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posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 09:36 AM
The following is based on an Amazing dream I had last night.

My wife and I were driving on a long rural road, when I noticed the moon.
I don't know why, but the moon was huge and took up almost the entire sky.
I noticed what looked like a mirage on the road and the road began to look more like sand than asphalt.
All of a sudden we drove over a huge dip that came out of no where, and it was too late, I was already headed down it.
We picked up speed and zoomed down, almost out of control, until we leveled off and regained control as we coasted into this distortion that I thought looked like a mirage.
We was afraid to go into it, but in we went and stopped dead right on the edge of a circle of earth.
I stayed there for a moment and looked around.
Then i saw a a man standing in front of the car, hand gesturing us to get out.
As is did so, the car disappeared over the edge, a bottomless trench by the looks of it..
Each trench had a path to another side, and each path has a hole at the end of it, that looked like a mini black hole, which was creating a vortex effect.
Centrally located in the circle of earth, there was a larger hole.
The man looked like Jeff bridges, but it wasn't him, and he welcomed us and told us that we were someplace special.
"Not many people get to come here."
I asked where here was, and he told me "The hub."
"The hub?' "Yaas! The hub, where you can decide where to go."
"Go.... Go.... where?" I asked emphatically.
"Anywhere, but be warned, the grass isn't always greener."
"Who are you?!"
"My name is DION and I'm just like you. I wound up here about 200 years ago."
"200 years!!"
My wife asked, "How have you been alive for 200 years?"
DION said, "Oh, well that's a bit complicated, but its funny you asked."
"You see, where we are, there is no such thing as time, and as long as you are here, time does not affect you."
"Right, sounds fun don't it?"
"Listen, all your questions will be answered, would you guys like some tea? Come on let's get some tea."
H turned as as h did so we saw another path behind him. It was longer but had a door at the end of it. Just a door, that's it.
As we walked we were afraid we were going to fall off the narrow path, "Don't worry about falling off. You can't fall off unless you want to."
We followed close behind.
"I'm scared!" exclaimed my wife.
I told here it was OK, and we will figure all of this out.
Dion agreed.
We got to the end of the path, Dion opened the door and went inside.
"Hello there, it's been a long time, would you like to come in and have some tea? Dion giggled.
We went inside and into a kitchen where there was a woman making tea.
"Oh, you must be the new ones."
"Sit down and relax, you're safe here." She said.
The woman was tall and fit, had long dark brown hair, and had tribal tattoos everywhere.
It seemed as if she was in the military or something.
As she looked at us, we noticed her striking gold eyes.
"Who are you people?" my wife insisted.
"Well you know my name already and this is my wife, CELESTE."
"We are just normal people, both of us, but....... from other realities, or dimensions, which ever you prefer." Celeste explained.
Dion, began explaining, "I wound up here the same way you did, the full moon and the long sandy road, but I met Celeste somewhere and we have been together ever since.
"You Saved my ass is what you did." Celeste explained.
"If it wasn't for Dion, I'd be dead right now."
"I came from a place where love and compassion aren't a luxuries anyone can afford. Dion, showed up out of nowhere and saved me from a gang of bandits that just burned down our complex."
"At first I thought he was insane, but then he brought me here, and I began traveling with him, and seeing that death and violence are not the only way. That love and compassion still exist somewhere."
"We've been together ever since" Dion voiced.
"I'm a tinkerer, and walked outside my garage one night to see the unusually large full moon, and as i did so, fell down the sandy path into this place."
"It was here that I met [ANGELICA]. Yo haven't met her yet but you soon will."
Celeste, interrupted, "Yeah, she is the key to this whole thing."
Just as she said that, I heard a door open and shut.
In walked this woman, that for all intents and purposes looked like a Jedi.
She was clothed in hooded robes and seemed to glide across the floor more than walk.
She go to the kitchen and said " I see we have visitor."
Dion looked at us, and introduced us to Angelica.
He explained that we were OK.
Angelica said "Great, I can take off these robes then."
As she did so, we were expecting something crazy, but she was just a normal woman wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
"Welcome to the hub."
My wife and I introduced ourselves,
"This is my wife VERONICA, and I'm MATT."
I know who you are.
"How's that?" I inquired.
"Where I come from, all of us are able to read the thoughts of other people. There is no deception, no lies, no greed."
Veronica said "That must be some fine world?!"
"It is." Angelica whispered humbly.
"On to business, shall we? Follow us."
We followed Angelica, Dion, and Celeste.

In another room, there was a door, with a window. Looking outside of it, there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary.
On the other side, there was another door with a smaller window,.a sliver really. The door seemed like it was made of cast iron.
There was a number pad by the handle with 10 digits 10 symbols and a red and green button.
Angelica opened the door and stood inside.Outside the inner door there were notes all over the place, and stacks of books.
Dion explained, that these were all places that they had been to and logged.
"OK, I'm lost here, can you explain that again?"
Dion went on "We don't know how long this place has been her, we don't know how it came about, but this place is for lack of a better explanation, a HUB, to other dimensions and realities.
I built this house inside of what was just a round white room when I got here.
There was nothing in it but a shelf with 100 of these."
He held up what looked like a glass credit card, but it looked like circuitry, made out of zillions of crystals.
"This is a key, that unlocks the number pad and any door on the other side.
As far as we have been able to figure out, when you touch the card your DNA activates it and it only works for you.
When you hold onto it for about 15 minutes, it becomes integrated into your skin. Holding another card deactivates this.
The cards reset after 24 hrs, if no one touches them.
At the end of 72 hrs the first doorway you walk through will bring you back home.
I guess this is a fail safe."
The pad is for input of destinations and there are literally trillions upon trillions of combination's.
Doorways are not just for entering and exiting.
For some reason, the mind places a spatial anchor there, and subconsciously you are aware that they are not just doors but portals.
Wave this card in front of any doorway, from top to bottom and side to side at a destination on the other side, and it becomes a portal back here."
Dion, this is a lot to handle. How is this possible?"
Like I said, we don't know.
Angelica weighed in, " I think that we really are not supposed to be here, but for some reason we are.
I have been places where the hub is connected to other hubs, and every time I go there, there is no one else around.
There is however one person that has been here before. I saw him when I first came here 500 years ago."
"Hold on a minute, are you telling me that you are over 500 years old?"
"I am, but it's not as bad as you think. Like Dion said, time is irrelevant here. But we still keep track.
No one ages once you have a card.
It keeps your DNA intact 100% and stops the dividing process. Cell life is obtained through energy derived from this very place.
When you have a card, you are more energy than you are matter, only just enough matter to keep you in a physical state."
Veronica exclaimed" This is all so weird, I want to go home!"

posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 09:36 AM
Celeste explained, that we could leave at any time, and they were not keeping us here.
I suggested to Veronica, that we stay a bit and see what is going on.
She agreed, if only to make me happy.
Angelica touched the green button and typed in a code, and touched the red button and said, "Don't take our word for it."
As she opened the door, there was a world on the other side with flying cars and huge buildings with vegetation everywhere.
Amazed, she offered to guide us around a bit.
We went inside and there was a sense of tremendous thrill coming over us.
"WOW!! This is amazing. Is this the future?"
"One possible future, one possible planet." Everyone seemed to know us, and we were really feeling a bit out of it.
Don't be wierded out, this is my home, and as I said, no one has anything to hide here.
Some three thousand years ago, a neutron star exploded within the relative vicinity of our sun. This sent some kind of energy ripple which caused everything on our world to have a global consciousness event.
We still can't fully explain it.
Within moments, everyone just knew everything about one another.
Not the precise details mind you, but the intent, even on a subconscious level.
Details came later as our mind's capacity and consciousness grew.
All creatures could sense us, and we could them.
Killing and war became obsolete, because intentions were known, and a great understanding of one another came into being.
All the leaders of the world knew realized one thing, all they really wanted was to live in peace.
Those that were evil, were immediately recognized and removed from power, and a lot of those evil people committed suicide after the realized the pain and suffering they caused.
They died off long ago.
Repression of technology became a mute point.
Politics became irrelevant, as did bureaucracy, and violence.
When you live in a world where there are no secrets, then you are inclined to behave. As time went on, we just abandoned all those horrible things that made us terrible.
Information is shared, and spread like a wave across conscious people, and we have peace everywhere.
Everyone focuses on advancements in every front, and ego's no longer have anything to do with information."

to be continued........


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