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Corportated States of America

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posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 05:30 AM
The United States of America is incorporated. A business. One with assets. Just as a large company like Microsoft. That was shocking enough to realize, but then to find that every state in the territory as well was also incorporated. This got me wondering.

The thing that gets me is that corporations are not allowed, by law, to become politically "charged" in terms of their control of the masses of a region.

Now we enter the government bail out of our History Books and I can only ponder (lightly because I am a biker and not an accountant or lawyer) how is this really posible.

First off, the region incorporations (Dallas Incorporated in Texas, Baltimore Incorporated in Maryland), the state incorporations (Texas Incorporated, Virginia Incorporated) operate under their own corperation and MADE laws. Meaning to say, that when the corporation was formed it had to set it's rules and regulations within itself.

I am activly trying to get the corporation rules from my home state just to see if they exsist, and if so, what do they apply to the company.

Now, it does not take millions of dollars to become a corporation. I've heard tell that it can be done one time with a lawyer fee of about $200. Anyone (yes, person), can incorporate. Any couple can as well.

We all know and joke about our state looking for money (cops hitting their quota, etc.), but it might be more serious than that. The corporation is into keeping it's stock holders happy (if the corporation is set up with stock holders). Now are the state corporations set up with stock holders? I am not sure, but hope someone here at ATS can help us out here. That would be a shock to find out that majority stock holder of your home state was some oil company.

So, each state is a corporation, seperate from the government, United States of America, that is NOT located on American soil (District of Columbia). Is it any wonder our economys (not only state to state, but federally as well) are messed up.

Getting back to the bailout part of this all: I guess the government could bail out a city, county or state seeings how they have done it to actual business corporations. But that of course does not mean its right. If I incorporate and sart my own company and it flops, the government doesn't have to bail me out. But it COULD. SO what then happens it if DOES bail out the city or state incorporations. What if it DOESN'T. Can Dupont openly purchase the assets of the state of Ohio? Realizing that each person who pays taxes to the state of Ohio (and I'm using that as an example but it isthe same for each state) is then consitered an asset, that would mean that in this example, Dupont could own every person in Ohio.

Now, I will be first to say that I am not a lawyer (biker remember?) and some of this info may be flawed. But that is why I am posting this, to get more input as to peoples feelings about this and to try and hammer out how all this would/could actually work out.

Is it then a conflict of intrest if the government DOES bail out a state? What happens to us (as citizens) if it does?

There have been a lot of questions in here and mostly because I know that here on ATS there are a whole lot smarter people than myself. Plus there might be some that are not sure or know that the city, county and state they live in are actually set up as businesses. Lest we forget that the goal of a business- ANY business is to make money.

Here are some links:

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posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 05:32 AM
Perhaps we should use their own game against themself. Perhaps everyone (citizen) should become a corperation. It seems to work for the city and state governments does it not...?

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 07:25 AM
The only reason Corporations survive is through shares. When your next door neighbors buy shares, their own greed for profit conveniently blinds them to the immoral practices of said corporation... even when it's shafting you.

The general public protect the corporations that are shafting the general public! It's a beautiful symmetry! The profit is more important than the moral. Therefore the general public is every bit as immoral as the Corporation... or they would simply call an end to their practices.... but this doesn't happen.

If everyone dumped their shares, we could end this madness very quickly... however greed is far more powerful that rationalism.


posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 08:12 AM
It's true... You might look at


for more information.

A curious point - the "State of Texas" as an example, does not appear to be a corporation. At least according to investigations by two of the Secretary of State of Texas in 2006 and 2009. Don't know about other "States" per se. However, cities, at least large cities are Municipal Corporations.

All of the ticketing, licensing, taxation ultimately drive money to the bankruptcy creditor the International Monetary Fund.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 08:12 AM
The whole argument is based on a misunderstanding of the various meanings of "corporation".

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 11:08 AM

Originally posted by ReelView
It's true... You might look at


for more information.

A curious point - the "State of Texas" as an example, does not appear to be a corporation. At least according to investigations by two of the Secretary of State of Texas in 2006 and 2009. Don't know about other "States" per se. However, cities, at least large cities are Municipal Corporations.

All of the ticketing, licensing, taxation ultimately drive money to the bankruptcy creditor the International Monetary Fund.

I appologize if I used the State of Texas in error. Or any other falshoods.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 11:50 AM
Good post..this goes along with some personal studying I have been doing with these "free person living on the land" ideas?

They pretty much say that the codes/acts (driving code, penal code ect..) are for the corporation that we are all 'employees' of since birth..and because we sign all these things saying we are a part of (DL, SS, numerous licenses ect..). That we can choose not to be a part of these 'corporations', and simply state that we are free, and living under the law of the land (common law?).

I don't fully understand it yet, it seems to make a lot of sense, but the US is such a police state now that if even correct, our own police/courts wouldn't follow the law or recognize it (you just spend all your time in jail fighting it). It seems to catch on much better in Canada? Maybe they still recognize the legality or rights of common law.

Idk, thats kind of a nutshell explanation and I probably didn't get it 100% right, like I said I'm still looking into this and trying to fully understand it, and it seems to be difficult to find good info on it (which to me makes it more legit, because if it IS true, of course THIS would be the info they would work hard to suppress!)

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 12:22 PM
There is a lot of debate on these issues friend sadly the debate on them tends to be not too serious because many people are so conditioned to accept the fictions that have been ingrained into them by history books, schools, churches, and the media that they refuse to open mindedly discuss and or investigate these issues.

Simply put most people simply create their own convenient truth based on what is comforting and convenient for them to believe and tend to reject any notion no matter how factual or well presented that shatters their own illusion.

I have though done some serious research on this issue and while what can be learned on this subject could fill volumes of books ATS is only going to allow me 10,000 characters in this post. Some members will feel that this is 10,000 characters to many as well.

Most of the Corporate Federal Government entities are incorporated in the State Of Delaware. Delaware has the most lax incorporation laws in the nation as it allows you to easily create what’s known as a shelf corporation. Ownership of Delaware Shelf Corporations are very hard to trace because of Delaware’s unique laws.

For instance you could go to the Cayman Islands (this is how most people do this by the way) and legally incorporate yourself there into a fictitious name entity. Lets say you were born John Doe here in the United States and decide to incorporate yourself in the Caymans as Scooter Trash. John Doe now legally known in the Cayman Islands as Scooter Trash walks in to any one of many Cayman Law Firms and says “I need to start an anonymous corporation, my name is Scooter Trash” Corporations need Officers and these attorneys for a small fee will become your officers and have Corporate Papers already drawn up sitting on the shelf that no one has officially incorporated yet. The friendly attorney says I have just the Corporation for you “Bikers ‘r Us” you smile and pay a few hundred dollars.

You now go to the tiny state of Delaware and present not your John Doe Identification but your Scooter Trash Cayman Island’s Identification to get an International Driver’s License. Now you turn around with your International Drivers License and file your Corporate Papers with the State of Delaware listing yourself as President, President Scooter Trash, and two attorneys from the Law Firm in the Cayman Islands as Vice President and Treasurer of your corporation. You now can file for a Federal Tax Payer Identification Number allowing you to go into any U.S. Bank and set up a Bikers R’ Us business account with your International Driver’s License identifying you as the signatory on the account as Scooter Trash.

No one in the world knows that this corporation is owned by the American Citizen John Doe. Delaware’s records show the Corporation as being owned by the Cayman Island’s Citizen Scooter Trash and list two Cayman Islands Attorneys as the other principal required officers to form a corporation.

Cayman Island Secrecy Laws will prohibit anyone including Federal Law Enforcement Investigators from ever disclosing Scooter Trash is actually John Doe of America. The Attorneys on the document sworn to attorney client privilege likewise are sworn to protect your true identity which they don’t even know since Scooter Trash of the Cayman Islands, not John Doe of America is who paid them to create this Shelf Corporation.

John Doe of America can now legally cash and deposit checks and credit card and debit card payments to Bikers ‘r Us completely anonymously. John Doe, functioning legally and anonymously as Scooter Trash as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Bikers r’ Us can now take out loans from banks in the Corporate Name without anyone knowing the money is being lent to John Doe including the Bankers that lend it!

John Doe can deposit money even from the illegal proceeds of a crime into Bikers ‘r Us and pay Federal Corporation Taxes on it and turn it in to clean money! Bikers r’ Us can even hire the actual American John Doe as a manager or other employee and pay him a salary or wage and take out W-2 wage withholdings, Social Security and Medicare who can then file an individual tax payer return as John Doe and have a legitimate clean wage as a law abiding and tax paying citizen!

It is for this reason you will never know nor will any of us know who exactly owns the United States.

However as I have said I have done some research and have traced back the Treaty that Established the United States the Treaty of Paris and the Treaties that Established the entities involved in those Treaties and have traced the ownership trail of our nation back to a title established by treaty as the Vicar of Christ.

The Vicar of Christ is none other than the Pontificus Maximus better known as the Pope of the Catholic Church.

I like to call him Caesar!

I like to remind him when speaking of him in ways that few people ever do that I am not his enemy and conclude appropriately with…

Hail Caesar!

Look on the back of your dollar bill friend. It says in God we Trust, legally established by Treaty God is the Vicar of Christ. Look at the Pyramid surrounded by a Latin inscription the Language of Rome. “We are successful in our endeavor New World Order”.

Welcome to Rome my friend.

By the way I drive a bike too! It just lacks an engine. I do though have miniature floggers hanging from the handle bars!

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posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 06:00 AM
reply to post by toepick

Thank you for your response. You are aboslutly correct. With what basic knowledge about this I do posess, it is that we "join" by registering our vehicles and such, but in reality, try driving through town without plates... See how free you actually are.

So it appears to be a forced acceptance. The only way to live as free people would be a mountain man or the like.

posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 06:08 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Wow! What an amazing post Brother! Thank you for that amazing input. Perhaps we need to get together and talk more.

This is a great glimpse into how corporate world works.

Thank you so much and definatly feel free to drop more of this amazing info on us.

BTW: If your lookin for a motor, let me know.

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