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French Journalists Interview Cynthia McKinney and Niels Harrit

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posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 10:47 PM

I thought this interview was pretty good. Don't worry, most of it is in english. Cynthia brought up some good points and when Niels entered the room, he took it to a whole new level. Its very telling, and you see the determination of Neils Harrit's face.

In all honesty, we need more interviews like this and we need more rational discussions to be aired and debated.

I am sure we all need correcting on certain things, but the core beliefs are what binds the movement.

Cynthia's most memorable statement:

"We were hit because we were free, but we are not free now."

Then she says something even greater, I will leave you to see it. But its about not getting "truth" everyday and why should we believe what they are telling us "on that day." --Brilliant statement

Have a look at the interview and come to your own conclusions.

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posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 01:04 PM
link which I would respond that, throughout all of recorded human history, from Napoleon to Hitler to Stalin to Mao Tse Tung to Pol Pot to Ceausescu to Kim Jon Il, it is an undisputed fact that we don't need to look underneath rocks and root through garbage cans to find signs of repression and dictatorship. Reporession and dictatorship is always blatant, and will always come looking for us.

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