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You Have Nothing To Fear (**read this thread it may change your life**)

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 01:40 AM
Colopatiron, you are a big idealist and maybe naive to the eyes of many members in ATS. but you know what? I believe that is the kind of idealism more people need if things are to change worldwide.

you have placed several ideas that sound good, such as shelter and food being free, among other things. Unfortunately, in this world that is driven by pure greed, the things that should be free are in fact made hard to get or expensive, just to get a quick buck.

now that the ideas are in the table, what needs to be done is a change of attitude. Most of us in ATS blame the powers that be for all the woes in the world. My question is, what are we doing to change things? how many of us have really tried to get into politics? How many of us have created non-governmental organizations to plant fruit-bearing trees in cities stricken by poverty? How many of us have joined and been active in international organizations to try to help stop hunger, and disease in the worst-off places on Earth?

WE can be the powers that be, we can make the difference and change how the world is run. Sure, many parts of the world are not fertile enough to create efficient food supplies, but the U.S. produces enough food to feed a great lot of people daily if only the food was delivered freely to areas such as Haiti, Western Sahara and Somalia.

We can give free shelter to everyone, if only we decided to get involved in the housing industry and change how things are run from within the organizations.

We can change the governments of the world, if only we decided to become active ourselves and ran for positions of power.

Maybe most of us are too old to accomplish these things, however, we can always give these ideas to the future generations so they can finish what we should start right now.

I am going to study politics, if only to have a chance to change things up to an extent. Obviously i will be face to face with evil or greedy people, and that is why I will need help in the process. How many of you will get involved in politics to become the new powers that be? how many of you are planning on changing the food, medical, and housing industry from within?

The ideas set forth by the OP will continue to sound unrealistic and naive as long as we sit hopelessly on our behinds lamenting the state of the world. We can change things, but only if people all over the world decide to get involved in the process instead of saying "it can't be done", "the powers that be control everything and there is nothing I can do", "I won't even bother helping out my neighbor because it won't make a difference anyway", etc.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 02:01 AM
defenely didnt change my life

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 03:17 AM

Originally posted by trey85
defenely didnt change my life

You're right. This didn't change my life or my thinking, either.

However, he's right too. I understand what he's trying to say. Food is free, naturally. Shelter is free, naturally. Energy is free, naturally. We are brainwashed. Our supposed leaders - Our government - Does not want us thinking about what we already know.

Fruit, vegetables and even meat are natural. In truth, the government does not own the food that earth provides us to survive. We do. In truth, the government does not own the land that earth provides us to live on. We do. In truth, the government does not own the sources from which we get our energy. We do. The government does not own the earth - Even if they somehow manage to establish one world government - The earth owns the earth.

In a world that revolves around a slip of paper or a plastic card, we sometimes forget where we come from. We sometimes forget that this earth was created for us and that everything that we essentially need to survive was not created by a government or even mankind, it was created from earth itself. We forget that nature is perfectly balanced.

It is the greed of mankind that got us to this point. The greed to control the food supply. The greed to control other human beings. The greed to be powerful.

Why are people starving in Africa? Ask yourself this. What is the common response given by governments and world leaders? The response given by the U.N. was that there was no work for these people. No work for what? To pay for what should be free to them! Ask yourself this? Why do we only send food to these people on occasion? And why is it always delivered via planes and parachutes? Does the government not have enough respect for these people to deliver food by person? Why aren't we helping these countries develop the way earth intended them to develop by planting fruit tree's? Which are both a source for food and water. Instead we say, "here's your food. Enjoy your quick fix. Sorry, tomorrow you'll be hungry again".

Food is not a constitutional right or a right owned by a government. Food and shelter are basic human rights. What the OP was trying to say was that we are brainwashed to believe our natural resources are the governments.

The food shortage is not real. The earth provides plenty of food for everyone.
Diseases are treatable, naturally.
Money is not real.

The NWO is not real.The government is not real. For no one can claim property that is not theirs to claim.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 07:06 AM
reply to post by Colopatiron

this thread is ridiculous..all opinion based...sure you can grow food and its free...but people pay for it because companies grow it for us...pick the fruit...package it...make it readily available for us seemingly instantly...that is what we pay for...that service

sure we can build shelter for free...using wood or mud etc.....but we pay for homes because someone else builds it....someone trained and skilled in building things to a higher standard...and these homes are built out of brick, concrete, metal, plastic, clay, and many other materials more durable and long lasting then wood and mud and the houses are MUCH bigger now...this is what we pay for....that service.

sure people thousands of years ago were supposedly intelligent and knew things we dont....but as for the pyramids being at the center of the earth? where the hell is your logic in that? you know the earth is round right? a circle? which means nowhere on its surface is the center....or perhaps everywhere on its surface is the center which ever way u luk at it it wouldnt matter where the pyramids were this planet is round so where exactly is the center? other than at the very middle of the planets core.

and yes people actually can re-create the pyramids if we wanted to...much easier than they did it thousands of years ago...we wouldnt need thousands of slaves to hall rocks up...the reason we dont re-create them is because we dont need to...we dont build large constructions to bury worshipped kings, queens, pharoes any more...and things we do build are not usually made from large stones anymore...there is no reason for any mroe pyramids so we dont build them.

this site isnt designed to scare people...its designed to try and show the truth about things that are kept from the public for woteva reason it gives you a choice for something to believe in instead of just being told 1 thing and having no choice but to listen because theres nothing else to contradict it. without sites like this the lies and secrets and information that travels through the media and the governments would be the only thing you know and youd have no idea there more truthful information out there.

your thread is going to mislead a lot of people but really its just a complete waste of server space keeping this thread on here.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 07:24 AM
this is true, now only if they couldn't evict you from "their" land!!! but who claims what is rightfully ours? i TELL "YOU" DO IT! like NIKE=4=Love Just=4 Do=2 It=2 4+4=8 = 2 circles that are infinite, a snake eating its own tail!

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 07:28 AM

Originally posted by Colopatiron


You Will Never Starve


It is estimated that some 800 million people in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition, about 100 times as many as those who actually die from it each year.


posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 07:56 AM

Originally posted by Royal_Flush

Originally posted by Colopatiron


You Will Never Starve


It is estimated that some 800 million people in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition, about 100 times as many as those who actually die from it each year.


maybe as an experiment look at how much food you personally waste throw out and over eat...then walk past a few restaurants and look into their bins, and then as a kicker go and look in one of the industrial bins out the back of your local supermarket.

I can tell you what you will*t loads of food, and you would be surprised how much good food is throw into a bin from a super market...

Now on top of those total wasters of food, think of all the farmers that just dont bother to pick there crop as some times it costs more to pick it, pack it and then sell it to a super market chain who will pay a minimal farm gate price and then add a few hundred or thousand % to the cost they got it for and put it on their shelves and we buy it.

I know of dairy farmers that milk the cows then pour the milk out as waste because they would loose money shipping it.

The west has more than enough wasted food to feed the world...

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by Colopatiron

I do not fully concur. Even though some say (and they may be right) there are bigger fish to fry, I think Morgellon's is something to fear. It's right out of sci-fi and brought into our reality!

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 01:37 PM
I would like to personally welcome all of you to the REAL WORLD where I live.

See, mankind is nothing but civilized animal. The bigger animal preys on the smaller one and so on. It's the survival of the fittest.

I'll give you one 'simple' reason why growing food and building shelter and all the other oversimplified ideas of yours will never work.

Lets say, there's 100 people in a certain area. You all decide to follow your ideas and start living 'Free'. Out of that 100, I guarantee you that even if 99 of you will follow the ideas, there will be atleast 1 person in the group who will think, these guys are growing enough food why should I, he/she will just steal other people's food.

Now make that society bigger, there will be people who will murder you in a heartbeat to steal your land and your shelter (America anyone??)

So now you are living 'Free' but some of these pesky humans need to be kept in check. You form a group of people whose sole purpose is to keep a check on these individuals (Police?).

Now that you have taken care of protecting your 'belongings' from freeloaders you realize you are not doing things very efficiently. People realize that stronger, bigger males are much suited for building shelter. You form groups of people who specialize in doing what they do best (Jobs?). Building shelter is hard work, the farmers provide them food in exchange for a fine piece of wood/mud/brick/steel structure they build for you (Barter?).

Some people are good at remembering and documenting which kind of plant/fruit growth is good for humans and in which way. They can also do research and figure out what kinda food/herb helps prevent/cure/eliminate certain diseases/allergies (Doctor?).

So now you have a huge society with doctors, farmers, construction workers, etc. until you realize barter is not working out fairly. So, a system is developed where you assign a value to goods/services/etc. This system helps you trade fairly based on the pre-assigned values (Money?).

Now you need people/elders/councils to figure out what value should be assigned to each goods/services based on the man hours/research/complexity/quality/scarcity value of the said goods/services. You also need these people to make decisions for the people as a society on other matters as well. You have to have some rules/boundaries which people should not break/cross for the good of the society as whole (Government?).

So now lets see where we are at........THE REAL WORLD.....surprise surprise.

And now few hundred/thousand years later we realize the people with power have become corrupt and there is no one to police them. They control what you buy/sell. You have to 'own' things before you can use them. There are all kinds of people in the world. Someone does something stupid and a new law is made to prevent further stupidity. You have millions of laws telling you how to live your everyday life. Suddenly you feel suffocated. You can't just 'have' a land, you have to buy it. You don't wanna pay for overpriced food so grow your own. Electric companies rip you off so you want to install your own solar panels (man made devices which you have to PAY for before you can use them). Now you think you have the secret of life figured out. So you think you should impart you wisdom to other people and teach them how to be 'Free'.................

Go back to Line 1 and repeat.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 02:51 PM
The following is my opinion as a member participating in this discussion.

reply to post by silencer

That is a fantastic description of the history of mankind!

The part which I still have trouble with is where that 1 person begins stealing from the other 99. That is where the breakdown begins. Thus, that is where the solution lies. You mention that it is nature, the survival of the fittest; therefore, the fittest being those who actually produce instead of steal, would it not make sense to remove that one thief from amongst yourselves?

That's what happens in rural areas. You don't hear about it, you never see it, but it does happen. And that is why the crime rate is so low.

The root cause of the decision to steal from others instead of doing for oneself is not just a decision that one makes one day; it is a symptom of a much larger issue: lack of respect for others. If one respects their neighbors, one would be wroth to take from them. To steal from someone, one must first acknowledge in their own minds that they are somehow superior to the person they steal from.

Ironically, this attitude is also the reasoning behind hate crimes, racism, sexism, and violence.

So where does this attitude come from? It's a gradual process, fed by the very thing you mention: the assignment of jobs. Someone is always going to do better in life than others, which breeds contempt. Children see this contempt in their parents and subconsciously integrate it into their own attitudes. Over several generations, it becomes a lack of respect for others.

We can no longer change this in today's society. The corruption has become too great. This economy will fail, and this society will crumble. We are at the end of your example. But as we go back to step 1 and repeat, we can change the pathway of the future. We must respect each other as equals, and maintain that respect throughout the generations. If we can do this, then perhaps, just perhaps, this next time we will not find ourselves heading for your last paragraph.

I have already started, because what I need is free. I am already at the beginning again, planning for a better run this time. So is the OP. Who will join us?


As an ATS Staff Member, I will not moderate in threads such as this where I have participated as a member.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 04:02 PM

Originally posted by TheRedneck
reply to post by silencer

We can no longer change this in today's society. The corruption has become too great. This economy will fail, and this society will crumble. We are at the end of your example. But as we go back to step 1 and repeat, we can change the pathway of the future. We must respect each other as equals, and maintain that respect throughout the generations. If we can do this, then perhaps, just perhaps, this next time we will not find ourselves heading for your last paragraph.

I would like to add something here. Now let me make it clear that this is how I see the world. I don't claim it to be fact but my opinion and my understanding of life.

Treating each others as equal is never gonna happen because we are human. There will always be 'bad apples' who will spoil it for every1 else.

I personally have a theory that we were planted on this planet a very long time ago by aliens/nwo/elites/god whatever you wanna call it. Earth is like a Zoo and we are monitored and studied. Just like we do with every other species on the planet. We cage them and study them and watch them. The animals don't understand that we the 'smart' humans are watching them and studying them. They are not capable of that knowledge.

Similarly, our planet is like a cage, we are studied by higher beings and sometimes we are monitored for entertainment. These higher beings are to us like we are to other animals on this planet. We can never understand them or figure out what they are doing to us (What out purpose of life is).

And there are even higher beings above these beings who created them and monitor them and so on...........(infinity?)

We see it in nature everyday, some animal species are smarter than others, a monkey can hit a chicken with a stick on it's head and the chicken would not understand what happened. A human can shoot a monkey with a sniper rifle and the monkey won't understand it. These higher beings can wipe us out with an act beyond our comprehension and we wouldn't understand it.

The animals can eat tree leaves and the tree does not understand it but the animals knows that it needs to eat it to feed itself because it gets 'hungry'.

This chain of species goes higher and higher forever because universe is infinite (?).

We have emotions and expressions and language which is much more complex than other animals. Maybe these higher beings have even more emotions and expressions and language and other functions which we can never understand.

The point being that no matter how many times you start over from Line 1, we will always end up with the same result. Then, society will crumble, people will die and life will be planted again on the planet when the dust settles. This is what happened to ancient advanced civilizations and this is what will happen to us. This is life. Deal with it, make the best of it and live it to the fullest.

If you get lucky enough to climb the social ladder and be super rich, you are not obliged to care about the poor people, if you do it, good for you but you don't have to. Society only rewards people who can provide for society.

Some people are born into riches because of family, but that's a different story.

You can't change the system, you can't fight the government, you can't be 'free' because you already are. You are free to work hard and become rich.

Changing the system won't get you anywhere except back to Line 1, where everything seems great but mankind will always take the same path. It is impossible for billions of people to completely be content and be equasl with each other at the same time. There will always be 'bad apples' because we are human

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 04:45 PM
I can see society crumbling all around my feet. Day by day ! Those who have
trouble with change are the worse for the wear ! If I fear anything, It is those who choose not to wake up to their place in their surroundings !
Self sufficiency skills and ideas are being shared by those who ask sincerely for help. Fear can be dealt with by working out situations as they arise !

It is an individual's responsibility to carry their own water. We can learn again !

Learn to eat less ! Learn to be who you would want to be with ! If you wish to
prosper and thrive find a way to do so !

There is plenty ! If not where you are now , Find a place where you can see this ! It is your responsibility to understand this !

You really don't have anything to fear ! But maybe your own ignorance and
you should already be working on that !

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by silencer

Interesting and good post

but what if we are not monitored like you said, after all? and the "bad apples"(thieves, elites, etc.) just want us to give up? Did you give up already? Will you just try to satisfy your own needs, like the monkey you mentioned? Or are we humans maybe more than just monkeys and animals? Persons that can articulate such abstract thoughts like yourself with concepts of infinity of the universe and greater understanding are certainly the prime target number one to the elites in their attempts to FRUSTRATE and SUBJUGATE their enemys ...

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 05:37 AM
reply to post by Colopatiron

I am in total agreement with you, except on the part of medicines. Though herbal remedies worked wonders during the ancient times, With the modern and more advance bacteria we have now I doubt that they were be as effective as the Medicines of today. Then again, the advance in bacteria can somewhat be blamed on the advance in medicines.

A good example of what you have posted would be the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" Taking away everything would definitely force mankind into living of the land etc etc.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 07:56 PM
First, I have to say, IT IS MY OPINION:

I am amazed in the opposite positions argued in this post. The OP post for faith that we DO control ALL the things that effect our lives. its true. where is there land? everywhere! does it grow food? maybe not, so MOVE (if your feet still work) the US is covered with vast forests that hold game, natural food, and water, with NO or FEW people. I suspect many other places in the world have it too, but you have to look!

All the negative posters I feel sorry for, because the answer is in the mirror. It all has to do with faith (in yourself, fellow man, God, and that you know you can do it) The answer is there and attainable. you can't take "no, or it can't be done" as the answer! If there is no answer, why bother! Just give up now, when its easy

The problem is most people won't make the tent out of rags, sleep on the ground, drop the lifestyle, and EAT BUGS if needed. thats why when the manure hits the rotational air device, riots, looting, murder, rape, and theft will be the short term norm. Tools? how about a rock, a stick, old metal, some cordage/vine-age. Water in the desert, got a sheet of plastic? (heck it doesn't decompose) seeds & animals were domesticated once before. (I proved this summer that wild doves could be trained to come in on schedule twice a day)

The main thing is to know, I MEAN KNOW IN YOUR HEART, I can do it!! you want to feed everybody and feel better about yourself...yuppie pipe dream. people were dying before, and they will continue to. worry about yourself! your family!!! your friends!!! (not ment as selfish to the rest of the world, only as the primary focus first) When you relieve your own burden upon society, then be the humanitarian. until then, FOCUS! but to beat up someone else, in real, in posts, or by being generally mean, to make your own lazy self feel better is worse than not contributing at all. (not ment as an attackon anyone here) IMHO negativity, "realism", and pesimism (sp?) just means that you have already given up, want a hand out, or expect someone else to figure it out for you. we are the leaders, survivors!!!

And, for the record, I raised my family, in the ozarks for 15 years with a low annual income of $7500 and a high score of $16,000 (2 working parents and 3 kids, with 3 different homeless house guests that we helped at times, too) DO NOT tell me it can't be done, we did it, and had a very reasonable lifestyle. and we were happy (we also maintained 2 cars on that, and ran our cottage businesses and paid for our property, and thats not "fake laundered declared income", actual cash taken in)

great thread! we will survive, thrive, and teach
TPTB don't realize WE are the new world order, not them

Dr Dodge

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:23 PM
I agree fully that people can be self sufficiant therfore would wipe out any need of dependancy on your governments etc... The biggest problem I am facing is GMo seeds it is close to impossible to find seed free from GMOs on my island, or any where else. This is something that the worlds populations are having to deal with it is how they will control your FREE food so you cannot live self contained.

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 10:07 AM
reply to post by Colopatiron

(Sorry, the quote function wasn't working properly, so I'm going to have to paraphrase)

"Why doesn't your government plant fruit trees everywhere?"

I can't comment on other parts of the World, but here in the UK, most fruit doesn't grow very well naturally, even in the summer (just ask any Brit with an apple tree in their garden if the apples are edible). It has to be continuously cultivated and then you will only get apples and pears, maybe lemons and limes etc. Who is going to pay for this work? Someone somewhere has to pay, therefore it is not free.

"Does the government own all the land?"

Again, in the UK, YES IT DOES! If the land is not owned by a private person or entity, it IS owned by either the government or the crown (Royal Family). I once worked in property for my local council and I have seen with my own eyes the ownership maps. They are very clear. The pink areas are Council owned and the grey areas are privately owned. ALL areas are either pink or grey, meaning it is all owned by someone.

Even the forrests are owned by either the Government, Crown or conservation trusts.

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 11:07 AM
we are not intelligent we have a brain of a dog compared to zeta reticuli and others;no we are not in charge on earth

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 05:29 PM

Originally posted by Ghost in the Machine
reply to post by Colopatiron

I am in total agreement with you, except on the part of medicines. Though herbal remedies worked wonders during the ancient times, With the modern and more advance bacteria we have now I doubt that they were be as effective as the Medicines of today. Then again, the advance in bacteria can somewhat be blamed on the advance in medicines.

A good example of what you have posted would be the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" Taking away everything would definitely force mankind into living of the land etc etc.

If you research the people that have lived to over 100+ years you'll realize that they are not only passing 100 because they are getting better nutrition and fuel their bodies need, they are also putting things in their body that have fought off every form of disease, cancer, heart disease, etc. for over 100 years. Including those believed to be man made or influenced. It's like others have said, the bad bacteria is around everywhere! The only thing protecting you is the trace amounts of vitamins and mineral you are getting that help your body produce what it needs to keep it in check and fight it off. If you watch the documentary FOOD INC., you'd see that the majority of meat out there is contaminated because they are so heavily mixed, cross contaminated and go unchecked with proper regulation.

What many people forget is many drugs are in fact extracts from certain food sources on this planet chemically altered. Where do you think a lot of this medicine is coming from, from the earth! So maybe we should bypass the lab and go to the source in nature! Hippocrates said "let thy food be thy medicine".

I've researched microbiology...bacteria, fungus, parasites, worms, are not as intelligent as people give them credit for! Most bacteria cannot grow in high sugar concentrations, most will not grow in Honey, which is why Honey is said by some to have no expiration date. Other bacteria will not grow in high salt concentrations, which is why salted ham seems to last forever in the fridge. Others are killed easily by apple cidar vinegar, which is why for hundreds of years it was used as a cleaning product! Bleach also kills pretty much every bacteria, these things have been tested over and over again.

Even if you somehow genetically modified them, they would have to constantly mutate to fight the body and these scientific principles! If they had that ability, no drug would be able to kill them either way because they'd mutate too much! This is outside science and logic that such a mutating perpetual motion machine could exist that is invincible!

We get back to the people that live to 100+ years and what they put in their body to be so strong to survive for so long. Research what they eat!

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 06:56 PM
I agree with your interpretation of people can grow their own food my ex husband was in the Army and told me a story about filming of a news report on people supposedly starving but the truth was far removed from the portrayal made by the news crew. He said that people were PAID four weeks before the filming to starve themselves so that when they filmed it looked like they needed food desperately. He was in the UN Peace Keeping Force in Bosnia and took part in the film being made. The storyline goes that the food truck from the UN was giving out aid to the people of the region in the form of food. There was a mass of local people made to look as if they were desperate for food, praying, pleading, fighting over the convoy of food. But they were all paid to be there. As the food was given out the camera scanned them all, the skinny ones especially who had been paid had close ups of their faces and emancipated bodies filmed to make us feel sorry for them when it was shown on our televisions. After the filming everyone was paid with money and cigarettes and the UN soldiers went with the film crew to the local diner for something to eat. After I heard this story I have stopped giving to charity and do not believe any propoganda about starving people or any other thing that I cannot prove myself with my own eyes. I have often watched war torn area footage on the news before this and wondered if there was no food how did I see people smoking cigarettes? Now I know cigarettes are used as a currency to make people make propaganda to us back here so that we dig deep into our pockets to save the starving people that don't really exist!

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