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Conspiracy Theory: THIS is one world control system.

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 10:17 AM

Originally posted by LightBenderKev

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
Me thinks you might be better off asking some questions instead of pretending you have some answers to questions you readily admit you only have a partial and recent grasp of.

Most of the people who post to these forums are capable of understanding complex and multi-layered situations, problems and solutions.

I myself am not looking to be led, or enlightened, play riddle games or other such nonsense with people who can't say what they mean and don't mean what they say.

Do you have a coherent message you wish to share engage people with and exchange thoughts and information on?

It would seem the one most stuck in the matrix on this thread is you friend as you try to design your own to suck people into.

Some people are known to jump out of the frying pan right into the fire.

Sure enough it's a change, not exactly an improvement though.

Good luck winning friends and influencing enemies with this thread!

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I implictly understand what you are telling me. I will take some time to breathe.

My own observations tell me that while some are definitely more than ready for the next step, there are some who may be new to this game. It is for their well-being I engage in the manner I do.

Again, I welcome any comments and/or questions in regards to my posts. I will address SPECIFICALLY, SPECIFIC issues. Thanks for the words of warning, friend, i take them deeply into consideration. However, while I may fall short in articulating these things, i'm not sure yet, that I have questions to ask. I'm sure, as the need arises, I will do so. Friends and enemies? I have enough friends in my "real" world, I didn't come here to make friends with anyone.

I came because I had a gigantic f'ing hole where my heart should have been. I look around me into the eyes of the people I work with, and i see the same look in their eyes, feel the weight of their burden in my heart, and soul. It's time to get rid of those "feelings".

There are enough of us here, to steer the course.

Having said that, the breathing.

~~--~~Outward Change Begins Within~~--~~

My friend, it can be interesting and exciting and very provocative to learn new things. Knowledge unlocks doors. Doors to the previously unknown, but just because the door is open or you see where the door lays does not mean you are capable of walking through the door if it's open or unlocking it if you have just sighted the door or actually know or have any experience with what's on the other side of the door.

What you imagine to be for people's own good, is just that, what you imagine is for people's own good. That does need mean it is either always good for you or them to imagine such things.

That is ego. The ego that has you stuck in a grid.

What is a grid? Essentially it is just lines and bars. What you are doing is basically akin to a prisoner in a jail, looking at the bars on their cell door and after noticing there are more than one begins to name the bars.

This bar is X, and this bar is Y, and this bar is B and this bar is T.

I think they put the bars there for this reason, and each bar functions slightly differently.

You have some time on your hands of course in that cell. You can comtemplate other meaningless and superficial things like...Did they put the bars there to keep me in or keep other people out? Did they put the bars there so I could see out or other people could see in? Are the people on the outside of these bars less free or more free than I am?

The bars are made out of such and such metal and fastened in such and such way!

These are all rather meaningless bits of knowledge and distinctions.

For one simple reason is at the end of the day the bars and your relationship to them are all about you!

You might feel the best way to escape your prison in theory is to get everyone else to escape with you.

History though proves that the most sucessful escapes where people actually get out of prison and stay out of prison through an escape are solo efforts. Partners tend to give up on one another, manipulate one another and sometimes inform on one another to the people who want to put them right back in prison.

You might feel the need to convince everyone else to escape with you. That might be because you love everyone else so much, or it might be because you depend on everyone else so much for the things you aren't sure you can do yourself.

Once again though that's all about you and boils down to you.

Can you escape the Matrix? Not by jumping up and down and just telling others you are pretty sure the Matrix is constructed in such and such fashion.

Understanding you are in a Matrix or you are enslaved or you are imprisoned is a step.

A first step. It is not in and of itself a completed journey to enlightenment and self awareness it is a first step, of many steps.

Your path to enlightenment is your path to enlightenment.

History has proven NO one can lead others on a path to enlightenment but can simply lead them astray. Your own basic understanding of the grid should tell you that. As many of the bars you have identified are those created by people or institutions that claimed "This is the way".

The only thing stopping you from getting out of the Matrix is you.

Your journey out of the Matrix will happen the same way you journeyed into the Matrix...all by yourself!

Why because your journey in to the matrix was all about you, your journey out of the matrix is all about you, that is why you are manifest as a single entity.

You can't tell other people how to get out of the Matrix, no one else can tell you how to get out of the Matrix.

You have arrived at that first basic step of semi-self awareness.

You are happy and excited I understand this. Congradulations you are beginning to learn things.

You though are still in the Matrix, and you have never gotten out of the Matrix so you might want to ask yourself, what exactly are you imagining that you have to so vaguely say in riddles for who's good?

That's your own ego and elevated sense of self. That does not mean you have become elevated in an evolutionary sense. It means that you imagine you have and it is something of value.

It becomes something of value when you make value you out of it for you.

Some insecure people have to convince them selves of something by first attempting to convince others of something, imagining if they can succeed in convincing others of something they will fully convince themselves in the process.

You have picked up some distorted knowledge from others speaking with ego who also feel "it's for people's own good that I give them partial or incomplete or riddled answers".

No it's not, it's for your own imagined good that such people do that.

The best way to share something is to simply share it in my humble opinion. Allow those who want to reject it their right to do so. Allow those who have questions because they see something in it they wish to better define to ask them. Allow those who agree to share why they agree.

I agree you are correct, you are trapped in the Matrix.

No matter what you think the Matrix is you are inside of it.

Some people say po-tae-toe some people say po-ta-toe

It's still a tuber though a root.

Your knowledge like all of our knowledge is rudimentary in nature and even it's validity remains uncertain when inside the Matrix.

Your journey is about you. Try to remember that if you want to successfully complete it!

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Did they put the bars there to keep me in or keep other people out?

this kind of knowledge is not irrelevant. if i am the lill monkey trapped inside the cage, i would appreciate very much the zookeeper letting me know why i`m there (the janitor could leak a few pointers as well, he`s also an 'insider', you know, with a sh**ty job nonetheless).

those peanuts do not come from spontaneous creation...

ps the bars are mary, jane, jane, jane (crackpot!), louise, etc.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 01:02 AM

My bad.
Sorry mods.

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 04:57 AM
Proto~-~with speakers such as yourself in this forum, it is beyond my required level of understanding why more people can't just sense the wisdom of your words.

Excuse me, our words.


~~~---~~~Outward Change Begins Within~~~---~~~

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 02:26 PM
Does anyone have any idea what is going on in this thread?

There seems to be no subject material presented. No thesis, no evidence, no theory. Just rambling and quasi-matrix quotes.

I know this is skunk works, but usually there is supposed to be some general idea behind these threads, not just the ramblings of someone who's watched the matrix trilogy one too many times...

You have something to say OP? come out and say it.

posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 01:29 AM

Originally posted by InSpiteOf
Does anyone have any idea what is going on in this thread?

There seems to be no subject material presented. No thesis, no evidence, no theory. Just rambling and quasi-matrix quotes.

I know this is skunk works, but usually there is supposed to be some general idea behind these threads, not just the ramblings of someone who's watched the matrix trilogy one too many times...

You have something to say OP? come out and say it.

This was a test.

Of course, not realizing it at the time, the test was mine!

I think the mods do other fall downs a service by leaving my bumbling posts up here for all to behold! I leave the decisions to their wisdom, knowing, this forum is a no bs zone under all the bs!!!(lolzerz)

After all, some people may think them to be relevant. Others, irrelevant!

Such is the nature of the beast we refer to as choice.

You may also ask yourself, what, if anything, do the mods know about my posts, that you have so far not felt, and why they haven't seen fit to impose that which you imply. Or am I mistaking your meaning by "OP". What is that?

Check out some of my other posts if you haven't. You will see that while I fall a lot, I am compelled forward, to pick myself up, brush off the dirt, and take another step forward. There are a lot of people here, trying to cushion our falls.

Take advantage!

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