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Number of victims to unknown virus growing! State of emergency to be imposed in Ukraine?

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 07:22 PM
reply to post by JJay55

The flu jumped from human, to moose, then back to human??

JK (sry I know it's not time for jokes)

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 07:31 PM
reply to post by BLUESHADOW747

Alright lets see, I donated to Red Cross. I did not book a ticket and fly to the Ukraine as I do not speak the language and have few skills that are needed now. Short of what I have done already I am pretty much powerless to do anything meaningful at this point. Sorry man, but we are just pawns in this great tragic show. I offered up a theory concerning hormonal levels and the impact on the people but no one commented. I was first in saying that we could be looking at a mutation that causes quicker and more transmission of the virus, a warning?, and it looks like I was right. Some want to conduct a witch hunt, cool get the itch forks and a wood pile. I can not protect you or any one else here but I can offer advice and accepted facts. I can act to protect my family and friends and I have.

At the start of this there were people that said this was all political and the infections were nothing to worry about. Based on the 40,000 plus in the hospitals I would say that they were wrong. A lot of people said that it was the plague based on a few bad articles from would be journalists. That has been proven wrong as they do not have a couple 100,000 dead there today. A lot of people have said that it is the NWO that started this. Follow the money, who has the most to gain and already has most of their people vaccinated, would not share and could care less if they lost 100 million people? Look to the far east if you want a conspiracy.

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 07:34 PM
I thought it was the watermelon that did it not the moose;

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by waterdoctor

You know I totally respect what you say and like several posts that have been made by people they go ignorned; the certain parties here only want to talk and gather just certain niches in this whole of it all because after looking at this site for a long time what is happening is it is more suiting to talk observe calculate and express an opinion only if it fits certain NICHES' as you stated you have tried some things and are aware of the whole matter and willing to step up to the plate i praise you because the people who have posted here that have expressed more serious concerns and questions THEY WENT UNANSWERED as did some of yours ans several of mine

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by waterdoctor

WATERDOCTOR I see where you're coming from I am on the same page with you but a lot more up in it assertiveness I want to say you have some great points and at least you feel there is a need to do more some posters were in dis belief when they posted why the--- isn.t this a MAJOR topic like number1 or something? went totally ignored ask about what needs to be done about making people all around aware it goes ignored asking whyn the f all the number crunching and no valid solutions how come know one responds to direct dam questions instead of TRYING TO challenge your intellect

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 07:55 PM
THANKS for your response and keep up the good work before long this will be in EVERYONE,S lap and then let.s see how the bio-virus and again I SAY BIO-VIRUS topic runs; thanks again" waterdoctor

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 08:04 PM

Originally posted by JJay55

Originally posted by CINY8
This article from the AP is not directly related to the Ukrainian situation, but it is interesting nonetheless.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Suspected swine flu is sweeping a traditional Eskimo whaling village on a remote Alaska island — prompting an urgent medical mission to deliver help.

"Diomede is probably the most isolated place in the United States right now," said David Head, a doctor involved in the effort. "We thought it would be better to go out there and just vaccinate people."

So many of the 130 residents of Diomede have been stricken with flu-like symptoms that the Alaska Army National Guard stepped in with a Black Hawk helicopter to transport a medical team from Nome 135 miles away, where Head is chief of staff at Norton Sound Health Corp.

WTF? How did it get to this remote village???

Probably was sprayed from a plane......

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 08:07 PM
This link has a video from RT which shows interviews with people in Ukraine trying to buy anti-flu meds, etc...

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 08:10 PM
This is bit OT - it is something I just found about the vaccine in pregnant women - because this is the most looked at link at the moment - I wanted to post it here -
MODS remove me if you need to.

Reports of H1N1 Vaccine Causing Miscarriages in the USA

Posted by Wayne in swine flu, vaccines. Tagged: adjuvants, Canada, flu shots, H1N1, mercury, miscarriage, pregnant, Squalene, swine flu, vaccinations, vaccines. 1 Comment

Comment: I am re-posting this for the benefit of pregnant women in Canada who may not be aware of the issues that have arisen in the USA since the vax was rolled out there. It should be noted that there are different H1N1 vaccines being used in various parts of the USA (different manufacturers, and they also have a nasal spray which is not available in Canada).

The GSK vaccine offered in Canada is somewhat different again, but most of the same ingredients are being used. Canada has, however, also purchased a non-adjuvanted vax (without squalene) for pregnant mothers. It has been reported that this vaccine has 10 times more mercury (Thimerosal) than the regular adjuvanted vaccine. Some Pregnant Women Fearful of H1N1 Vaccine Miscarriage / Pregnancy Loss Blog By Krissi Danielsson, Guide to Miscarriage / Pregnancy Loss Tuesday September 29, 2009 An article in Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on how some pregnant women are skeptical of the new H1N1 vaccine.

Pregnant women are among the groups strongly advised to get the vaccine, but many women are less than thrilled about the idea of getting the shot, reporting concerns about the safety of the vaccine and possible effects for the unborn baby. I can definitely see where they are coming from, being someone who was concerned about safety of pretty much everything when I was pregnant. And there’s not much research on the safety of any type of flu vaccine during the first trimester, much less thimerosal exposure in the first trimester, although the CDC says that flu vaccination is advisable in any trimester during a pandemic. Still, there are definite risks to catching the flu during pregnancy also — and pregnant women seem to be at higher risk of having severe complications (including death) from H1N1 flu in particular.

As with most cases, all you can really do is weigh the risks and benefits of both courses of action and discuss your concerns with your doctor — then make an informed choice on how to proceed. What are your thoughts? Do you plan to get the H1N1 flu vaccine, especially if you are currently pregnant or hope to become pregnant in the near future? Vote here.

Comments (from readers) October 9, 2009 at 2:41 pm (1) Jo says: I got the flu vaccine (regular not H1N1) at 8 weeks pregnant. Three days later I miscarried. I am not going to get the H1N1.
October 26, 2009 at 11:07 am (2) Regrets says: I got both vaccines on Thursday. I was 9 weeks pregnant. I miscarried on Sunday. I was told by several doctors to get these vaccines. Now I wish I followed my gut feeling and not get them at ALL!

October 29, 2009 at 8:33 am (3)
says: i work in a hospital like setting and was told ‘the benefits outweigh the risks” 1am i got the vaccine, 3am i started bleeding and craming, 3pm miscarried. you decide

October 31, 2009 at 1:29 pm (4) sue says: I had the H1N1 vaccination and 24 hours later had a miscarriage.

October 31, 2009 at 8:25 pm (5) Linda Hill says: My daughter in law was 10 weeks pregnant and had the H1N1 vaccine on Friday that night she miscarried. November 1, 2009 at 9:58 pm (6) Stephanie says: I received the H1N1 over a week ago. I am now 5 weeks. I am doing well so far.

November 2, 2009 at 10:52 pm (7) SoSorry says: I was so ready to get the H1N1 vaccine last week and they were only giving them to pregnant women. I was 6 weeks along and got it and the next day I started cramping and miscarried. I already had two healthy pregnancies and never miscarried or had any problems. My doctors think I am crazy to think it was the H1N1 but if no one looks into this than other women will not know. I am so sorry that I got it. N

ovember 3, 2009 at 4:30 pm (8) Connie says: I also received the H1N1 vaccination on October 22nd, 2009 and went into labor on October 25th, at 16 weeks pregnant and we just heard the heartbeat and everything was fine with my pregnancy on October 16th, 2009, then on October 28th my water broke then on October 29th, I delivered a stillborn baby boy, and no one can tell me why…Everyone wants to say it did not come from the shot but I believe it did. My baby was growing at the correct pace and everyone wants to brush off the vaccination. I say if you have the vaccination and suffer a miscarriage if they are able to perform an autopsy have it done.

November 3, 2009 at 4:34 pm (9) Connie says: I also agree something needs to be done and looked more into with this vaccination because most women are being advised it’s just something that happens, but I also had two healthy children normal pregnancies and when I received this vaccination with my third pregnancy, my baby is gone. Contact me at

November 4, 2009 at 10:12 pm (10) sioux falls, south dakota says: I received the H1N1 vaccine on October 16th and started experiencing cramping on the 22nd. I was nearly 17 weeks pregnant and gave birth to a stillborn baby boy on the 23rd. Like many of the other women here, the first thing I suspected was the H1N1 vaccine. I immediately asked a nurse at the hospital if that would have anything to do with it. Without hesitation, she told me “absolutely not.” I had reservations about getting the vaccine, but followed the advice of my long trusted family doctor. In a follow up appointment with my doctor 3 days after I lost my baby, I asked him if the vaccine would have had any adverse effects on my baby. He also said that it was not possible. I don’t believe that my doctor was necessarily lying to me, he was simply following the accepted practices and opinions of his field. I do, however, believe that as a nation, we are being lied to. This vaccine is NOT safe during pregnancy. There has not been enough testing done to determine this and there are far too many “coincidences” for this to be anything but a result of a vaccine that was hastily pushed into production and distribution in an effort to stop widespread panic. I have read so many stories in defense of the vaccine that will talk about how common miscarriages are, but I would challenge you to ask ANY health care professional how common second trimester miscarriages are. My baby was doing perfect developmentally and I had felt him move earlier that day. My heart goes out to all of you out there who have had to go through the same heartache and loss that I have had in the last couple of weeks. There is no reason that any woman or family should have to go through this. Get the word out to all of the pregnant women that you know. I know that if I had heard that women had been losing their babies shortly after they received the vaccine, I would have followed my gut and not gotten it myself. Maybe then Wyatt would have had a chance at life.

November 5, 2009 at 11:51 am (11) sue field says: If you read the novatis or baxter pkg insert available on the web you will find that 1. there is not sufficient testing on pregnant women so they dont know how safe it is….its not recommended for children under 2 is not a fetus a child under 2? there is no conclusion on safety with breastfeeding….. Md’s just want to scare the hell out of you for the 1% that can get very sick..If folks would just wash hands frequently, stay away from sick contacts as much as possible and take supplements and live a healthy way…you likely can avoid the flu altogether… SOOOOO Sorry for your losses….my

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 08:16 PM
reply to post by BLUESHADOW747

there is asite I found before all this happened in ukraine and it lays out that bodybags, guillotines martial law and all that was right around the corner from everyone this bio-engineered -virus is just alinking this is why more people have to be aware and see the operation for what it is it is not just about ukraine tha.s a starting point the hormone levels info was great.

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 08:19 PM
reply to post by seattletruth

Dr Niman is the only virologist I will quote on ATS because he is online and can be attributed. In this case he is saying the same thing as others I am in touch with so I can go ahead and post it, that way if someone insists I prove "virologists are wondering what's taking so long" I have the link to show it.

I don't agree with everything he says but I do find him to be credible despite his position on certain events which I might feel are worthy of more research.

I'm basing my suspicion that the WHO may skip releasing the Ukraine sequences on past behavior. Quite a few times when the release was delayed it just never came to pass at all.

Evidently Polish researchers are in the Ukraine gathering samples for study. If the actions of the Polish government truly are what they seem then people should be encouraged by that.

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 10:33 PM
Since the name of this thread is "Unknown Virus", I am going to share some information I found. I have pulled the more pertinent information from this article, in order to break down some of the technical jargon.
Please take a look at this.

The name of the illness is called Leptospirosis

Here is what pubmed has to say about it.

Leptospirosis: The “mysterious” mimic

Leptospirosis is a potentially fatal bacterial disease that can display a wide array of clinical presentations thus mimicking better-known illnesses. Although, leptospirosis is primarily a zoonotic disease, it frequently inflicts severe illness and death on communities around the globe. A comprehensive overview of the disease in wake of the 2006 outbreaks in India is hereby presented and discussed.

The pulmonary form of leptospirosis is characterized as a hemorrhagic pneumonia that can resemble pneumonic plague and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.[7]


Leptospirosis is caused by leptospires, which are spiral-shaped bacteria from the family Leptospiraceae and genus Leptospira. These bacteria are long, thin, and motile spirochetes that can be either free living in the environment or found as parasites in animal hosts.

[8] Leptospires require moist environments for survival. They can survive in contaminated freshwater sources (lakes and ponds) and muddy environments for many months. However, they can only survive for a few hours in saltwater.[9]


Although, leptospirosis is typically a zoonotic disease, leptospires can also infect humans. These bacteria can infect and colonize a wide variety of wild and domestic animals. However, the rat is typically the reservoir of leptospires


Since the original identification of leptospirosis by Dr. Weil,[22] outbreaks of leptospirosis have occurred sporadically throughout world.

Elsewhere in the world in 2005, there were at least 27 cases and eight deaths due to leptospirosis in the Ukraine.

Concurrent with these human cases, a significant percentage of the local mice populations, up to 25%, were testing positive for leptospirosis.

An added sidenote: In the past there have been several outbreaks of Leptospirosis in India, and this very well could be the pathogen responsible for the unknown virus and mysterious deaths there.


Infected rodents are typically the source of human infections. These human infections are most commonly due to contact with water or environmental surfaces contaminated with infected urine.[13,49] Other rodent body fluids (excluding saliva) can also transmit leptospires to humans, animals, and the environment.


Leptospirosis has symptoms that may mimic better-known diseases including influenza, dengue fever, meningitis, hepatitis, and other viral hemorrhagic diseases.[1,18] With the greater publicity of these other diseases, leptospires are frequently overlooked as a source of disease.

Leptospirosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of individuals who have an abrupt onset of fever, muscle aches, jaundice, headache, conjunctival suffusion, and chills. Conjunctival suffusion and muscle aches in the calf and lumbar areas are also highly characteristic of leptospirosis; however, these signs and symptoms are not confirmatory for leptospirosis.

During the course of infection, leptospires invade all the internal organs and tissues, and damage the endothelial linings of the small blood vessels.

Glycoprotein toxin produced by the leptospires causes capillary leakage which can result in severe hemorrhaging.[50]

This damage is the source of the majority of the signs and symptoms of leptospirosis.

As the damage progresses, lesions develop throughout the organs. This damage results in

(1) injury in the proximal convoluted tubules (leading to interstitial nephritis) in the kidneys,
(2) hepatic capillary damage with hepatic cell damage leading to jaundice, blood-clotting problems, and possible liver failure, and
(3) inflamed meninges resulting in the symptoms of aseptic meningitis in the immune phase.


Milder cases of leptospirosis can be treated with amoxicillin, ampicillin, doxycycline, penicillin, streptomycin, tetracycline, or erythromycin. Ceftriaxone and cefotaxime, and quinolone antibiotics may also be used for treatment of mild leptospirosis cases.

Treatment with antibiotics should begin as soon as leptospirosis is suspected and if possible before the fifth day after the start of symptoms. However, serological tests will not be positive until about 1 week after the onset of symptoms and cultures may not be positive for several weeks.

For individuals with severe infections and Weil's syndrome, hospitalization in an intensive care unit is typically required. Intravenous penicillin should used for severe leptospirosis.[1] Dialysis will likely be necessary for the renal failure.

Transfusions may be needed for hemorrhaging; and, steroids may be necessary for treatment of thrombocytopenia.

Leptospirosis can be labeled a truly menacing disease. It fits the spectrum of agent, host, and environment which relates to clinical diseases with a community focus.

Now after having read the article, a few things came to mind. If a Bioweapon was indeed used, the perfect mode of transmission would be water. Think about it. This bacteria thrives in water. It would explain why the rate of infection seems to rise so quickly. It would also allow the guilty party to maintain some control, of who is infected and in what regions.

Leptospirosis would not be suspected during a world wide pandemic. It mimics Pneumonic Plague, Influenza, and a few other hemorrhagic virus'.
It also looks very much like the Spanish flu of 1918.

Unless one were testing for it, it would go unnoticed. In order to have a good prognosis Antibiotics need to be started by the 5th day, yet it takes almost 7 days for the titers to be high enough representing acute infection.

Just throwing around some other ideas, since Swine Flu was only detectable in half of the cases.

What do you think about this possibilty?

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 10:42 PM
Wow, I took the weekend off from watching the epidemic situation in Ukraine.
I am more concerned today than Friday.
I took the time to look up some information on the health system in Ukraine.
Check this out, mind you these figures went from almost zero last week to OMG levels today.

There are 46,000 beds in the Ukraine hospital system.
Source: CIA World Factbook, 2003
39,603.00 hospitalized as of today.
Source RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service

That is 86% of capacity in a week’s time.
Now some would say this epidemic is not too bad when you consider that the 871,000 ill only represent 2% of the total population.

Others would look at the situation and wonder how many days until that remaining 14% of beds are filled, and what happens to those people?

I would like to see video footage of the interior of these “packed” hospitals. I question whether there are actually 871,037 (Who) ill people. If you want to keep the mortality rate lower, all you need to do is project the number that is ill higher.

Want the death rate to be low? Take 144 dead divide it by the CDR rate you want say .002% and report that you “believe” there are over 750,000 sick.
That is less than die from seasonal flu right?
Something is fishy here.
Anyone got overflowing hospital footage yet?

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 11:11 PM

Originally posted by bastion
Chances of this being a Biological attack are pretty much non-existant.

Specific to Swine Flu, everyone alive today is a descendant of people who survived the 1918 outbreak so it makes no sense to use this virus as an attack.

Because of this there would be no way of directing an outbreak. The purpose of a biological attack is to manouvere the enemy into territory where the invaders have an upper hand and cut off their supply routes.

Your post is based on an assumption, you assume that if it is a biological attack that it is directed at some nation or group of people.

What if this is directed - at everyone on the planet. If it directed by the NWO - and every single piece of evidence seems to indicate it is - then they want basically everyone dead - not just some people.

The NWO core number is around 2,000 people. They can hide on the moon, in area 51 or equivalent. In fact with all the tennis courts, movie theatres etc built in Area 51 - it would suit that purpose well.

You assume that some nation or whatever is behind it - I think that you should have a look at some info on the NWO.

They have no country, no allegiance - and they comprise a small group. They can easily keep themselves safe - no-one would notice if they all disappeared for a year.

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 11:12 PM
reply to post by paxnatus

very impressive and interesting as it really appears that a definite bio-element is involved considering everything and good old common sense. that is very good material that you found

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 11:22 PM
reply to post by Amagnon

very good response and the more people realize this and face the facts we are not dealing with the norm read people read get more updated info on nwo and the agenda even as of for oct and nov. check out american holocaust website listing pam schuffer who seems to really know and have incredible iside info on all this and explained exactly what we are seeing now// be extremely alert this is all happening rapidly wake up

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 11:33 PM

Originally posted by BLUESHADOW747
reply to post by Amagnon

very good response and the more people realize this and face the facts we are not dealing with the norm read people read get more updated info on nwo and the agenda even as of for oct and nov. check out american holocaust website listing pam schuffer who seems to really know and have incredible iside info on all this and explained exactly what we are seeing now// be extremely alert this is all happening rapidly wake up

I'm sorry, but could you try to put some periods or commas in there? I'm trying very hard to follow your posts, but your lack of punctuation makes it almost impossible.

If you could capitalize your letters, and put in some punctuation, it would be much easier for us to follow you. I just can't follow your train of thought when you write like that....

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 12:01 AM

Originally posted by Angiras

Originally posted by JJay55
reply to post by Angiras

Personally, I'm all for it because I believe in de-population too.

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt here. Over-population can be considered a problem, depending upon your point of view. However, there are two ways to deal with the problem.

1. Increase the means of food production, etc. to support larger populations, and allow nature to take its course, while advocating benign and voluntary methods of birth control, education, etc.

2. Or pro-actively attempt to reduce the population through forced sterilizations and "culling" the herd, by killing off billions.

I would be in favor of option 1, but I am adamantly opposed to option 2. I hope you share the same sentiments.

You oversimplify.

Firstly - we must reduce population size and restrict ourselves to zero growth.

The world is finite - and we are consuming resources faster than it can resupply them. Our economy, money and populations have exponential growth. At some time - very soon, the world simply will not be able to handle the load.

So we have two choices.

1. We let disease, war, starvation and 'natural' causes take care of the problem.

2. We use our brains and implement birth control into our laws, managing our population within reasonable levels.

Now - if you are against point 2, then I can only assume that you think dying of war, starvation and so on are preferable.

Those are the real choices - voluntary is not going to cut it. We need laws, but education certainly needs to be part of that process.

The idea that we increase food production etc is laughable - what you are syaing is - keep all those 'other' people in poverty, so that I can consume at my current levels.

If everyone in the world had a western lifestyle, you would certainly and suddenly see we are over populated - it is our energy use that makes it so. While most of the world is in poverty, and they sew our clothes and produce our food for $2 a day - everything seems fine.

But it isn't fine - everyone should be able to enjoy a good lifestyle - and that means great changes.

While I don't agree with wiping out the world population with a virus - I did create such a plan 20 yrs ago, knowing it was probably the only way to do it.

Today - I am against it - but only if we can educate people to the real problems of imbalance between how people live in different parts of the world. The forests aren't being cut down in your front yard, the fish aren't being swept clean of the ocean in your bath tub - so you think its not happening.

When I used to fly to work, I would see millions of square kilometers of land cleared, flattened and wheat planted - environmentalists don't even talk about it.

Agriculture, forestry and fishing is causing the most damage to our environment, and no-one hardly talks about it. They are consumed by this false global warming crap, which is merely a response to the fact that our energy needs are increasing exponentially - oil and coal won't last long now - the NWO need us to stop so reasonable reserves are left. Peak oil is behind us.

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 12:04 AM
Just wanted to add this. Leptospirosis is transmitted primarily through rodents.

It is no secret the Ukraine has had a terrible garbage problem for years now. Where there is trash, there are rats.

Take a look at this:

“A huge amount of garbage has accumulated in Ukraine, some 20 billion tons of industrial and about 5 billion tons of household waste (weighing approximately one billion tons) — in other words, roughly 500 kg per capita.” All you have to do is walk outside to see garbage everywhere, in and around Dumpsters, on lawns and sidewalks — literally everywhere.

Which leads me to believe, that even if this is not a Bio attack, it is very plausible that this epidemic is real, based on the massive garbage problems
they have had for several years.


posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by Amagnon

so, let me get this straight! you believe in nwo and mass murder under the petext of OVERPOPULATION? You ever heard of GOD?

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