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Number of victims to unknown virus growing! State of emergency to be imposed in Ukraine?

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 11:46 AM
Hmmm... Seeing as this "Breaking News" forum is specifically for news that relates to conspiracies (real or discussed), then I'd like to add something to the mix. I don't think that this has been mentioned in this thread yet:

Panasonic to fly home workers' families over bird flu fears

(AFP) – Feb 9, 2009

TOKYO (AFP) — Panasonic Corp. has ordered Japanese employees in some foreign countries to send their families home to Japan in preparation for a possible bird flu pandemic, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Family members of Japanese employees in parts of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, former Soviet states and Latin America will fly back to Japan by the end of September, Panasonic spokesman Akira Kadota said.

The firm decided to take the rare measure "well ahead of possible confusion at the outbreak of a global pandemic," he said.

(Bolding and underlining mine.)

The complete article can be accessed HERE.

What I find bothersome about this, is that the announcement was released on the same day (Feb 9) that the Czech company Biotest, having halted its testing of the now-infamous "tainted" Baxter vaccine material after getting an email from that company on Feb 6 (and after the tested ferrets died), sent an advisory to govt officials to inform them of the problem.

I supplied a link to a document by a Czech Professor in the field of epidemiology that shows the timeline for the "Baxter mistake" discovered by Biotest and then confirmed by Baxter.

The document is in English. Here, it is normal that govt documents are only prepared in English if their recipients include people outside of this country. Considering it is accessible within the Ministry of Health's url (via the Office of the President), I would say that this document was prepared either for transmission to officials in other countries or was used in a private presentation to such officials, with the backup copy made available to them online. As far as I know the document was not made public here, certainly not with the very detailed timeline he includes.

The "mistake" that Professor Prymula discusses in the document is that Baxter contaminated batches of A (H3N2) virus product -- which is common in seasonal flu -- with A (H5N1) ...which is Bird flu! (ie "Avian" flu.)

Is it purely coincidental that a major Japanese corporation made this announcement on Feb 9th -- especially considering that the plan is for employees' families to fly back home by the end of September?

Why is a massive company like Panasonic doing this in preparation for a possible bird flu pandemic, when all the talk lately has been about swine flu?

Why announce it seven months in advance of the target date for withdrawing those families? In the same time frame that Baxter became aware of its mistake, and on the same day that Czech health authorities were officially informed?

Why did they announce it at all?

In a very Japanese, round-about way, were they trying to tell us something?

Lots of questions...

Anyone have any answers on this? Or am I just reading too much into a single but frankly very unusual decision by a huge and economically significant Japanese company?


Edit: I'm trying to link to a copy of Prof Prymula's document that I've now uploaded on ATS but the edit isn't working. So I'm trying yet again.

The document in pdf should be HERE.

Okay, this time it worked.
Beats me why my six previous tries didn't...

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by kid_of_3NKi

Thank you. I share your feelings. It's very rare that I get drawn into personal attacks, though sometimes I might state pretty strong opinions.

Meanwhile, I'd appreciate your comments on my latest post vis-a-vis Panasonic and the coincidence with Baxter and bird flu.

Note for all: my wife informs me that it was just announced on the TV news Channel Prima here (commercial station) that Slovakia is closing its border with Ukraine. This is from Slovak govt officials. No travel in or out.

Edit a few minutes later: Okay I just watched a news update. My wife went by the "headline announcements" they make at the start of the news, so she wasn't wrong. The journos were: the Slovaks are not "closing" the border with Ukraine. However, they have instigated the tightest border controls since the fall of the Communist regime. Health checks for everyone (including x-rays in a huge mobile clinics they've brought in), strict checks of all vehicles, documentation, the whole box and dice.

In my opinion they are sort of closing the gates after thousands of horses have bolted but it is telling that they are doing this at all.

Exactly what it's telling is another matter entirely...

Best regards,


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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by InTrueFiction te0= te0=

Health of Ukraine informs that both the child's death which is widely covered in the press, vaccine "Pentaksym (against pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus, polio and hemofilyus ynflyuentse) different series used in the world in 1998, in Ukraine - 2003 year. Urgency of vaccinations against these infections in the country remains high.

In 2008, the vaccine Pentaksym was re-registered. Complications in Ukraine in the vaccination "Pentaksymom" 400 thousand children were found.

When the aforementioned vaccines in Ukraine was conducted laboratory quality control of all vaccine series. Irregularities in the transport and storage were found. Vaccine Pentaksym "purchased with public funds.

Recall 17.08.09 Donetsk dead 4-month-old boy. To clarify the causes of death for the Office of Health Donetsk RSA commission was created which, among other things, was to determine whether death associated with vaccination, the child made 14.08.09.

A commission has reviewed all medical records, including protocol pathoanatomical research, explanatory notes medical staff who had relation to the said case.

According to the Department of Health Donetsk region, child immunizations were carried out by immunization calendar. In the 3-month age child received a first vaccination "Pentaksym. At first vaccination there was no response.

The second inoculation of this same vaccine was conducted at age 4 months, 4 days in a local office pryscheplyuvalnoho FAPu August 14, 2009 death of a child come August 17, 2009

Previous pathoanatomical diagnosis: double-headed bronchoalveolitis unknown etiology. At the request of parents and the governor conducted a second autopsy by experts of the regional bureau of forensic medical examination. Previous pathoanatomical diagnosis confirmed.

With a view to verifying the diagnosis are taken material for bacteriological, histological and virological studies.

Another tragic case, which is mentioned in the press, as happened in the Donetsk region.

29.07.2009 р.. Child aged 3.5 months after the review of paediatricians following thermometers, weighing received the first vaccine "Pentaksym" he 29/07/2009.After 30 minutes reaction to vaccination were detected. The next day (30.07.2009) The local child visiting nurse, variations in health status is not set.

12/08/2009 child born in temperature to 38.4, diarrhea up to 8-10 times a day. Medical care have not addressed, while increasing body temperature independently gave the child antipyretic drugs.With the deterioration of child 14.08.2009 (after two days of onset) have sought medical care at emergency stations Krasnoarmeysk. Doctors ambulance child in critical condition with a diagnosis: acute gastroenterocolitis at 16.35 hospitalized in the infectious hospital, Dimitrov, where the child has received therapy under diagnosed. Given the difficult situation the child was caused through the sanitary aviation consultant. 14.08.2009 at 22.45 Child Center team of emergency medical care transferred to the resuscitation of infectious TSMKL number 1 of Donetsk, where he stayed for 3 nights. When the child's terminal status, hypothermia, without consciousness.

Child day ohlyadalasya Acting Head.

Since receipt of the child was on artificial ventilation. For all time of the child in intensive care units condition the child was still very difficult, unstable, dynamics progressively deteriorated, increased symptoms poliorhannoyi failure. 17.08.2009 at 07.45 recorded a natural death.

Clinical diagnosis: acute intestinal infection. The cause of death: intoxication. Diagnosis confirmed by laboratory results.

In Donetsk, the MOH is working to further clarify the detailed circumstances of the death of two children.

Ministry of Health of Ukraine stressed that the whole of Ukraine, for various reasons during the year over 5000 children die before age 1 year. All they get for 10 years vaccinated against infections that is constantly in the period of vaccination. According to international standards, which are used in Ukraine, all deaths of children over time within a month coincide with vaccination, must separately monitored and studied for a causal relationship with vaccination. However, experts believe is incorrect, all deaths associated with the fact of vaccination. Structure of mortality among children in Ukraine was different from that in the world: in the first place - conditions arising in the perinatal period (children who die during the first months) - 57%, 27% of children die due to birth defects, 6.6% - by accidents, injuries and poisoning, 3.4% of cases - from infections and 3.4% - from pneumonia and other causes.

Press Service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

I found this article about childrens death from vaccines in September.

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 12:18 PM

Originally posted by JustMike
reply to post by iggster

Yes, he got home and he's feeling well. I got a text message from him this morning my time. I posted about this on page 130.


Thank you Mike. I must have read right by it. A lil hungover today. I will refer to it as the Seagrams flu.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 12:41 PM
Heys guys what is the situation today?

Death toll?

Any big events?

Sorry i would read back but i got to go soon, thanks.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 12:58 PM
This just in:

Reports are coming in that the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on television today that the swine flu vaccines have not tested for safety even if they were approved by the European drug regulators, the EMEA, and that he suggested he saw no reason to give people in Poland the untested jab.

The statement follows strong criticism of the jab by Polish Health Minister and family doctor Ewa Kopacz. catid=41%3Ahighlighted-news&Itemid=105&lang=en

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 01:38 PM
reply to post by Angiras

Thanks for the heads up, but that link's wonky, and just a link to someones blog.

Here's a real article on it

Polish PM: Poland not buying swine flu vaccination unless it has been properly tested

WARSAW, Poland — Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Friday that his government won't buy vaccines for swine flu that have not been properly tested or from producers who won't take responsibility for possible side effects. Tusk told reporters that vaccine producers were pressuring governments to buy, but were also demanding that all responsibility and compensation for possible negative side effects fall upon government shoulders. "Today we are dealing with great pressure from pharmaceutical firms ... we are dealing with expectations that hundreds of millions of zlotys (dollars) will be spent on vaccine while no one wants to guarantee that it has no side effects," he said. He stressed that the few dozen swine cases in Poland have been mild and no deaths have been reported.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 01:43 PM

Originally posted by JustMike
reply to post by kid_of_3NKi

You're right -- and that's the point I was making about whether the figures are accurate. Any death is tragic and we are not ignoring that at all, but looking at it realistically, the rate being reported is not even close to seasonal flu's typical 0.1%. So, if the figures haven't been fudged, this epidemic is causing way fewer fatalities than "normal" (ie seasonal) flu. If that's the reality then we should be celebrating, not running off to get vaccinated...

And if it's so non-lethal I find it amazing that six doctors have died of it in the past week. Seems incredibly disproportionate to the general population.

Do you see why I'm suspicious? Sure, a lot of people are being infected but if virtually all of them will recover, then why is there any emergency? But, the Ukrainian president called it an emergency... It doesn't make a lot of sense.

But then, Obama declaring an emergency in the US for swine flu didn't make much sense either from what most people have opined.



I don't like to take anything away from people that might make them feel better but the "seasonal flu kills this many and this virus has only killed that many" thing is a bit of failed logic.

The problem with it is that it took an entire year for seasonal flu to reach that number and percentage. The Ukraine outbreak is only a month or so old and is almost there. If the trend continues the current virus will pass the seasonal flu stats in short order and by a mile.

Back to feeling better though - other outbreaks like this such as Mexico started off on the same trend but they burned out quickly and never reached too far though they ended up around the same clinical fatality rate in three months time (before the WHO fudged the data).

That's our one hope for Ukraine, that this thing burns itself out soon.

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by JBA2848

Thank you for the info.

Those cases are extremely sad. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain those parents must feel as their children died from the very vaccine that was meant to protect them.

As it concerns H1N1 me and my family have already an unanimous decision - no vaccines. If we get the flu we medicate ourselves and treat each other the best we can. But we agree that taking this vaccine really seems like playing russian roulette - you just can't know if it is safe.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 01:56 PM

I was afraid they might be using body temp to screen. The problem with that is a lot of swine flu patients have no fever, they actually have a lower than normal temp until the virus really kicks in.

Some of the mild cases never get a fever at all.

I know it would be hard but you might want to take precautions around your family for another two weeks time. Wear a mask and gloves when in common areas and have them do the same if they go into your private areas, make sure everyone washes hands more frequently than normal.

The reason is the virus can lay dormant for up to two weeks in a host with no symptoms. During this time you will be shedding the virus and possibly infect people around you.

I don't want to scare you and I think you're fine thanks to being isolated in your dorm for most of the time during your last week there. I just felt you should know/ have a right to know that information.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 01:57 PM
This post is a bit of topic, but I belive It's very importent to informe people about this, This can happen in other countrys as well!

The Norwegian people is now beeing vaccinated, and has been for a couple of weeks, and now the sad side of the story is starting to reveale, but guess what... they have a cure for that altso...

They got people from the medicine agency to answer the phone from people who hase taken the vaccine and wants to report their sideeffects, the medical agency will then decide which sideeffect worth reporting.....??

What kind of world do we live in, cheers to the World HELL Organisation

Oohh I forgot to mention thet the sideefectreport will not be reviled until next year..

Legemiddelverket = The medicine agency
Nedringt = The calls are coming in rappidly

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 02:20 PM
Hi JustMike,

You're making a common errors in the Case Fatality Ratio that gives false security.

You're assuming that everyone current infected will survive or people die the second they show symptoms. These are easy and common mistakes to make so this is not a personal attack or owt as you're providing good info.

On average it takes two weeks for people showing first symptoms to death from swine flu, so if you want to calculate the case fatality ratio you take the number of infected on any given day, wait two weeks then see how many people have died during that time, to get a true picture of the number of deaths per infected people.

The earliest figures I can find are 2500 infected on 28th Oct according to the Ukrainian Ministry and 109 are dead currently and set to rise in the next few days.

So it's looking like the Case Fatality Ratio will be between 5 and 10% instead of 0.01%. Sadly this makes the illness a lot more dangerous than seasonal influenza, and roughly five to ten times more fatal at current guestimate.

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 02:23 PM
Report from South Africa.

The first deputy minister of Health in Ukraine said in a statement that they have a different h1n1 swine flu than the rest of the world and US. In 6 days 500 000 people have been infected, 93 confirmed deaths. Statements from a lot of departments and officials seem to disagree but the fact is that if this is the h1n1 it might of either mutated or this is another swine flu strain.

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 03:54 PM

June 2009 US (military) Reported In “Panic” After Chemtrail Planes Forced Down In India, Nigeria

Russian Military Analysts are reporting in the Kremlin today that US Military Forces are “panicked” over the forced landings ordered by Indian and Nigerian Air Forces of two Ukrainian AN-124 aircraft [photo top left] operated by the United States Air Force and based at their gigantic, but secretive, Diego Garcia air base located in the Indian Ocean. According to these reports, China’s People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) notified both India and Nigerian intelligence officials about the presence of these US operated Ukrainian aircraft over their growing concerns of the United States spreading of “biological agents” throughout our Earth’s atmosphere, and which some Chinese officials are warning is an American-European attempt to conduct mass genocide via the spread of the H1N1 swine flu virus which has put the entire Global population at risk. The first of these aircraft to be ordered down, these reports continue, was over India when a US operated AN-124 changed its call sign from civilian to military as it was preparing to enter Pakistani air space, and which triggered an immediate response from the IAF who forced it to land in Mumbai, and the second one was forced down by Nigerian fighter jets who promptly arrested both the crew and the plane itself. Most strange about the reports filed by Indian and Nigerian intelligence agencies about these aircraft, other than the armaments they were carrying, were their waste disposal systems that these reports say could hold in excess of 45,000 kg (100,000 pounds) and from which a “technologically sophisticated” network of nano-pipes led to the trailing edges of the wings and horizontal stabilizers for “dispersing” the contents of the waste tanks in an “aerial-type mist”. “Furious” demands made by the United States to both India and Nigeria for the release of their planes led to Indian Defense officials allowing the AN-124 they had captured to be released. Nigeria, however, had to be “forcefully persuaded” to release its captured US plane when after its initial refusal to do so than had one of their major oil pipelines blown up by one of the many American backed terrorist groups operating in their country.

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by Angiras

Notice that is a news BLOG with no listed author. They don't quote the official statement... So... Not a news story, it's just their speculation.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by seattletruth

now that is interesting. Please tell me they have photos and they are going to release them.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 04:12 PM
Nice find Seattletruth.

I doubt that the photos are of the actual planes. The blog appears to be reporting on insider Kremlin scuttlebutt about clandestine events that never made it to the media outlets. That doesnt render the report untrue, it simply makes it very hard to verify.

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 04:15 PM
reply to post by seattletruth

From your same source, this garbage:

Curious to note about this secret US Military programme to release upon its citizens “calmative agents” is that it appears to be working as no other Nation in the World is more docile and complacent about its destruction than these Americans, who, in just one example, allowed their presidential vote for Vice President Al Gore to be stolen from them by George Bush in their 2000 election

"Docile and complacent" population, errm have you seen our latest mass shootings, the riots at the G8 in Pittsburgh, the Tea Partys, our inner city violence, our murder rates etc etc etc.

So the US is docile, while "calmative free" Sweden is running out of control I suppose - give me a break.

The world is full of delusionals with keyboards, and some of you are just buying the whole deal.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by seattletruth

This sounds like

Not that it isn't true.

EDIT: It is, from June 29th. I like reading her stuff but find a lot of it hard to believe sometimes. I like the alternate possibilities though.

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by ecoparity


reply to post by bastion

Thank you both for your comments; I hope you don't mind if I address them together.

In both your posts -- regarding the need to take data over a longer period -- I understand what you are saying and thank you for reminding me of that. I was aware of this and hadn't assumed a die-at-once-or-recover kind of scenario, but I think the rapidity of the lethal effects in some cases sidetracked me.

This is one of the main values of a forum like this: we can weigh each other's reasoning and where necessary, point out any waywardness when our thinking strays.

Thank you both for the the corrections. Even earlier in the thread I recall we had a fair discussion going over the fact that it's not uncommon for flu cases to succumb after some weeks. In fact, the first recorded swine flu fatality here in the Czech Republic (reported on Oct 22) was such a case.

Making sure I've got my thoughts sorted, I understand now that it's far too early for us to do a reasonable statistical comparison between the current Ukraine situation and the fairly well-established data for "seasonal" flu.

Now, on the same subject (flu) but a different tack, I'd really appreciate some feedback on the post I made at the top of this page -- well, page 134 anyway if this post finishes on the next one. It got some stars, which look pretty and help members to notice it, but I feel that some input would be helpful. If there has been any then I'm sorry for missing it. I don't normally ask this but the coincidental nature of events leaves some room for speculation across a wide range of scenarios. This info about Panasonic's decision just boggled my mind. I'd love to know how others take it.

Many thanks,


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