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Where Did H1N1 Virus Life Begun?

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posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 05:05 PM
I am trying to urge a friend of mine not to get the flu shot, however he wanted to know where did virus came from?

He doesn't believe me that the virus life begun in a lab, we all know it started in mexico, i need some pointers for him and his friends, can anyone provide some info on the virus?

posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 05:33 PM
The reality is: Swine Flu H1N1 just emerged suddenly without any chronological evidence of it's origin being found in previous versions of that virus.

The scientific claim is that it naturally mutated in Mexico from one pig on one farm and blam, instant human virus that hones in on us with a super high rate of infection.

Now in biowarfare they breed viruses in human organs like the liver to increase the viruses ability to target human cells.

Let's look at a real world case with the Nippa virus which killed a bunch of humans. This virus existed in fruit bats that were drinking plum sap that humans harvested in pots hanging on plum trees. The bats peed into the jars causing the plum juice to be infected with nippa virus.

Then humans drank the fresh sap juice and got sick. Nippa never spread human to human, just bat to human until in one case it did find a super carrier with a human and infected others who where close to him.

However it did not super-mutate into a super virilant version from the first human carrier.

H1N1 went super virilant allegedly from one pig, to one boy to everyone else.

And pigs were not being infected or found with the infection across mexico...

The reality is, that is all a lie. The whole single boy to pig to farm origin of this H1N1 is a lie.

It doesn't follow any real logic as to how the hell a totally new virus grown in a single pig became so virilant to humans when other bird flus and simular viruses leave a total lineage of trying to bridge slowly over time, but never suddenly and at once.

There will never be an official report that it was a man made bioweapon released on the public for the profits of Big Pharma... period.

Never. Not in our lifetime. However based on the evidence, the nature of the virus, and the history of Baxter... a man made virus is the only logical, rational choice if we eliminate the other supects.

How you can prove this with out an official report is why it will forever be a conspiracy on some conspiracy site like ATS and not an official story.

I'm satisfied with the theory that it is Man Made based on all the other evidence such as Baxters patent from a year before it was released, or their involvement in making the vaccine even after releasing H5N1...

Just follow the money, not the virus itself to find it's true origin.


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