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Challenging the Past - Conference June 2010

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posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 11:32 AM

"Disciplinary Measures?’ aims to provide a discussion forum for the
increasing number of people working on the history (or histories) of
the discipline of Egyptology. The conference is not limited to
Egyptologists. Rather, it seeks to set the multiple histories of
Egyptology in a broader, multi-disciplinary context, concomitant with
the manner in which studies of the discipline have emerged in recent
years. The conference, therefore, aims to stimulate critique and
constructive dialogue, as its title suggests."


Such a multi-disciplined approach to the (re)evaluation of Ancient Egyptian history that includes professional and non-professional Egyptologists alike is long overdue. Really great to see that this is being organised.

Best wishes,

Scott Creighton

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