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Stop Feeding the Beast!

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posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 10:09 PM
There are a lot of beasts out there....corporate, religious, governmental.

Many of these institutions think they have us over a barrel. They have conditioned us to need them. But already many folks are finding a way around these greedy businesses that take advantage and cheat us.

We know many businesses have lied to us and purposely scammed us. The sad thing is that there have been many people just like us who were the ones to lie and cheat and do the bidding of the corporations. And these people knew they were doing wrong, yet justifying their part in it because "they had to support their families". Two wrongs do not make a right.

There are many stories of nefarious deeds that were intentionally perpetrated on us all. The insurance scammer who "looses" the papers while waiting for the seriously ill to die; the companies who do not uphold the quality of their products; the rate hikes on "necessities" of life; officials who take bribes; charity orgs that launder money and skim off the top for personal luxuries, etc. etc. You've heard many of these stories.

What I would like to discuss in this thread is some of the beasts that are on your back and what you are doing to stop feeding them. If we do not learn to stop feeding them...they will continue to take all we have and then eat us, too.

I realize that some capitalists on this board will not like this idea at all. Some people have had overinflated prestige in their jobs, overinflated paychecks for very little 'work', and they have gotton used to thinking they are more deserving. Many of these folks have been a part of overcharging people to make a vulgar profit. Tuff.

It's time for the tide to turn. It's time for people to show our power against the monsters. I think it's great that people are coming up with very clever ways to circumvent these beasts.

Here is some interesting information I have found on how to "starve the beast".

How to be homeless and live well. The key is to "blend in". Some very ingenious ways to survive and thrive on your own terms.

Avoid hotels; travel and make new friends instead.

Couch surfing!

What are some of the Beasts on your back?
Share an alternative idea!

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 06:22 AM
Say NO to Charities!

If "charities" had done their job correctly or had even done half of what many led us to believe they were doing...there should not be one hungry person in this world. These organizations have collected tons of money over the years and administrators have paid themselves well.

I could fill several pages with exposures of misappropriated funds(...and I may list a few later) but I am sure many of you have seen evidence of this in news stories.

Many times when charities dole out the goods it is done in a way that effects a persons dignity in a demeaning way. Perhaps judgemental remarks are made; perhaps people are obligated to lend themselves for filming for a newsbroadcast; sometimes they may be made to answer personal questions about their religious affiliations. I have known of some people to be turned away because some food pantries only cater to those of their own faith.

Why do these charities think that the homeless only need an occassional bowl of gruel? And why do they consider themselves benevolent for offering a church floor to sleep on (and that's only when the temp drops to below freezing)?

I have seen articles where inter faith facilities are receiving gross amounts of money for shelters that only house a very few people...and only those who meet certain conditions. Some facilities are now spending vulgar amounts of money for bioscan equipment to weed out the "chronically homeless and undeserving". I suppose they are gearing up for their "mark of god" political system.

I really can't see where any of these charities are actually "teaching people how to fish" and it seems they are being very selective about those who they help. Many are still left in the cold.

If you see homeless people on your streets, then they are still a part of your community! What can we do? Do we leave them to die? Do we shrug it off and think the charities will be responsible to take care of them? Do they deserve to be in jail because they have nowhere to live? Do we force them to choose between death and crime?

Many of these people are lost. They don't know what to do or how to take care of themselves in this new-found situation. New faces on the street are becoming more prevalent everyday. Many don't have basic hygiene and are maybe too depressed to care....and this will eventually cause more health problems not only for them, but could affect the community as well.

If pandemic hits, will these people be picked up like stray dogs and destroyed?

I am hoping that we, as individuals will be taking some personal responsibility toward helping these people. But again, many folks have no idea what to do or where to start to help them. Just throwing chump change at it is insulting and is not the answer. Besides, those who are newly homeless are not the ones panhandling. It's usually the hard core brazen homeless who beg.

Many people here have written on survival techniques. There are many people on the streets, living in cars in parking lots, or standing in a food pantry line that might benefit from our knowledge. Maybe they do not have computer knowledge or know where to look for the info. Maybe they aren't homeless yet...but with predictions of a second wave of mortgage crashes for next year----these people may find themselves homeless in the near future.

I think this is all part of a grand plot to make people dependent on the re-organized religious factor. I think this is a strategy of the xtian dominionist movement.

Unless we take the personal initiative to help each other in this desperate situation that has surfaced, the despots of reorganized religions will pick and choose and "the marking" will begin.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 01:44 AM
The conspiracy is that charities have encouraged you to give money and goods anonomously so that "your good will be done in secret", and yet they have used your contributions to make themselves appear benevolent and then use obligation to manipulate the recipient.

These charities make subtle demands on their recipients and coerce many people to be obligated to participate in their rules for endowment. Usually recipients must "qualify" according to the givers standards. It is not unconditional giving, nor is it secret.

Jesus said that good deeds should be done in secret, yet everything we have been taught (through actions) about giving has been incorrect. Society, and most especially the religious factions, have subtly enforced obligatory giving through their holidays.

How many times have we purchased obligatory holiday gifts because we are also expecting to receive? How do we determine how much we spend on a it their value to us or is it based on past material goods they have given us? Is it a strain at "equal value" for exchange? We have been conditioned into a form of mandatory showy gift giving by an overabundance of "holidays".

It is rare that anyone gives anything without expecting something in return. Most people at the very least expect graditude for giving. Graditude reinforces the givers ego and superiority and still leaves the receiver feeling obligated and beholding.

Giving from a seat of superiority can be not only insulting but often embarasses the person on the receiving end.

There is a subtle art when it comes to intentionally giving in secret. For me, I think giving in an off-hand manner tends to disguise that the deed was intended or planned. Perhaps you all have some other ideas and I would certainly like to hear them.

I will not drop change into the bell ringers bucket. Nor will I be writing any checks to charities, no matter what their "approval" rating says.

I think the homeless and the down and out need to be recognized and acknowledged as belonging to our community...not treated as misfits, or "pigeons" as the cops call them, but as our brothers and sisters. These people are often looked down on and abused by community members.

No matter how small, an act of kindness always warms the heart. We may not be able to give these people a home, but we could at least provide a few small comforts to them and create a feeling of good will towards one another.

Below are a few ideas I have for giving and it should not be limited to any holiday. Nor would I ever express any giving as an attribute of a religious holiday. I would also like to hear creative ways of giving from the rest of you.

Gloves and gel handwarmers:

My suggestion would be to purchase gloves at a second hand store or a discount store. Work gloves would be good too. (It would be very out of place to give a homeless person a new pair of expensive isotoners in a gift wrapped box!)

Bear in mind that after cold weather season, the homeless person may cast off such things as they are limited in what they can carry. Make sure the gloves are clean and in good condition.

When you see a person you suspect may be homeless...on a cold day and without gloves...strike up a conversation about the cold weather. Mention that you have an extra pair of gloves in your vehicle that a temp worker left behind last year. Don't ask if person wants them. Just say "Let me go get them and see if they fit you. There're not doing anyone any good just taking up space in the glovebox."

The hand gel warmers are a wonderful thing on a very cold day!

There are several different kinds on the market. I have seen them in sporting goods stores as well as on line.

The gel warmers can be reused thousands of times and can be used throughout the winter to keep both hands and feet warm.

A disposable handwarmer that uses different ingredients lasts for 10 hours:
(about 30 cents each) gclid=CIbMh96M6Z0CFchW2godiHtpLg


Many people who are "on the edge" can often be found in food pantry lines (check for dates and times of openings). Those who are living in their cars sometimes hang out in parking lots after the shopping centers close. Early morning before stores open are a good time to find them, or after stores close, if you are not afraid of the dark. Sometimes they gather together for comraderie when the place is deserted. You may see them at the storefront benches or using the building as a windbreak when they gather.

Another way to approach gift giving in disguise is to feign that you are employed by a market research company to distribute free samples of a company's product. Any of the items listed below could be distributed in this way:

Insect repellent (see Crocodile brand) ; 8 in 1 peppermint shampoo; dental kits with trial size toothpaste, boxed toothbrush, and dental floss; trail mix snacks; gel hand cleaner; vitamin C powders (Emergen-C, etc.)etc.

Other ideas might be to invite a group of homeless or car dwellers to your survivalists group party. Throw a cook-out party in a public park with grills and informally exchange ideas of survival maneuvers you have learned. Some people living in the woods have never had camping experience and the hygiene is awful. They could certainly benefit from listening to experienced campers. However, make them feel that they are the guests of honor and that you are interested in hearing their encounters and solutions, too.

This is only a few suggestions for a starting point.

Lets stop feeding the charity beast and take personal action ourselves!

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