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We're headed for Full Enlightenment!

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 05:36 PM

Originally posted by Advancedboy
We talk about enlightnment only until the mailman knocks at the door and gives you the bill for utilities.You can talk all the obscure bla blas about consciousness and global awareness, but nothing can be enlightened in a chicken brain. Once you realize that enlightening stratrts with a overcoming insitncts of egoism, greed and sloth plus it takes elbowgrease to educate yourself and actually create something. if all you do is worship football while munching chips at some soap opera on Tv while expecting that all things you consume grow themselves on magic trees, there won`t be any enlightenment.
Why not start your enlightenment by going out on streets and shouting some real things,like-` Shoot the CEO of GM because he is responsible for rebadging korean cars! Shoot the CEo of Ford, because he allowed the cars to be stamped with subpar plastics! Shoot the CEo of IBm because he is responsible for offshoring jobs and cranking out low fit and finish computers that lead to hardwareunit sold out! Shoot the CEO of Chrysler because he allowed to use mercedes and Mitsubishi platforms stripping off jobs of American engineers.
Once the CEOs demand golden parachutes, you demand c4 being attached to them! That would be , so to say, a measurable enlightenment!

Well, the elves are going to be dealing with things at that level pretty soon.

The ONLY person YOU can save is yourself though, so instead of running around in the streets saying shoot this bad guy or that bad guy, you better get busy with doing your own work. The CEO of any corporation isn't in charge of what you choose to heal or not, and paying the bills is part of life. Do your life and choose to do the healing work over watching football, or soap operas. Stop numbing yourself with drugs and gambling and relationship addiction or whatever you might do to avoid dealing with whatever not so good stuff happened to you as a child.

No one living under the NWO's thumb came from a functional family (aka Nobody on this planet). Just because you get by doesn't mean you are emotionally healthy or that you are even that functional. So many can't even see the dark spots in themselves, and that is probably the hardest thing to learn to do, of all. But it is necessary, quite necessary.

That will help far more than trying to get someone to assassinate some CEO, eh?

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 05:37 PM

Originally posted by Selahobed
I don't think you are riding dragons, I think more likely have been chasing the dragon a bit too much!

Huh. Good call. No, I am NOT riding dragons. Anymore. *rolls eyes* Thanks for your opinion!

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 05:42 PM

Originally posted by SassyCat

Originally posted by rubyeyes
The only problem I have with what you are saying is what you said about people that were abused as kids. Because, I would like to think it possible for me to have enlightenment even though I struggle sometimes with fear, guilt, and anxiety. Spirituality is my biggest goal, and I just don´t believe that my childhood makes me have a "darker" soul than others. That being said, I still have to learn to cope with these anxieties, but everyone has something they have to learn to overcome.

Hi Rubyeyes, for people who have had childhood traumas it is best to acknowledge the problem and its effects in order to accept possibly different lifestyle leading to solution.
It is true that we as children did not chose to be abused, sick or to have disorders, but it does affect our lives. Problems caused in early ages can be healed permanently if recognized and addressed properly.
Of course, the solution varies greatly and can be anything, but what matters most is being aware that there's a problem.

Let me tell you that everything is possible and no one in this world gets something "the easy way". Our problems are not obstacles but more like challenges - if you understood something from OP's post I recommend checking out Joseph Murphy's books. If anyone at any time tells you there's something you can't do or something is impossible he's either fatally wrong or intents harm. Everyone has their path towards happiness, but it is almost always found by simply living life which is bound to have some suffering in it.

I hope this helped someone at least somewhat.

I agree! The acknowledgement of the idea that something happened to all of us; the only difference is what. NO parent is perfect; all children end up abused in one way or another. All that really matters is what does the individual do about what happened? Do they let it own them under the surface where it is never addressed or dealt with, or do they pull it up, look it over and decide to heal it and free themselves from it's influence.
I still recommend EFT. It is an amazing healing tool I wish I had found years and years ago.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 05:45 PM

Originally posted by v01i0
reply to post by Dynamitrios

Originally posted by Dynamitrios
reply to post by dunwichwitch

Hope there´s plenty more of you out there.

At least, there's three or few more participating in this thread, thinking in similar manner about the issue


Of course you are totally welcome to believe as you wish; hold whatever opinion you like.

So, thank you for your participation. And for your self restraint in not going to the typical debunker's name calling and discrediting strategies. Your civility is appreciated.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:05 PM

Originally posted by DragonriderGal

Originally posted by unityemissions
reply to post by DragonriderGal

False extrapolation? Couldn't I say the same of you and your NWO concept?! Every time I said something that went against your belief, it was labeled NWO. Go back over the thread. It's here for everyone to see.

Probably you can't even conceive of how big the NWO's plans are. They have their grimy slimy paws into everything bad. They want humanity to fail to make enlightenment. They are working to cover ALL the bases; this is their LAST chance, and they are desperate. And it isn't against my beliefs. It is simply stating what I am seeing quite clearly in the racial unconscious. Believe it or not, your choice, eh?

Jesus! Arrogant and Ignorant. Yep, sounds like the average enlightened individual to me.

First off, there seems to be many groups of people who are elitist that are working on power grabs these days. I've done some research. Not as much as most, perhaps more than some. I'm aware of many things going on that are no good at all.

Second off, WTH is the racial unconscious? Do you have a clue what this term is you keep referring to? I looked it up. It seemed easy enough to figure out, yet it was not applicable to anything you're talking about. Geez, gal, get your terms correct!

Okay, so concluding, I'm well aware that people in high places are in control of many, many things. I'm aware education has been dumbed down. Libraries have been burned over time. Corporations do just about what ever they want. International bankers control whole countries. I know of these things! Sheesh, get ahold of your ego, enlightened fool. Stop assuming.

What I was trying to say from the very beginning, was that it's not just about thinking that we're these awesome light-warriors, and just uniting to tell all the elite that we're about peace. That's not going to bring about change.

Truth is, we need to spread real knowledge on what's going down. People need to be informed. They need to be pissed off and willing to sacrifice their life if necessary. We need to realize politics is broken, economics is broken, the whole damned system is broken. We gotta tear it all down. Build it back up, by the people, for the people.

In doing so, we can address the ecological insanity, and hopefully save off some species in the process. It's simply not going to be all good by not focusing on what the real problems are. What is truly oppressing humanity.

Is that okay with you? I admit my first post was a bit too negative. I do need to provide solutions to end this. The whole system has been infiltrated, hijacked by evil men (call it NWO if you like) who have their minions everywhere. The solution is to take down the system.

I've heard people say it must be done intelligently. Not by force. Where has that gotten us?! I think force is our only option at this point. Revolt or resign.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:05 PM

Originally posted by Valeri
You seem a little bitter and angered byt the NWO,that is not the way to enlightenment my friend - you must embrace all and everyone as another aprt of you,it is all part of the growing experience. I personally only have love for the elites,for everyone,love to give.and if you had read the Hidden Hand information in full,you would know that he stressed that working on yoursellf is a must,and also loving yourself and solving your own problems.But he also stressed that helping others(by simple acts even,kind gestures etc) will benefit YOUR and your soul immensely,making you happy and peaceful in the process of helping and making others happy.
His message was sincere and competent, it had the same message the msot accurate information on the planet has - the law of ONE,the Ra material and other highly credible sources. If you have a bone to pick with the NWO,as you seem to have here,stating that they are bad,bad,bad. They are only providing oyu the tools to choose from, it is your job to choose the right tools,which means either to choose the negative path,the negative tools of hatred etc, or go the other direction and actually choose the good tools-kindness,helping,etc.

please read the hidden hand info in full. Ill provide a link where there is only questions/answers -


The NWO is behind all the really bad stuff here on this planet. I think it is just fine to be annoyed with 'em.
Be real, be yourself, be authentic, I say! That is the true path. But if it seems like I am over-reactive, then that is what I need to work on, not the fact that they annoy me. In my opinion, they are annoying. See, that is how that shaming and guilt tripping works. Ohhh you should be more 'spiritual' and not be angry. Blah. What a bunch of tripe.
And Sooooooooo NWO. Of course they want you to be all loveydovey and not lynch them. If they can trick you into giving up your right to be angry, then their world is one heck of a LOT safer, eh?

But as I have also said, they are here because we (our overarching sentience) want them here. They are the best villains we could find. They are arrogant, dumb, stubborn and don't learn from their mistakes. Who could ask for more??? *lol*

I think when you have achieve a certain level of self love and self awareness, you reach out to others in a natural and healing sort of way. Try to do that too soon, and you end up co-dependent and your own work goes right out the window. Saw that one waaay too often in the 12 step programs I was involved with. Don't reach out when you should be reaching in, is all I am saying. And most people will not know the difference initially.

[edit on 2-11-2009 by DragonriderGal]

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:23 PM

Originally posted by Cedik
Very interesting read. It is not very often I actually get to the end of a thread.

At least here we are debating something which actually matters. We are not consumed with the thoroughly irrelevant political shenanigans prevalent in society and are instead looking inside ourselves for answers.

You KNOW how you feel. This is what is real and true. All other things can be illusory.

We should try and work together. We are all intelligent people, even our friend UNITY EMISSIONS.

Life can be explained through science but can be understood by looking inside yourself. Do not let yourself be emotionally effected by what you see and hear.

I love hearing new theories no matter how odd they may seem. I would like to a conversation with Dragonrider and find out more.

[edit on 30-10-2009 by Cedik]

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, Cedik! I like the idea of explaining life thru science (if you can get it past the censors, of course) but understanding it by looking inside yourself. Nice.
More importantly, true.

I would say though, learn to truly feel your emotions instead of over-react to something that might be triggering the emotional response. Most people are just jumping from one drama to another, keeping themselves in a high state of emotional frenzy to mask what really might be beneath, i.e. their true feelings. Usually it involves some kind of fear/sorrow/grief/anxiety that they aren't even aware of on a conscious level. Learn to live in the true feelings of the moment, instead of bouncing on the trampoline of past traumas which are making the current moment's feelings far more intense and unpleasant aka over-reactivity.
Once you can learn to do that, then all feelings are ok. You own them; they no longer own you. It is called emotional competency.

And yes, please, let's have a conversation.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:25 PM

Originally posted by bringthelight
reply to post by KaiBosh

Lets forget the powers. Lets forget the new age crap. What if i said to you that you could create the reality of your deepest desires just by changing the way you think. If your looking for "proof" its not going to happen. your current outlook will not allow it. Anything i told you would be met by resistance.

Call it enlightenment, call is spiritual realization, simply put it is the realization that your habitual thoughts and deep beliefs determine what happens in your external world. It creates your reality. Instead of putting up a wall and lumping it in with all the "new age crap", wouldn't it be at least worth a shot? So you look into it read a few books, try meditating, whats the harm. Im not saying total enlightenment for the entire human race is just around the corner, but whats the worst that could happen?

Hum.. changing paradigms without a clutch... his head could explode, couldn't it? Ok.. I can't resist. Sorry!

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:27 PM

Originally posted by XXXN3O
reply to post by DragonriderGal

Ahhhh, his thread is music to my ears....

Somethings not quite right with this thread and that music.

[edit on 30-10-2009 by XXXN3O]

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:28 PM

Originally posted by snoobley
Everyone will be released eventually but it will be one by one. It is your duty to become enlightened. Everyone is waiting for someone else to enlighten them and they don't want to do any of the work. You have to work on yourself. Waiting around will only extend your stay on Earth (prison).

[edit on 30-10-2009 by snoobley]

That about sums it up. Each of us must do the healing work required for making the shift into the light/spirit body. Nobody is going to do it for you.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:38 PM

Originally posted by Matyas
reply to post by XXXN3O

Hey, I had a mentor once. He taught me that weak minds are easily offended. He also taught me chaos is my friend.

Well, I guess that is better than having no friends.

I think it isn't weak minds though. It is the minds that aren't really sure and so are clinging desperately to any piece of 'truth' they think they've found. My experience is that the most fervent zealot is usually the one who under it all is questioning it the most.

So if he can convince you that what he is saying is 'right', well, then maybe it really is. The more he can convince someone else, the stronger he hopes he can believe himself. Doesn't work, but hey, keeps him busy enough he may not notice.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:46 PM

Originally posted by xSeraphim
Im sorry but i am tired of you people.
The truth is you are brainwashed into believing this crap.
Just look at the way you talk, instead of helping others in need, instead of making this world better your occupied with "enlightment".
This is another tool to keep you conditioned,it is a mixture of every religion in this world (budhism,christianity,islam etc)
There are books written by occult practitioners that talk about plans to create a religion that would be accepted by everyone.
So combining the good parts from every known religion to create a perfect one sounds logical.
There are evil people out there that are murdering in cold blood and we know this but we are not doing anything to stop it although we have the power.
We dont need to shoot lasers from our hand to stop evil.
We are all in the same jar and we are all the same even if you are black,white,pink,gray whatever.
These are all stereotypes to keep us from uniting togheter and create a better world.
People are starting to consider the idea that world leaders don't care about them.
Soon we will be able to see which people are pawns in this silly game.

Huh. Well, as always, thanks for sharing your opinion, although it was a bit tough to decipher. What exactly are you tired of? I think it was about this topic, but how exactly is doing things the same old way going to give us different results. Hasn't 'religion' of every kind (ALL created by the NWO bunch btw) been preaching this same lame old "help everyone else, save the world' but never mind about healing yourself' stuff for millina now??

Is the human race the better for it??? Doesn't look that way to me. So what that says to me is the results are exactly what the writers of these 'religions' want. They want us fighting among ourselves so we won't be watching what they are up too. Plus 50% world population reduction is one of their stated goals so if they can get us to kill each other, just that much less for them to have to deal with, eh?

I actually think they have YOU pretty well brainwashed. After all, they were your high priests for a LONG time. I am sure they practiced honing their human population control techniques on their own first, to see how effective or not, the control tool might be.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:47 PM

Originally posted by xSeraphim

Originally posted by trueset
reply to post by xSeraphim

So tired one, What do you think " Full Enlightenment " is ?

If you would be so kind !

A triumph of reason over ignorance?

Who's version of 'reason'?

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:48 PM

Originally posted by trueset
Full Enlightenment as a triumph of reason over ignorance !

Ignorance as in having little or no knowledge,unaware.

Reason as in think or argue with logic.

Triumph as to gain victory or success.

So as a reasonable man can you attain full enlightenment ? and If not does this mean you are ignorant ?
Or can you reasonably attain full enlightenment and triumph over ignorance ?

Or are you unreasonably using ignorance to triumphantly deny Full Enlightenment ?

Nice! Way to read the covert messages, trueset.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:50 PM

Originally posted by Dynamitrios
Don´t wait for something good to happen, BE something good that happens

Better yet, start healing yourself and your dark spots and become the 'real' you. That is better yet. Better than trying to fake being 'good'.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:57 PM

Originally posted by xds777
Here comes the pitcher from the good team.

Guys flaming this thread.
Make sure you have studied the subject more than one year, otherwise with extreme intensity -- before you go about saying stupid # like that the information Dragonrider Gal claims MUST be (no maybe, but must) FALSE.

I must say, and I'm saying this as one of your friends.

To some people, who aren't just Love&Light and all that, to some people...

We can see by the way you type in your posts that you do not know what exactly you are talking about, and that you are aka ego tripping.

To some people, this looks very very very silly (and if one can see it...).

But please, bring it down to my level and experience, argue with me, win. And I will give you more than one cookie.

Game on. (Comeon, ask me any question, or direct any flame towards the spirit subject. I will give an answer, ofc I don't have them all. And all may not be correct, but I will be able to bring you a different viewpoint I am almost sure.)

Claims I make (few of them):
- Space, Matter, Time, Place are more complex than what we can see by a quick judge with our eyes, and more than what our science knows today. The distance of 1000000miles can be travelled in the same time as 1 mile -- space is a mere limitation only for the unexperienced person/being.
- There exists an afterlife,
- It's possible to gain a different set of living, experiencing, "awareness:ing", percieving, understanding, knowing, existing, either of those. And it is our soul, our "me" that makes this progression. This is one part of the enlightenment Can you believe we have a soul? O M G
- Alien Life exists. Good morning sweetie, had a rough night and lost your memory? We live on a big ball in the universe with more big balls around us than atoms in your grandpa's favourite cookies. Now what does that tell you about your surroundings, and what does that tell me about your (up until now!) intelligence/deduction capabilities/logics.
- The NWO. This subject alone is far too complex for me to write it down as a point here, I would ridecule myself. Fine, believe what you wanna believe about it. I know on what side I would bet my HORSES atleast. But hey, I may be wrong too, I'm just giving you my bets mmkay? But hey that's fine, cause apart from ME, YOU have researched it far too little to even be worthy my attention. While I have an adequate understanding of how the knots are knit together.
- Mind over Matter, thought affects material stuff, numerous eperiments have been conducted as to this.

I must be honest and say I'm not spending a whole lot of time to correct my grammars.

Well, battle on, why should mediums be rideculed? Just because you lack the abilities to perform their job. Plus, they're not forcing the info upon anybody, it's you that come here and sound stupid and downgrading.

And yes ofc I know I write in computer-language mode and not very formal at all.

Now the difference between my hasty posts and yours are -- I got something to say, you don't. =)

Simple as that hihihihihihihi....! HI!

Some people will look at this post and disregard it by a flash, Your Loss.
Now that's a good real problem there, people making wrong, unfavouring choices.

Favour yourself, be your own friend, give other people's opinion a chance -- Or you might miss what your pride ate up..!

But I'll make up my own, and soak up even more pride.
You can do it too, be honest while you try it.

I say...!! (today)

Love and Light, for it is with cooperation and understanding that we shall reach many many goals.

What I will say tomorrow will be as easy as what I said today. Just gonna figure out what truth it's gonna be.

Trust yourself. And trust others. Do neither without analyzis.

[edit on 31-10-2009 by xds777]

Thank you for your take on things, xds777! And I really like that last; I would modify it a bit though. I would say 'trust yourself more and trust others less'. Learn your own truth.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by Amanuel
yes your enlightenment shall be grand! chase that dragon! hang on, its a bumpy ride, just slide. on over ride. baptised by the fire, fulfilling my earthly desire, this is my first stop, the first block, and come and get it while its hot!

I don't do dragons anymore, sorry. Mine died back in the 1100's.

And humans and dragons aren't really that good together. The dragons have no compassion and a slapstick sense of humor and humans aren't nearly as durable as my previous 7'+ velociraptor form.
It just smacks of unhappy endings from the outset, don't you think?? *lol*

[edit on 2-11-2009 by DragonriderGal]

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 07:03 PM

Originally posted by Cedik
reply to post by xSeraphim

Interesting point of view. I can see where you are coming from. I think, if I was to share your opinions of the way the world works, I would be a very sad person.

Enlightenment is at present, subjective. I mean it is logical that in fact it isnt, but this thread would suggest that -considering the differing opinions- everyone has a different idea of what they are searching for.

Considering the hurt and sadness prevalent across the globe it would not be amiss to assert that the earth is a bad place. Yet I have seen acts of kindness that would say otherwise. We are imprisoned in this filter we call a brain and until we are not, we must surely strive to find out

why we are here? what is my place?

Are we not enlightened when we can answer these questions?

That is one level of enlightenment, sure. It isn't the full meal deal though. Mooore work to do!

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 07:04 PM

Originally posted by xds777

Originally posted by Amanuel
yes your enlightenment shall be grand! chase that dragon! hang on, its a bumpy ride, just slide. on over ride. baptised by the fire, fulfilling my earthly desire, this is my first stop, the first block, and come and get it while its hot!

Like papa doc in seven miles you studder, but I'm sure you're aware of that problem, you trashtalk because you know no other, way, hay, me split up in bays, attack whatever you says, cause I plays, and noooo ways, you, gonna spew, words about dragons and whatnot, cause you know not-not. Pew-Pew.

[edit on 31-10-2009 by xds777]

rap on! nice spin!
*listens for the drums*

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 07:26 PM

Originally posted by Rapidfire07
reply to post by DragonriderGal

Hello, DragonriderGal.
I have been following your work for sometime and think it is great stuff. I love your down to earth way of explaining your answers.
I would like to ask a question please.
Can you see the christ energy and is it, she, he or thing here now?
Thanks for your time.


Thanks, Kitos! What I realize is wayyy too much of this esoteric 'information' is very deliberately couched in hazy mystical vague word choices that really aren't intended to inform, just give a hint that will keep the reader coming back for more.. you know, sorta like a hooker showing off a little skin to get the john wanting more. Same con. Same reason. They want control. I however am only sharing what I see, and my interpretation of it. I will always say it is my opinion, and strictly my opinion. I ask that the reader do a inner check for themselves to assess the accuracy of said information. It is the only 'proof' available, and really the only proof that will ever be needed, if they do in fact make that connection with their higher selves.

The 'christ' energy. I think that is how a lot of the new agers are attempting to explain the rising earth energy. And it is rising. Definitely.

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