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Der Riese COD5 Zombies New Vid Tutorial Lvl30+

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posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 05:06 AM
Hi Folks,

Just Uploaded a new tutorial how to reach Level 30+ in COD 5 Zombies der riese Map

The Most importnt tip of all is how to obtain Ammo for which we fond the way.

By camping up the stairs next to the 3rd Teleporter, you are stationed very close to the STG Ammo. One player needs to be in possesion of the Monkey Bomb (even 2 player are required to be safe). Once Ammo is needed a monkey bomb is thrown so that it gets the attention of the zombies whilst everyone jumps down and get Ammo and return camping up the stairs as fast as possible. This is a crucial and difficult operation but practicing with your buddies is the key, also good cimmunication with the players.

hope you like the Vid, in that case please comment, Rate and Subscribe of course...


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