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We're headed for Full Enlightenment!

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 04:03 PM

Originally posted by dunwichwitch
Yep.... full enlightenment, talking to an indian, going on shamanistic journeys with your power animals....
And yet you still talk about the NWO and their attempts to thwart our full enlightenment....
I propose that you, sir, [Ya, I am a ma'am] are leading yourself on a very powerful delusion.

Of course you are entirely welcome to your opinion. My posts are to clarify that there is indeed a force at work to impair and keep us from what we need to do based on what I see in the racial/collective unconscious, and I attempt to address the ways they are doing it. My intent is that you use that information to devictimze yourself.

The NWO ain't nothin'. They certainly aren't supressing your ability to become enlightened. If anything, they've showered all forms of media with little hints and clues, for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. Anyone is welcome to join Masonry or any other Order and learn their "secrets". Matter of fact, you don't have to join even! You can just research and pretty much initiate yourself into the mysteries.

Oh yah, they've scattered clues around for millinia, and even if you found all of them, you would still be completely unready to make enlightenment; they make up all this mysterious and hard to understand and about as clear as mud secret 'information', and then sit back and watch people run around in circles wasting a lot of time and energy trying to make sense of all the 'secret' crap they've hidden here and there. They get a huge laugh out of it, knowing what a successful manipulation it has been for those who aren't fooled by the more traditional 'religions'.

The NWO theories are the anti-thesis of this chance we've been provided here in America to enlighten ourselves. You know what's the only thing that kills enlightenment? Ignorance, and fear of discomfort in the process. Not many pople wish to truly change their way of being. Change requires death of old things, and pain, loss, and acceptance of new things. People don't like that.

The level I am talking about isn't a given, by any means. It will take work, and it will take doing the stuff you need to do to get yourself ready for the shift. Not just thinking outside the box, although that is part of it.

The "people at the top" range from nefarious to saint-like... and ya know what? The nefarious only prey on the gullible. The saint-like stay quiet because frankly, good riddance to the gullible. They would just as soon kill Jesus, the gullible, than hear what he had to say.

The Jue-sah are behind as much of the 'top' as they can get their grimy paws on. Their agenda is simple. Enslave humanity, and do it by 2012. It is gonna suck to be them, pretty soon, if they don't. Part of the reason it is necessary to see the role the Jue-sah is playing in setting up our belief systems is so that one can choose to say, OH! No wonder that feels so icky to believe like that! It isn't real! It is just something they made up to try to control and manipulate me. Without that framework, it is much harder to understand the underlying msg, and make the choice to do your own research and modifiy your beliefs to better suit your personal growth, both emotionally and spiritually.

I know because every time I have attempted to tell someone that they are not a victim, they slash back at me like I just killed their baby or something. Their little baby victimhood. The only people who will bring about an Orwellian State are the ignorant fools who wish to become victims of it to justify their distaste/lack of motivation for the current system and the limited novelty it provides them with. Instead of taking responsibility for what THEY have caused to come about, they weave together a complex web of lies which they bring into existence simply to spite themselves, so they can continue looking for a savior who isn't coming. because if the savior were to save the ignorant, the only good a savior would be doing is postponing their lesson in truth for another maybe century or so. So eff the dam savior.

Part of being awake is being aware of what is actually going on, AND making the choice, consciously, to buy out of the lies they are spinning spinning spinning. They exist, they are acting in their best interest and it is up to us to stop buying into it and start acting in our own best interests. Period.
If we continue to choose to let them make us the 'victim', they win. They can consider any one of us enslaved if we agree to their lies and live our lives according to their dictates. Unfortunately most people have NO idea what those dictates are. That is my goal here. Not to encourage acceptance of their lies by any means, but so they know what the lies are. But yes, it is up to each and every one of us to make the choice for ourselves. Nobody is going to 'save' us.

The truth hurts. We're willing to feel hurt when we can blame it on shadowy make believe myths and stay exactly as delusional as we once were perhaps in a different flavor.
You choose to react, or you choose to act. Light working is not enough. Your power animals can't magically fix the fact that decent people are not taking physical action towards uniting and creating their revolutions. We're all just supposed to wait til "enlightenment" is granted upon us by some so said benevolent gods from space.
What a goddang cryin shame! Instead of expressing their will in this world, most "enlightened" people choose to wank around in their own false inner delusions.

Hum.. did you read my posts??? I have been saying all along that WE are the only species who will make enlightenment. NO other species out there can 'help' us because, when it comes right down to it, by the end of it all, we will be the ones who actually know how to make the shift. None of them will. So, correct. Nobody out there is going to 'save' us.

You don't have to be some magical clairvoyent wizard battling some shadowy supergovernment to be enlightened. Just frickin be in this world to a higher standard than the mediocre and apathetic, and slowly but surely... that will be enough.

And no, the battle is inside yourself, always. But be awake and aware. Know what they are trying to feed you and spit it back out. If you don't know, then they will probably be able to slip some piece of crap by you. They are good at it; had LOTS of practice. No need to be as vulernable as an ostrich with their head in the sand, eh?

No council of light required. matter of fact, please do not take counsel from anyone other than your own understanding.... okay? If a light being comes along and reiterates something you already knew to be relevant in the first place, you can exhert your Will and say to that redundant piece of crap "I already knew that. I don't need you or your powers to save the world. I don't even need to save the world or preach the good word or shoot lasers from my hands. I just need to be, to have a motivation to do something positive, and to lead by example and compassion."
End of story. The devil wears prada.

You are right; connection to our highest self for that 'counsel' is all we need. But there is a bit more to it than that rather simplistic approach. [“I just need to be, to have a motivation to do something positive, and to lead by example and compassion."]
You need to be proactively healing yourself, and for the most part, let others heal themselves. Sure, share what you've found works for you, and give them pats on the back for making progress, but first and foremost, heal yourself and get your nose out of their business. And healing yourself---that means on all levels, not just your body. Not just your mind. Not just your emotional field. Not just your spirituality. Heal it ALL. And then worry about everybody else.
And the 'devil' has hoof-like 'feet'. I don't think Prada makes that kind of footwear.

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by KaiBosh
Yawn. These 'enlightenment' posts are all the same. No proof, you guys use the same crap that the Pope does to push your agenda - faith. Oh that's right, I am negative and have too many dark spots on my soul so I won't be vibrating into the next dimension with the rest of you guys. What a burden it is to live in the real world, and require a shred of evidence to believe something to be true.

Come on, let's hear the standard pat responses. You can't show me your newfound powers of enlightenment because my negativity stops you from flowing the positive energy to do your yoga bouncing. My need for evidence is proof of just how much the NWO has conspired with the Grays to pollute our spirits with this silly 'science' nonsense.

And you debunker guy posts are always the same too. Although yours is done with a bit lighter hand.
Either you want to find out what is outside the box, or you want to believe that there isn't a box, and you are just fine believing all the stuff you being fed.. er I mean objectively reported to you in that so very unbiased media where you no doubt get all the 'proof' your disconnected and unaware self needs. Couldn't tell an 'hunch' if it bit you in the hinny I bet.

So of course you need their proof. You can't trust yourself. But hey that is ok. I am sure either things will go along as you think they will, as per the 'plan', or you might wake up. *shrug* Either way, it's your choice and has little bearing on the course I've set for myself, based on the information I am gathering from the racial unconscious and spirit realm.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 04:30 PM

Originally posted by InfiniteOmnipresence

Originally posted by KaiBosh
Yawn. These 'enlightenment' posts are all the same. No proof, you guys use the same crap that the Pope does to push your agenda - faith. Oh that's right, I am negative and have too many dark spots on my soul so I won't be vibrating into the next dimension with the rest of you guys. What a burden it is to live in the real world, and require a shred of evidence to believe something to be true.

Come on, let's hear the standard pat responses. You can't show me your newfound powers of enlightenment because my negativity stops you from flowing the positive energy to do your yoga bouncing. My need for evidence is proof of just how much the NWO has conspired with the Grays to pollute our spirits with this silly 'science' nonsense.

It's a kind of impossible to PROVE spirituality. It comes from within your self and it's different for everyone. This thread is about dragon's intuitive feelings/idea's about the new jump in our evolution. I don't know why people must be so judgmental about this subject. Personally I DO believe something positive is going to happen. I hope this thread hasn't drained your energy dragongal, try to keep your vibration up girl! Don't give in to very many responses to this thread, they'll bring you down.

unityemission, I bid you good luck in your quest for extinction. We are all entitled to our own self created destinies, so have fun once in awhile, smile some buddy. Because we just might not make it!

Love & Peace to all you ATSers.


Thanks for that pick me upper, Omnipresence! I would go further to say that the NWO bunch/Jue-sah actively block any research and/or prevent it from being published (lapdog media comes in handy, eh??) which would validate the spiritual stuff. The closest we have thus far is quantium physic s but a lot of their scientists get debunked by the media as well.

And I think it is necessary to show people that the debunkers are simply doing what they have been trained to do. Doubt and try to make others doubt if something might hit too close to the things the NWO wants kept tucked away. Of course not all, or even most are actually paid by that gang, but the 'volunteers' are still speaking the lies the pros spread, if only so they don't have to look outside their boxes either.

It's true, Omni. If enough people live the lie that stinky.. er unityemissions does, it could trash our chances. Luckily though, it doesn't appear most people want life to be so horrible and hopeless like the NWO is trying to trick us into believing it is. *whew*

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 04:51 PM

Originally posted by The_Seeker
Although your post is interesting, I would have to say, that its quite disagreeable.

Not unacceptable that you think so, at all. First off we are quite blocked, as a species, to awareness of the spirit realm/racial unconscious, so we can't easily validate 'truth' at that level. It has then been further messed with by the NWO, who has put a LOT of time and energy and money into making it a difficult and hard to 'reach consensus on' type subject.

I dont think it comes down to religious choice. Jeez, if that were the case, then a rather high percentage of us on this Earth will definitely not make the shift. And, to me that defeats the purpose of this whole experience.

And not a lot will make the shift and stay in it successfully. But since this whole cycle repeats itself, the next run some of the others might get a bit wiser and make it then. That is part of the reason why the Jue-sah are going to have to go back and do it again if they fail to enslave 80% of us. We need those kinds of 'teachers' to keep us from getting too comfortable and therefore not ready to make the shift when it comes around. We should get a lot of cycles out of that bunch! They are so not going to catch on any time soon to the real solution to this conundrum they are in.

As stated by a previous poster, everyone has "dark spots" on their souls, and to be frank, that is how we learn. If everything was roses for us, then what was the point, what would there be to experience, to learn.

The key is to heal those dark spot. Not let them fester in there and start bleeding into other areas of one's life, as they tend to do if not dealt with.

To be honest, from what I have read, and experienced in my dreams and from meditations, I see things differently. To me it comes down to what and who you are.

Yes. But dreams are vulnerable to alien interference. Unless you go to sleep at nite with white light and psychic protection around you, I would say take what you dream with a grain of salt. The NWO bunch knows how to use that level of awareness very well.

Love will bring us all through, and larf as much as you like, to me this is the truth also, amongst many other things.

It is self love that will bring us thru. If you don't love yourself, first and foremost, then you can't really love anyone else, and THAT is where the self growth/healing work will come in.

But, I also feel that the experience for each and everyone one of us, even though connected as brothers and sisters in soul, certainly will be an individual experience.

Yah, very individual but with the need to learn to connect completely to all things. Tricky balance.

I once read about a wise man, that had passed onto the other side. He was quite old, and was coming to talk about the experience of passing on, and I would like to compare this to the shift, if I may.
He talked about religion and belief, and that this is what makes a huge impression on us when it comes to passing over and the experience we will have.

He was in the spirit realm, and was only a spirit. That is a different level and a different experience entirely.

If your belief structure is based on the notion that when you pass on there will be a bright light down a long tunnel, then that is what you will get. But on the other hand, if you see a life in Valhalla, then that is what you will experience, and so on. Until you reach a point where you its time for you to move onto the next level....

Yah, that effect lasts for a bit, out there in between lives. But it wears off and on to the next life they go, from what I can see.

So in turn do you not think, that the experience of this shift would be very different for everyone, based on what their belief structure has taught them - whether or not it was taught by the nwo, to me, its not based on what you believe its the person you are.

I don't think the actual shift will be different for everyone. They will see someone do it and then try to do it themselves, based on how the other person did it.

That said, it was again, an interesting post.

Thanks, and a well done and thoughtful response! Thank you!

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 04:56 PM

Originally posted by Matyas
Hello DG,

Not much of what you have said makes any sense. If there was anything that did, you should eliminate it.

Thanks for sharing your opinion. Sorry if you couldn't understand it.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 04:57 PM
And again, I am out of time. I will be back monday to post a bit more. I consider each and every post worthy of a response, and I will do my best to respond. Thanks for your patience.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 05:05 PM
reply to post by DragonriderGal

Hello, DragonriderGal.
I have been following your work for sometime and think it is great stuff. I love your down to earth way of explaining your answers.
I would like to ask a question please.
Can you see the christ energy and is it, she, he or thing here now?
Thanks for your time.


posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by xSeraphim

Yes, actually i can see your point. It is the age old way some people use to control people. I just think that people need to have the freedom to express their opinions yet as soon as it becomes an issue of control, those in danger must be helped.

This may sound strange but surely it is true.

I have been back over this thread and can see the patterns you speak of.

It is impossible to tell if stories of this type are true or not. I just like listening to them. Far better than any discussing politics etc (imho).

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 11:42 PM
Ok - forgive me firstly, as I am not very good at this quote, cut and paste thing, so I will just try the best I can

I understand the whole cycle process, as I am sure a lot of people do now. But I will say that, whom is to say that your "guides" or what ever you wish to call them are the ones that are in the " KNOW", who here at ALL can turn around and say that they know for certain what, if anything, is going to happen. I again re-iterate, that I base my belief on the same as what you seem to base yours on. I, surely like you, also I try to get as much scientific" data as I can find, and that data is what I ONLY deem certain covers my truth and my case. But Science is not really a science, that has been proven time again. Things change and they do very quickly... But I digressing)

To your point on not letting things fester within our souls, I agree with you on this, if you read my reply you can see that, again, I bring you back to my point of, that is how we learn.

As for "white lights" and "Psychic protection", and the nwo order using this against us, I am sorry, BUT, and dont get me wrong I do believe in these factions, but, I do not believe in the whole mind control stuff. I do believe they have manipulated us very very carefully over the years, but, we have all allowed it to happen. Right under our noses, and this, to me only, has led to the great nwo mind control debate.
No sorry.. this just doesn't work for me as a theory.
As for taking my dreams with a grain of salt, thanks for the advice, but they have worked very well for me over the last 36 years, so I think I will keep taking stock in what I know works.

And to your point of self love, that is just the first building block, there are many many more to go through yet, most of which we have no concept of, we are yet to learn, this is my view only of course, those that generally claim to know, really do not know anything, no insult intended.

As for your judgment on my old gentleman from the other realm, you have your opinion and belief and I have mine. Show me the difference between what you have been given, in comparison to what I have

With the shift and the experiences we may or may not have, again it comes down to interpretation, I have dreamt of my possible experience, you have been told of your, you chose to believe what you will.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 01:40 AM
reply to post by DragonriderGal

No, no...I do understand. You must take the leap into chaos, and there/then you will experience the maximum degrees of freedom. It is not enough to turn everything you know on its head, because you still have order left, same as the old one but upside down.

Hold onto your trunk though, because both your branches and roots will get a real buffeting

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 01:49 AM

Originally posted by DragonriderGal...WE are the only species who will make enlightenment. NO other species out there can 'help' us because, when it comes right down to it, by the end of it all, we will be the ones who actually know how to make the shift.

Actually, they are waiting for us. And we are the ones we have been waiting for. More specifically, we are waiting for you.

Humanity is Universal. And humans have the potential to exist for eternity in peace.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 02:34 AM
reply to post by DragonriderGal

Enlightenment is a growth process not a quick procedure. The more technologically advanced a civilization becomes the more englightenment it requires to balance the technology in possession. What we call humans on earth were never intended to become truly enlightended or achieve great achievments only that which was given to them. The soul purpose for humans on earth is to be entrapped within a body that is a container to store your soul. The souls of earth are not supposed to remember or have memory of who they truly are. You are in the process of figuring out who you are and refinding yourselves all over again. This is a long journey for most of you but all souls on earth deserve to be entrapped if they could only remember.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 02:52 AM
In general, why do people even assume there is such thing as enlightenment? Isn't it discriminative hypothesis to suggest such at all?

I think I'll post a very short video clip from a person that should have had very deep insight about the matter of "enlightenment". Allow me to introduce, U.G Krishnamurti - a profound thinker and a realist - on enlightenment:

Then again, in the name of fairness, what makes one assume there is no such thing as enlightenment? I am pretty sure that there must exist a midway for this conception. Maybe it is something what one should be trying to comprehend. Maybe it is the silence - not discriminating something to enlightened or unenlightened, but silent observation of the existing reality - what ever that is.


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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 12:17 PM
Thank you for the post, I read it because I feel that humanity has the potential to shift in consciousness now and I was interested in what was written about the 'Light Body'. I can only speak from personal experience and I can support the 'Light Body' as factual rather than theoretical, as I have had numerous encounters within my light body. When conscious within the transparent light body, this dimension indeed feels the same as the physical body and you can effect the physical world by manipulating the energy field within objects. As an example I pulled a bar of metal or rather the energy field within the metal, it felt like elastic, then the metal bent to conform to the shape that I made. Trying later to pull the same bar physically proved impossible even with two arms.

It is indeed possible to penetrate solid objects in the light body, for instance a surface can be felt of a brick wall but apply pressure and you can push your arm inside. Once inside you feel pressure but not pain, the more dense the object generally the more pressure you feel. When I first began to penetrate a wall with the light body hand, I was unsuccessful but found later that the double bed had moved away from the wall by around a foot, again I tried to move the bed in the same way in the physical body but could not even with two arms using all my strenghth. There are many examples of experiments that I have made whilst in this light body, that have affected physical objects, I can say that when in this state you have far greater strength. This is the same in practice as in Shen Kung and Daoism, where the spirit or internal body stength has superior strenghth compared to the physical body.

The word enlightment is misleading as no one individual is truly enlightened as the ego is observed as the mind and not the Self, and you effectively become Consciousness itself rather than an individual having and experience of enlightenment. Words fail, but Unitive Consciousness is reality within us already, and is obscured by the Object Consciousness or in other words Consciousness that has mistaken itself within forms or objects such as thought forms.

This is not conceptual to me as I have touched that dimension within myself, where I have been in a state of pure Consciousness and seen others as Self, along with absolute peace and joy. The words Love and God, have numerous interpretations but from that state of pure Consciousness you know your Self as One with all that is and recognise your Self in other beings which is Unconditional Love. This Unitive Consciousness can awaken within all humans as it is there already as their essential nature, and we are here to allow it to awaken by a surrendered state. So we are One, and the Light body is a reality that are both within us now, and not as some future event to be fulfilled at a later time...

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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 01:13 PM
As a man who regularly meditates to grow consciousness and the light body, I recognize this heightened awareness as our potential. Our connective potential.
Unity consciousness grows with us collectively ! If you achieve a higher state of consciousness are not others affected just by your interaction with them ?
If you were to describe the level of awareness I now posses to me twenty years ago I would think you were crazy !
Sure I'm human and the longer I can attain higher levels of consciousness
The more frequently I can attain this " Full Enlightened state ". In this knowing state the flow of all and its beauty are unified . This unification gives me hope while I chop wood and carry water ! Hope that as we awaken collectively we realize we're headed for full enlightenment !

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 02:13 PM
Good posts as always, Dragon!

Just one question; when the shift is made, will we be able to alter our physical appearance/attributes etc?

I have more self-hatred than a Disney villain, so this shift is going to be challenging for me to make.

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 04:44 PM

Originally posted by vincere1
First off, 20 responses before threading is a real pain in the .. yu know. WOW! I like the blocking part, in a spiritual sense. The NWO is overboard. Limits you to the , well ridiculous authors of the day, who wrote those novels for, yes, profit. You know, to pay bills.

Thanks for taking the time to read the previous posts.

And*shrug* well, if you wish to believe there is no force trying to keep us from enlightenment, that is entirely your choice. And I am only saying what I see, and that is that the NWO bunch aka Jue-sah aka ex-high priests of Israel have had an ongoing agenda to enslave humanity since the beginning of our time as a sentient species, and that requires keeping us from making enlightenment as part of the process.

It isn't a bunch of different little groups. It is all being played like that so it isn't so clear that there is really one force, one group behind it all. In a way that is good, though. They make the same mistakes over and over and over again. They are not really very bright. And those few still in the original Jue-sah bodies are the ones still in control. And for sure, they don't get the human race at all. They just can't get past the idea that we are only 300,000 or so years sentient and beating the pants of them, time after time, when we shouldn't be. And they don't really listen to their now human ex-jue-sah flunkies. Once they aren't jue-sah anymore, they are no longer really trusted.

But the still alien Jue-sah aren't getting along very well anymore. The stress of failure is splintering them like toothpicks. And up until the very end, when the elves are sending them back to the beginning to do it all again, they will be protesting that somehow we humans cheated, and that they should get another chance; like 300,000 years isn't enough chances. *shakes head*

Have you ever tried to stay out of the way of an 88mm shell? Doesn't work well. How about a .308 rnd? Thats the tribulation in the Bible, in a nutshell of course. Where do you get the 300,000+? I like the plus. I get the spiritual shift - bad guys have to stop that from happening and all that, but you still preachin "curl up in the corner and no one will kick you" philosophy.

Nope you still gonna get kicked, it's how much meddle you show when you or others are gettin kicked.

The elves aren't going to be fighting with such hard technology. And the jue-sah are going to be fighting the elves, not us, and they aren't going to be using something as primitive as projectile weaponry. Manifest safety for yourself and your loved ones. Believe and know yourself safe, and you will be. And get busy working on your shifting stuff! *lol*

And by all means, don't stand next to the NWO bunch and their flunkies. Stay the heck away from Israel or any other NWO backed endeavor like the UN, or any of the really uber rich families of the world. Probably won't want to hang around in any of the really large conglomerates offices either.

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 04:49 PM

Originally posted by InfiniteOmnipresence
reply to post by vincere1

That's a nice set of quotes you've compiled there. Care to comment? I bet he was reading them and was like

Love & Peace ATS'ers


) I think I sorted them out ok.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 05:15 PM

Originally posted by GerhardSA
very true....
"the night is darkest just before the dawn", and frankly, we aint even close to dawn, cause things can get much worse for us as a species. its a pipe dream that all our problems will be gone in 3 years time. please, we are not talking about a few people, this is the whole globe. No ascension or #fing your "enegry". It is a delusion of the mind. There is no evidence of this and that it even can happen. So unless you show me evidence of it being able to happen, there is no way the globe will be able to do this "magical" thing. Dont tell me your dreams told you...
The OP speaks of asking "all I had to do was ask a question, or wonder about something and direct it towards the racial/collective unconscious, and they would send me answers. " hmm... goes. "Am i going to be American president?" mmmm....YES! HAHA!!! And im not even american. Sorry guys, Evidence please, as so many thread posters in previous threads have asked for...and none has been provided.
Now, lets move on

Oh I am not saying it will all be over in a couple of years, but the next few years are going to be kinda rough. Manifest personal safety and safety for the ones you love, the things you value, and work to make a connection to others who are also doing this and it should create quite a safety net. It isn't really our fight. The elves hate the jue-sah and are powerful enough to do something about it. They have been honoring our contract with the Jue-sah, and that is all that has been staying their hand.

They aren't here to rescue us though. They are here to punish the Jue-sah for being such bad yahoos.
Kind of a whamodyne karma punch. Plus they are the ones with the skill and power to send them back in time. Once we humans start making enlightenment, all of the blocks we have to accessing that aspect of our power will be removed, but we will still need to learn to use it effectively, I am thinking.

And of course not everyone will be shifting, and even those that do may find it too hard to stay in that form. It requires the shifter to be as emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually healthy as possible. It isn't a cakewalk; it will be very painful and difficult at times, I think. But the rewards are many.
Well worth the effort.

And I could say you aren't going to be the next american president even without the racial unconscious connection. Obviously you aren't on that level of the NWO's platform, eh?

And really. What kind of evidence would suffice for 'proof'??? Spirit realm stuff is always going to be suppressed, and as I said, the technology to 'validate' it will never be developed. It so doesn't serve the NWO to have us humans aware and awake and on to the nasty little agenda they have for humanity. Of course, once you make the shift, it will all be clear as day. *shrug* They know they are beaten once that happens and all the crap they are doing is obvious to everyone, which of course is why they are trying so hard to keep us all asleep.

NO, the lapdog media says---really those people talking about conspiracies and such are all just a crazy bunch of nutcases, can't believe anything you read on the internet, ONLY what you see and hear and read in our carefully edited and controlled media. Believe ONLY us.. not those crazies!! *shakes head* Oh yah, keep on napping. Soon enough things should start becoming clearer. Maybe I am wrong. Could be, but looks pretty solid and real there in the racial/collective unconscious., and from the click, the inner 'knowingness' I get when I discover some other aspect of what they are up to.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 05:26 PM

Originally posted by OpenYourHead
Good post! Personally I don't think we are at the stage of humanity to see it this way. While hoping for a enlightenment is good, It's also like going out of a limb and believing Jesus will come back. I've also thought something has got to enlighten and inform humanity. But the reality is your relying on a false sense of hope. Waiting on something to happen that you have no control over is not a productive movement into the right direction. We are at the beginning of something great, but we have got to fight like hell to reach the greatness!
I'm not sold on the vibration thing just yet. But I totally get what you are saying. It would be nice if such forces existed! But until we enter it and I see it happen I have to remain the way I am.

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We are entering that rising energy field even now. It is what has been missing in all the other millinia when people were hoping for this event. Now is the time. It has little to do with hope and more to do with feeling the energy rising even in yourself. Becoming more aware of your spirit self; feeling the impact of it there first and foremost.

But yes, we have to dig deeply into all the old wounds and scars and find out what is keeping the darkness in place. You will never face a greater enemy than your own fear. And yet that is the battle we all must face and fight and win, if we want to be successful in making that shift and staying in that light/spirit form.

We need to be willing to fight for ourselves, and the right to be ourselves against a whole pile of crap from the NWO that tells us we shouldn't be. That we should only LOVE everyone else; fix them, rescue them, save them, save the world, anything but saving ourselves. And really that will be the only thing that matters in the end. Did you love yourself enough??

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