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Strange Clouds-ROMANIA *Similar to Russia*

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 08:45 PM

Originally posted by zaiger
Yeah does not matter what is next to or near these coulds they are still just clouds. As a side not i find the HAARP thing interesting, is there anything that HAARP can't do?

LOL i just had2laugh as i see u have a certain respected foes avatar in use a the moment and i cant even remb what the thread is now??? lol

Soooo funny!! soz im sooo sad??


posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 08:51 PM
Yeah now i remb....

Now is this a new phenomenon or is it in all the relevant weather book's or journals or whatever????

At least Since they started keeping record of freaky stuff in the cloud's?

Anyone know? i;m just having a lazy night so cant be bothered researching or even putting all my punctuation in correctly? sure we all have those days huh.......?


posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 09:40 PM
Ya nothing more than clouds. DEFINITELY Not a phenomenon. I absolutely love thunderstorms and I have seen this more than a few times and it's happens alot. In my love for storms I know alot about clouds. Anyway.. It's usually caused when an aircraft descends or ascends through a thin cirrus layer.

What is happening here is actually very simple.

..Hole punch cloud anyone?

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 03:30 AM

I've seen the Russian cloud on You Tube but I never knew anything about "hole punch" clouds. Nor had I seen that other video. Good stuff.

New to this site and am pretty excited about all the topics being discussed!

Btw, I checked out that cloud watch society link. Really neat cloud pics but it's pretty lame how they insist on calling chemtrails contrails.

posted on Feb, 27 2010 @ 04:45 AM
Even if this is a couple of months old thread i appreciate your post xSeraphim as it may offer some explanations to those looking for an answer at some questions related to military bases all over the world ( using a simple google search of specific keywords ,this thread will appear on first page)

One must be aware of the advanced technology nowadays and its implications in all military operations.

I am fairly convinced weather manipulation is possible and it is used for various reasons and also i am convinced that like any food genetically manipulated harms your organism in a long term so does the air you breath once it's a result of any weather manipulation experiment...but nobody seems to care... that's why this thread of xSeraphim should be given the proper attention and foremost appreciation .

I live fairly close to a military base in Romania, by the way nobody asked me or any of my fellow citizens anything before the base appeared, so that says a lot about our rights and the so called democracy in this country.

I was born here and lived here all my life and i've never seen a weather like in the past 2 months.

Leaving aside the snow, which is not that unusual, and it happened all over Europe, the air was never so hard to breathe .
When i was young i suffered from a respiratory condition and it made me sensitive to those kind of things, otherwise this phenomenon could easily pass unnoticed.

I found myself asking my friends or family very often : do you feel that the air is different? is more hard to breathe and the logical explanation for that is that the ratio nitrogen/oxygen has changed in a very short time

During the past two months every night , where i live , there's fog, every night without exception. This is something that never happened before and even so , people here are to ignorant to even ask themselves what's going on.

I've tried making a search in hoping of finding similar phenomenons near US bases around the world, but since people here couldn't care less , why others in other part of the world would? Especially creating a topic in a forum about it...? This is asking to much...

It's useless to say that all the bases here in my country don't make me feel safer , or anyone else for that matter i believe, but it's exactly on the contrary...

Imagine what it will be for your health to be affected on a long term because of a foreign army on your soil experimenting with weather manipulation... How would you feel?

I am not saying this is happening as i don't have any proof, but i am the on feeling the changes on in the air and experiencing fog every night during the last two months.

Sooner or later someone will probably see this thread and will give a link from wikipedia or other similar websites with the definition of air , its composition, or the definition of fog or what it's causing it, as this happens in most threads on this websites when someone without proof is questioning something related to the US government.

Don't bother with the links as i already am very familiar with the composition and the phenomenon that causes fog to appear.

Maybe tries to be just a small reminder of how our nation changed from being a brave and worthy of admiration nation to being either the bitch of Europe or US.

Maybe we need a leader like Chavez to put a stop to this, maybe we would have lived better , more and more elderlies are crying over communist times and more and more youths are wondering if they would have had a better life with a regime like the one of Ceausescu

In case of a armed conflict happening in this area , US bases in Romania will be targeted for sure, that will mean that maybe people on a radius of 100 km from a base could be affected.

Why weren't they asked their opinion before signing any agreements for what it seems to be a permanent establishment of the US military?

Just a small reminder to every romanian that will read this thread to think twice before voting next time .

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