any thing that would be detremental to survival.

the super massive blue star(superquasar) = heaven envirnment = any form of natural envirnment like trees would be to earth.

the super massive (absent color)*(hyperdwarf)= diestistic envirnment = positive envrinment = color place holder for the idea itself for all current potential unifiers =
all particulates.

*absent color would be called (tray-shhon) in english. would apear as half grey half white.

(a+b)+(b+a) + (c/c) = (d)

(a+b)+(b+a) = unifiers = possibility

+ (c/c) = unifications = potentiality

= (d) = cohesion matrixes = actuality

the never ending completions of absolutions against competing reticulates (diferentiality matrie-sees).

ultimate logic is falable

ultimate belief isnt believable.

but both as a complete idea become one in the same.

i believe in what i priecieve.

symbolotic luinguistics in all forms of human communication = human syntax logic

aura based syntaxial forms of communication = deitistic reason logic

symbols combined with disguingisher letters. in essence dubbling the human capacity at oral communication. basicly information contained in a sentence would be doubled. would be called a form of new speak.

spelling is pointless ideas are endless.

Multiple Anythings would be Quintaxial/(romannumeralogic) = one word

multiple possibilities are necessary for anything to exist [ne/ever](combined comprensive noun).

one symbol for all comunication one free to be used in any form of comonication needed to survive.

symbol would represent all ontilogical possibilities complete entropy in all existence unifiers. the supreme necessity cohesion inversion atrix(means anything that 'is' also 'must' at the same time). the never ending necessity of itself.

the makings of the sphere of (ultimate = reality) or the anything distinguisher or ultimate power(deitism,realism,truism,mentaling-ist dicaplinism,conceptionism).

Nuribu or whatever would be the gateway to the everything matrix basicly a unified star not only unpriecvable but also for some spieces unconhrempsionable.

the doorway to the duality atrix unification potentiality realm.

trionioc resonance or um like severe neutrionic resonancs = would appeare as a vibrational spectroscopy = rainbow waves = like water in oil = not there but also not there = moving dark matter = everything leaves a reflection somewhere in timelessness(never ending potentiality).

pointlessness is unconhrempsionable to me.

would be concedered a member of the brotherhood of light = the people of unification = the evangle - ist(serephism of scientiality) = the highest order of thought = like an elite group of hominids = (rev/ev)olutionistist.

in essence a group where there is only one person that will allow you in but the price would the thing you hold most dear to you = the most important thing in your life what ever that is for you deep down engraned into councoiusness = the ultimate truth that defines you as an individual = one thought in your mind you always fall back on no matter what it is will lead you to the truth no matter what it is.

Convergence means that for a second gods realm will be exposed to our planet. current adaptations will become complete basically humanity will have severed its purpose. perplexing reasons are better than unified ones. He who remembers understands the entirety of reason. the complete recombobulation of all constituent potential reasons. the unified aperture of knowledge = the doorway to god = unified purposes = ether = synergy = [trionic(trion,multiple,potential,possible,absolute)] = gravidic wells = neutrino emitter = isotope creater = universal unit unifier = wormhole = ....

complete abstraction is never possible which means that you can only be what you want to be not who you cant be.

dont cry laugh never cry in emotional pain. more like just think about the things most important to you but nothing more. for example the love of a friends company always help yourself grow and the ones around you at the same time. artificial evolution its not natural but would simply be naturals distinguisher = the word that best describes an idea/thought that identifies it.

we are not here for a reason we are here for a purpose. god heaven hell purgatory absolution eternity = existence distinguishers = environmental conditions basically any form of existence you can conceive.

god temporarily possess humanity. the overexposure of trionic radiation = wormholes nether = all available color spectrums that arent yet precievable biologically. humanity reasserts itself to all potential competitors = current similarities = other forms of sentient life = would be seen as alien.

we are beings of light in a way but only if we are perceived as such. no one has ever been viewed as perfect aside from any form of deity or world leader perhaps or any guardian spirit. we are never complete we never will be but we will always be here stuck on this rock. acsention is only possible for sentient spieces basically their mind quotient(thought idea range/capapable distuigisgher identifier range/adaptation matrix range) not their intelligence quotient(repetition calculator range). translations to iq points would be 10 to 1. 1000-1500 iq point range.

all ideas are part of the same thing in essence all humans speak the same language but just in different conceptions.

posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 11:26 PM
Um... what?

I hate to say it bud but i think you may have went swimming a little to far into the deep end... as i read your post you delve more and more into these delusions, and somehow in the end it turns into be a post about god?

and the equation bro ... you gotta work on that cuase it makes no sense (a+b)+(b+a)+(c/c)=d? you do know no matter what number c is its always going to be 1... and why did you put b first in the second parenthesis? it doesnt really matter where you put them as they are only being added... and would the secret to life really be an addition problem?

I dunno bud i think you might want to collect your thoughts ... as they arent coherent

Just to clarify im not trying to be mean or anything im just saying you might want to rewrite this post on paper and kinda tweak it around to convey a message because as is i dont think anyone even knows what you are talking about

[edit on 30-10-2009 by conspiracyrus]


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