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Hate Crimes bill, Serious thread

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posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 08:16 PM
I look at it, to some degree, in the same way that they have categorized homicides (first degree, manslaughter).

It assigns an underlying intention to the act in a similar way as premeditation does in the case of murder.

Now, I guess application will be interesting when a jock kicks a computer geeks ass and they try to apply it, lol.

In the end though, if some attacks or kills someone, and they can prove that they had some underlying motivation based on ethnicity, sexual orientation or what not, then I don't really have a problem with them giving a harsher sentence. But that's just me.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 12:55 AM

Originally posted by Benevolent Heretic
I look forward to the day when people aren't hurt and killed for who they are and ALL people are treated equally under the law.

NEVER going to happen. Ever. It's not human nature to treat everyone equally. Sorry, BH, it just isn't. No matter how much you think that may be wrong, it isn't - humans are biologically coded to fear the unknown and congregate with those that seem most like themselves. It is in a human being's nature to destroy that which it does not understand and cannot conquer - not embrace differences.

You expect a fantasy, miracle world to happen that will never happen on this planet, or at least with this species.

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 05:20 AM
Martin E.P. Seligman, PH.D. former president of the APA (American Psychology Association) in his book "What you can change, and what you can't" states on page 149-150 that the ONLY clear recorded case of a Transsexual being cured is the following case. (As of his writing in 1993.) I copied over a shortened version of the account below.

John...thought of himself as a girl...on his way to surgery [sex change] he kept a check in with a local physician who was a member of a fundamentalist religion...[physicians explanation] his real problem was possession by evil spirits...prayer..laying on of hands...removed twenty-two spirits...He was followed closely for the next two and a half years by the psychiatric team and was clearly male-psychologically as well as physically...and was looking forward to marrying, a woman.

This is a secular source; if you don’t believe me look it up yourself. These perversions are demonic.

Could I be accused of a hate crime for referencing these?

(This is the original that Seligman referenced in his book)
D. Barlow, G. Abel, and E. Blanchard, "Gender Identity Change in a Transsexual: An Exorcism," Archives of Sexual Behaviour 6 (1977): 387-95

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 08:47 AM
reply to post by OhZone

Hate crime laws have been in existence since 1968. They ARE our current laws.

Originally posted by sos37
It is in a human being's nature to destroy that which it does not understand and cannot conquer - not embrace differences.

While I agree that true equality is an ideal that we'll probably never reach 100%, I completely disagree with your above statement. Maybe it's in YOUR nature, but it is not in mine. My nature is to be curious and embrace differences. Maybe that's the difference between you and me...

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:55 PM
reply to post by StopComplaining

Can you please do us all a fovor and save your religious preachings for a Christian forum please. No one is interested in your religious scam. Have you ever made a point on your own without referring to the bible, Jesus or something evil? You sound like Mrs. Perrin.

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 04:57 AM
reply to post by spinalremain

How about we go to the Babalonian Talmud instead huh.

It is permitted to have sex with a three year old girl, according to the Talmud

Intercourse with a dead women is permisable, according to the Talmud

If a man commits sodomy with a boy less than nine years old it is not sodomy, according to the Talmud.

Is this the society you want?

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 05:04 AM
reply to post by spinalremain

I have never heard nor seen Mrs. Perrin. I only know she is the one that two homosexuals put a nude manquin of on their rooftop along with an effigy of bloody torso hanging from a tree?

That is a hate crime if ever there was one.

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