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Dear Moriah's Conquering Wind! A request for your attention please!

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posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 06:37 AM
Allow me to preface this with a short apology to our observers.

I have decided to forgo the reading of the second Illuminati Insider thread. I mean this as no slight to either you residents, or to you Insiders.

I think the reason I have done this, will become abundantly clear, very soon, and I would appreciate everybody's patience with this matter.

I am neither an intelligent man, nor am I an ambitious man. I am a regular man, with a regular life, much like everyone else. I do not wish to receive accolades, nor am I looking to deny anyone what I believe has been given to all of us. I wish for this paradigm to resolve itself, that we may all move on towards a wiser direction, that I know will certainly occur. Soon.

I have a few beginner questions to present to you for your consideration at this point in time, dispensing with the need to indicate frames of reference. I feel that if you desire it so, you will communicate to me, in the manner you deem most appropriate, and I will be able to follow you.

I know you will be gracious, and forth coming about any aid you might recognize my being in need of, again, awareness of the gravity of the exchange, forces me to extend all courtesy required in forming the basis, that will no doubt, become the revealing.

Having said that, I would like to thank you, for providing this opportunity, to myself, for all who can, to see.

I must also apologize to all you board residents, who have been waiting for too long, to have a legitimate answer to some of the questions you are so close to articulating. It is my firm and unrelenting belief, that you will all find the peace in your "hearts", that will aid you in the awakening. If you feel like I do when this is said and done, then everything you have endured until this panel of discussion, won't matter to you anymore, in the sense that they have mattered to you, up and until NOW. Only NOW will matter to you, for it is this question of NOW, that we are all eternally faced with.

I think that is too much pre-amble already, and I will now present my inquiries. I hope I do not inadvertantly(sp?) insult anyone, as that would be the farthest from my intent.

I encourage all people, ALL people, who aren't already questioning the nature of reality to ignore this thread, as by the time this thread has run it's course, EVERYONE who has read, and followed along, will begin to question the nature of their "reality".

I will now dispense with the "frame of reference" quotation marks. Anyone who will keep up, please feel free to message me, I offer any and all help I can provide until "my shift has ended", and I go back to being plain ol "Kevbot".

To begin, is there anything more appropriate to address you as, than what I have already indicated? If so, please advise.

When you told us that "tools" have been given to us, that could help us to understand what the function is going on, was one of the tools you alluded to, the internet? If so, have you indeed revealed "the key" for us to begin to adjust our reality tunnel perceptions? If so, would I be accurate in saying, the whole thing begins with two major systems, that all others stem from? Would you name the two systems for all to see, NOW?

And finally to begin the "peace of mind process" for our fellow light benders, wouldn't it be safe to say, that if I represented any kind of threat to the Big Event, that I certainly wouldn't be able to ask these questions, for the God of this world would have removed me from the equation in the form of an innocuous, however tragic fatal car accident for example?

I will leave the ball in your court now, and ask for all the people who are reading this, to be as patient as possible throughout the revealing. I still need to pay my bills, and feed my cat, and wash my clothes. These things take "time".

~~--~~Outward Change Begins Within~~--~~

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posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 01:11 AM
We want EVERYBODY to observe the dialectical obviousness of the truth here for a moment.

There are "Illuminati" among us, who have been shown the foremost courtesy, in this thought form communication from the ethers.

You will observe:

The fact that no demon has been conjured to come forth and answer these inquiries of ours, neither have any members of this alleged "Illuminati". We are NOW left with one of two possibilities here.(One-Two)

We will take this moment to point out to all the "minds" in the forum, that we are initiating a Hegelian Dialectic, with "our own thought process". OK?

We will simplify further:

The "problem"(Thesis=Question) is that the "Illuminati" have not stepped forward to extinguish a bug, who so boldly thought to call them out. This may at first seem like an obvious conclusion to most of you "thinkers" out there.

You are probably no doubt re-validating your 3 dimensional lie, with "thoughts" like, "Why WOULD the Illuminati talk to you, guy?

We would direct your attention to TWO places at this time(one-two):
and further:

If you've missed the point we have just made, you may want to begin at the top of thread, take a deep breathe, and begin again. Those of you who just observed a simple "scientific" evaluation, will follow on.

The "desired outcome"(SYNTHESIS-SOLUTION), is to have our questions answered, by said "Illuminatus", for all manner of reasons, ranging from the completely puerile, to the suffocatingly self indulgent ego gratification.

In short form, most of "us"(division) are angry with "them", the global elite, for they HOARDE the "ring of power".

When one pauses for a "moment" to consider, that the very known formula for an "Illuminati Fascistic World Takeover" is stated quite simply, with the following "equation":

Luciferian Philosophy=Divide and Conquer=Hegelian Dialectics=controlled conflict that need only be "ordered" properly=Order Out of Chaos.

One begins to see what is happening, RIGHT NOW, even on this example, of a collective(you ATS residents) coming together to try and find a common ground, to make the next step forward with. Remember what fueled your coming together. It was the "us" and "them" division. SOLUTION in the dialectical sense, "us", and "divide and conquer" in the Luciferian sense, "them". You're all here, because you're all expecting the same outcome. The conflict created between two forces in opposition, which determines the outcome. See? We've been PLAYED! The whole time, WE HAVE BEEN USING HEGELIAN DIALECTS TO ADVANCE OUR OWN AGENDAS, WHATEVER THEY MAY BE!

If you find yourself, "lost in movie" at this point, again, scroll back to the top. Take a deep breath, and begin again. Consider, the information being presented.

What is the Anti-Thesis then, we hear you potentials musing internally.

"Everything that has an end, must have a beginning."

Welcome, to the BEGINNING. The GENESIS. WISDOM 'EVE, if you will.

At this point, I would like to direct the attentions of ANYONE who finds themselves still reading this communication, to give your mind a rest for a few moments. Take another few moments to reacquaint yourselves, with the LANGUAGE of the Matrix:

If you can, try not to read it chronologically. Bounce around and let the communication breathe itself into you.

"I didn't come here to tell you how this was going to end. I came here to tell you, how it's going to begin."

Deconstruction begins NOW!

~~--~~Outward Change Begins Within~~--~~

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posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 10:25 AM
Not to be nitpicky kevvy but your long winded posts thus far seem to go no where in regards to the hidden_hand information or anything else really

I'm interested to hear what you have to say but it is so drawn out that I feel like nothing is getting done

posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 10:46 AM
I appreciate your disposition Knight! And please, try to be patient with me, as I am an un-educated man. I am trying to let the transition just breathe...

i would remind anyone, 34 years of conditioned behavior isn't turned off with the flick of a switch.

One step at a time.

If there is anything SPECIFIC you would like to address in regards to "my long winded" posts, please, feel free to ATTACK THE HEART OF THE MATTER!

I will reply in whatever kindness I am able to.

As to your allusion to these communications being LONG WINDED, We can only say that if you're going to send a message THROUGH THE ETHERS - you should probably make it WORTHWHILE!

The courier charge is a NIGHTMARE!


~~--~~Outward Change Begins Within~~--~~

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 03:02 PM

The fact that no demon has been conjured to come forth and answer these inquiries of ours, neither have any members of this alleged "Illuminati".

Well what do you expect when you employ such cumbersome methods and clumsily constrain the bulk of your attempted signal to Malkuth? If you wish to bypass the natural flow of linear time you must choose a methodology that does not involve passage through physical media limited to 3-d operative parameters.

Will an incarnate archetype navigating a shattered vessel as best it can, whose nature partakes of both your "conjured demon" and your "illuminati" in certain aspects, suit your purposes? It did after all show up in specific response to your summons over the artificial aethyrs known as cyberspace.

Thus have you the attention you sought. Did you wish to begin a proper dialogue now?

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 09:53 AM
Hello again!

Now would be the time for the other members of the Illumati and Global Freemasonry to stand up and help get the modified version up and running.

For all the true believers in the house.


posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 10:26 AM

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 10:28 AM

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