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Social Collapse as a Function of Social Intelligence

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posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 01:12 AM
Social Collapse as a Function of Social Intelligence


"You keep using this word, I do not think it means, what you think it means"

According to the theory of Multiple Intelligences, there are various types of intelligence that make up the whole of a persons cognitive ability.

The specific Intelligence that I will be speaking about today, is (As you may have already guessed) "Social Intelligence"

There are many who would state, or claim that social intelligence is a useful, and desirable trait in people.

And this is true, in the same sense that a Nuclear weapon is a useful and desirable tool for Political interactions.

Social intelligence according to the original definition of Edward Thorndike, is "the ability to understand and manage men and women, boys and girls, to act wisely in human relations"

This seems is the entire nature of Social Intelligence, and it sums it up beautifully, except for one important point.

The word "Manage" is poorly defined in this quote, and the implied definition is quite disturbing.

Allow me to explain.


1. pull off: be successful; achieve a goal
2. be in charge of, act on, or dispose of
3. cope: come to terms with
4. oversee: watch and direct
5. wangle: achieve something by means of trickery or devious methods
6. do: carry on or function
7. wield: handle effectively

The implied definition of "Manage" in Thorndike's explanation of "Social Intelligence" is that of achieving a set goal.

The goal, that is implied in the Explanation of "Social Intelligence" is to sway the opinions of others, and by extension, to control their actions.

So, the Actual definition of "Social Intelligence" is:

"The ability to manipulate others to get what you want."

Now, my usage of the word "manipulate" was deliberately chosen for its negative connotations, as was Thorndike's choice of the word "Manage" chosen for its Positive connotations.

And this is precisely what social intelligence *IS*... the ability to sway others, using subtle "Tricks" to play their inherent "Humanity" or "Animal Nature" in order to mold their opinions, and thus, actions for a desired end, or goal.

Now, there is ANOTHER way to change peoples minds about certain topics, that relies on the audiences "Free Will"... and that is "Truth" or, "Science"

Presenting Facts, and allowing the viewer to judge on their own.

This is *NOT* what social intelligence *IS*.

For social intelligence is the ability to Understand, and Use effectively, other people for your own gain or purposes.

Claiming that this "Social Intelligence" is in fact... a type of Intelligence, is quite wrong, in that it is the specific application of knowledge, and not problem solving ability that is relied upon.

Social intelligence is more of a lack of Morals, than it is an Ability, or aspect of Cognition.

To put it bluntly... "Social Intelligence" is the ability to circumvent free will.

And, by looking at the world with this understanding, it is quite easy to realize what our global problems are...

The belief that the Ability (or Will to) manipulate others, is a form of intelligence that somehow equates to the ability to lead effectively, or wisely.

"All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible."
- Missionaria Protectiva, "Heretics of Dune"

And you can see the Truth of it in Government, Politics, and ANY position of power.

Those who appeal to our Reason, our intelligence, for us to see the truth, and choose correctly are marginalized, and shunned.

Those who manipulate our emotions, or harness our inherent Mental Sloth... are quickly propelled through the ranks to positions of authority over our lives.

And we have the nerve to complain that our leaders don't have our best interests at heart.

Of course they don't... that is how they got you to elect them.

Power Attracts the corruptible, Suspect all who seek it.


posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 01:26 AM
The REAL problem with the world, the problem with poverty, the problem with the economy...

It all boils down to Who we chose to give power to.

We give power to those who make us feel good.

Those who make us feel good about choosing them.

Those who do not give us a Real Reason why they should be trusted.

Faith, is not a political word.

As a deeper explanation of the incorrect perception of the "Social Intelligence" above, is the Incorrect assumptions we hold on many aspects of our lives.

I usually call this "Bumper Sticker Philosophy", holding to a premise that is short, concise, poetic, and usually, wholly wrong.

So, as you can see... most of the problems that we have in this world, are caused by Memes that we never bothered to think about, or judge their validity or truthfulness.

The average human would rather believe something that is easy to understand, and sounds good... than to think on the Truth.

Is humanity loosing its tenuous grasp on that part of the animal kingdom which we call, "Humanity"?

The ability to reason, the ability to think abstractly?

Of course we are... it is plain to see.

Even throughout history, Entire civilizations have met this challange, and have started the slow, inexorable slide backwards into the mire of barely conscious animalism.

The very same animalism that can never hope to maintain, let alone BUILD the civilizations that it must assuredly loose, due to its inability to think past itself.

The real danger to humanity is not the NWO, or the Illuminati, or the Builderbergs...

It is Humanities inherent Desire (it would seem) to slide backwards into ignorance, for want of the bliss of not knowing.

Those in power, merely play on this natural weakness of humanity.

This Achilles heel of social dynamics that favors pleasurable ignorance, over painful knowledge.

This "Social Intelligence"


posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 01:55 AM
This problem, of course, is a natural progression of the forces that brought us here.

Early in our "Evolution" we had no ability to communicate complex behaviors to each other, those that would ensure a greater chance of survival.

With this lack of abstract communication, there was only one way to ensure that life forms exhibited the behaviors necessary (At the time) to survive, and thrive...

And that, was the Instinct; Genetic Behaviors that maximized the possibility of survival and reproduction.

These behaviors were honed over millions of years to be the absolute BEST strategies for the continuation of life.

And they worked too, life spread to every corner of the globe, and took over the surface of this world.

The only problem with these behaviors, is that they are Situational.

The survival instincts of hunter gatherers, and nomads, do not provide the best possible behaviors for the purposes of survival, and reproductive success in a world where hunting and gathering are an obsolete mode of survival.

Instincts take geological time scales to change... and our old instincts are not conductive to a sustainable, and beneficial civilization.

The end result of a Intelligent civilization being driven by its instincts, would be quite clear:

Massive accumulation of power and wealth by males to ensure desirability from females.

Constant Struggle between "Tribes" over natural resources.


Our civilizations are guided by the obsolete Instincts of our leaders, who used OUR obsolete Instincts to achieve power from us.

Our civilization is built For humans, BY humans.

But we are not human... we are animals, taking advantage of the benefits of the Humanity of a relative Few.

And this is the Cycle of doom for our species.

Once the True Reasoning faculties of actual human beings begin to develop, they are used to provide comfort and plenty to the masses.

This causes an explosion of population, driven by the reduction in natural predators, advances in medicine, and abundance of food that is provided by the Reason, Creativity, and Intellect of a relative few.

Those few, Those Brave few... continue their pursuits, at the expense of their "Social Intelligence" and end up being out-reproduced by those who do not share their ability, or passion for the Human part of themselves.

Without their creativity, and drive, the civilization that depends upon their skills to provide for the rest of the population, declines, and eventually shatters.

This is the purpose of the NWO, and the Illuminati.

To prevent the Fall of human civilization, by consolidating total power over all humans.

But, as you can see... that is not actually a plan of Reason, or Intellect...

IT is a plan of Instinct, the primitive urge to conquer.

When the Brain is a slave to the Wagging of the Tail.


posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 02:48 AM
reply to post by Edrick

WOW interesting thoughts the least.

The average human would rather believe something that is easy to understand, and sounds good... than to think on the Truth.

Totally agree with those quote, I have been wondering how to move around this problem.

I believe it is a problem, I had the problem untile 6 years of research. My desire for truth brought me more problems than solutions in life.

And I think that is why people regard ignorance as a bless.

And I think that is why people would rather follow culture, or religion due to its simplicity, it is all layed out for you, all you got to do is follow it.

And I think that is why we have created law and order, because we want to live easy lives. Whether we can choose to direct ourselves towards the right direction without law and order is something yet to be seen.

Great thread over all, thanks for your thoughts.


posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 02:56 AM
reply to post by oozyism

Thank you for your thoughts...

Whether we can choose to direct ourselves towards the right direction without law and order is something yet to be seen.

We can... and we have, that is where the Laws that guide us came from in the first place.

The problem, is that we have chosen to guide humanity through laws, and force; Rather than to guide humanity through teaching and wisdom as a whole to come to the understanding that produced those laws.

Which would negate the reason for having those laws in the first place.


posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by Edrick

But we know humans don't agree fully with each other even if educated, and some don't agree to disagree. Therefore making some believe force is necessary.

In order to teach humanity wisdom the first thing that needs to be done is to remove their free will, in a sense that they wouldn't have no right to say no to that wisdom. That being said would mean that we are using force once more. But if we are spreading Wisdom through other means it wouldn't be that efficiant.

Even in today's society we force children to learn, here in NZ you have to go to school, if police catches you roaming around with your uniform in school hours you will be picked up.

Primary and Secondary education is compulsory for students between the ages of 6 and 16 (15 with parental and school permission),...


So I see forced education in my society which I'm currently residing on. This being said makes you wonder don't you think? The government believe this is good for the people therefore has made it compolsory, now if an individual believe some witch craft is benificial for the people should he/she force such education as a leader?

These are just my thought, which are always open for discussion.


posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 03:35 AM
reply to post by oozyism

But we know humans don't agree fully with each other even if educated...

"Educated" is a Catch all term used to describe a condition of possessing knowledge of some useful kind.

An "Educated" person will not automatically understand the inherent drawbacks of using force as a guiding principle for free willed life forms.

Especially if their education is of a technical nature, mathematical, political, etc...

Schools teach what is useful FOR industrial society... not necessarily what is useful to HUMAN society.

To say that we have "Educated" people in this world is a misnomer... we have "Knowledgeable" people... but they are by no means Enlightened, nor wise.

Wisdom is Knowing others, Enlightenment is knowing oneself.

These two are necessary for understanding Correct action, and Correct laws, moreso than Legal, political, or business knowledge.

the secret of silence is wisdom and enlightenment, one does not learn with an open mouth

The secret of enlightenment and wisdom, is peace

one becomes enlightened by embracing ones humanity

One embraces ones humanity by observing ones Animal nature.

One observes ones Animal nature, by observing others, and understanding them... this is wisdom.

Once one Understands others, one can understand themselves... this is enlightenment.

Enlightenment is Understanding that one is an animal, and recognizing it in oneself, and others, but choosing to Act Human instead.

Animals are not self aware... Humans Are.

Self awareness is not enlightenment, Choosing to act as a volitional being, instead of a reactionary animal is Enlightenment.

Teaching how to become enlightened is the path of peace.

Animals Fight for territory, dividing along lines of difference.

Humans cooperate.

The most obvious animal trait in Humans, is the Competition for Sex

The animalistic competition for sex is inherently divisionary.

"My genes, vs Your Genes"

The competition to be more worthy to reproduce, by the standards of another.

This is the cause of all of our problems.

This inherent "Split" of Me and You, instead of "Us"

"We" function as a society...

"Me and you" function as individual competitors.

"We" collaborate, and expand our options.

"Me and you" fight for what already exists.

"We" expand our boundaries.

"Me and You" defend our borders.

"We" compensate for each others deficiencies.

"Me and You" exploit each others deficiencies.

"School" does not teach this... school teaches what Industry NEEDS to be profitable... not what society NEEDS to advance.

This is what lies at the root of the problem.


[edit on 29-10-2009 by Edrick]

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 01:20 PM

Originally posted by Edrick
reply to post by oozyism

Thank you for your thoughts...

Whether we can choose to direct ourselves towards the right direction without law and order is something yet to be seen.

We can... and we have, that is where the Laws that guide us came from in the first place.

The problem, is that we have chosen to guide humanity through laws, and force; Rather than to guide humanity through teaching and wisdom as a whole to come to the understanding that produced those laws.

Which would negate the reason for having those laws in the first place.


Right Edrick. Written laws are the extension of tribal law. The punishments are much different though and, I think, thats the reason our laws don't work.

In tribal law if you break the rules you get beat up, no food or, if you're really bad, you get excommunicated, kicked out of the tribe. These are REAL consequences for crimes. The tribe gently uses social intelligence (manipulation) to build a just society

We, on the other hand, merely limit the space someone is allowed and we think that is enough to deter crime. Well it doesn't work. These people still have food, water, shelter and sometimes they even have all their friends in prison too. Prison, fines, even the death penalty are not deterrents to crime. Breaking tribal law puts your life on the line. Breaking written law has no consequences for some people.

Also keep in mind money, forced labor and poverty are not present in tribal life therefore the factors that cause crime in our society are not the same causes of tribal crime. Most tribal crimes are things like adultery, stealing food or animals, not following tribal codes and ceremonies, etc. Murders, rapes, hate crimes are non existent because the factors that create them are non existent

So, like you said, we force people to follow our way while the tribal law says "if you dont want to follow then start your own tribe." This allows tribal people to come to knowledge, wisdom and society by their own choice. In our society, its work or die. There is no choice, only force.

Not only that but in tribal society everyone shares food, water, and other life necessities. We, however, are forced to work for these basic life needs. This is an underrated factor of the discontent in society. We all know were slaves and the fact that we get to choose our own personal flavor of slavery means nothing. So resource hoarding is an element of our society that causes nearly all crime and is non existent in tribal societies.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 01:35 PM
reply to post by Edrick

I agree with your last post too edrick. Cooperation is what makes us human. The economic system which is swallowing the globe is the prime cause of competition among humans. Only the rich benefit from competition since they rarely fight among themselves. I'm talking Rockefeller rich, not Clinton rich. And I don't believe in secret societies running the world. I'm talking about the out in the open heads of state, media moguls, the Carlyle group, etc. The people who really run the show don't need to hide behind secret meetings and meet in dark, smoky alleyways. Belief in conspiracy groups only furthers the us vs them mentality and disempowers anyone who believes in them. Afterall if the masons control everything, and youre not a mason, why bother taking responsibility for your time on Earth? Sorry. Moving on.

The way we run schools is derived from the beginnings of the industrial revolution. It is our technology upon we we build the metaphors that translate into social institutions. Schools are assembly lines, as factories were the technological metaphor of the time (now its the computer). Schools teach us to become ideal workers, not ideal human beings. The problem is, work ends at 5 o clock but you still have to be human for the rest of the night and when one isn't taught how to be a good human being all sorts of anti social, media fueled nonsense educates us how to be, mmmm not quite human, but more like well behaved pets of the super rich and influential.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 09:43 PM
reply to post by doctornamtab

We, on the other hand, merely limit the space someone is allowed and we think that is enough to deter crime. Well it doesn't work.

Actually we do something worse than that, we give them free food, free drink, a roof over their heads, a basketball court etc etc.

This is ridiculous, the good law abiding citizens have to work their ass off, yet the criminals who break the law and who kill, who rape, who rape little girls, can live the rest of their lives easy.

Why do I have to work my ass off from morning to night, come home sleep and go back to the same loop hole?

It is a huge system flaw, no one is scared anymore, isn't that why the laws are created in the first place? To make the criminals think twice for doing the things they do? To scare the F@ck out of them so that they don't have the balls to do it?

We are too soft, that is all I'm saying. I mean for god sakes, I know people who stay in JAIL intentionally so they can stack up the TAX PAYERS money, they don't even want to get out in bail because they get money for staying inside. So when they come out they have a massive party, have a rich life for couple of weeks then do another criminal activity which takes them back inside for couple of more years.

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