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Some thoughts on change

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posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 03:37 AM
I have been thinking lately alot about change and what it could do for this country (USA) and the world in it enitrity. And i have come up with some pretty simple ideas, yet at the same time somewhat radical, but worth noting. So please let me know what you think. BTW my grammer will suck, please deal with it.

Here is the thing that i think would be the answer to most problems we are having (I.E. health care, economy, education, religon, and government). The base of all the problems as i see it is this, WE, the world, nations, and humans, have all progressed, in technology, ideals, ethics, morals, everything so very quickly that we never took any time to update our systems.

We never took the time, in all our glorious achievments, to change how we work. My example for this is that we are now attempting to run World of Warcraft on DOS. Even is you patch the hell out of DOS, the best you'll get is a blip on the screen before it crashes (IDK if thats true but you get the idea right?). We are running the most advanced things we have on a pretty much archaeic system.

Now, i shall tell you a story to put all the things i am thinking into perspective.

Once upon a time, there was a planet, it was very pretty, covered in water and green lush foliage. After a few years, a young species emerged called humans, and they spread out over all corners of the planet... skip skip skip bla bla bla... After establishing small villages the leaders realized the people had questions, questions that they could not answer and the people were getting unruley. And so GOD and RELIGION were born. (Yes god realy existed but im not getting into it, pay more attention to teh RELIOION). Once these leaders found out that the people would do whatever they said, as long as they said GOD told them, theyused this to their advantage. As villagers met other villagers for other villages, Villages faught villages and leaders created NATIONS, vast lands full of powerful people. Where the best of the GOD(s) prevailed.

Now after we some mighty NATIONS were established, under the words and commands of "GOD". Some people came about, we shall call them SCIENTISTS, who said hey... "I know GOD does some things but he's not responsable for this, this and that." So the leaders said GOD was pissed and had them killed. After killing so many of them the people said, hey, i think they were right, and i dont think GOD is really talking to you... And thus the leader was killed. And the people said hmmm we need something new to tell us what is right and wrong, GOD seems to have the basic idea but lets write it down, and see how it looks... Thus we have the birth of LAW.

And one day a SCIENTIST and PRIEST were talking and said, hmmm we have to get this LAW and RELIGION to the masses, and thus EDUCATION is here.

Also, saying hmmmm, well i aint giving you my great knowlage for nothing, give me somethign back. AND BAM ECONOMY.

All of this worked perfectly until something happened... (Here comes the FLAMING) AMERICA... Land of the free, home of the brave, where the world is yours and you can do what you want.

Nations heard what america was doing and said hey we need to go there. And so the best minds and workers ALL CAME TOGETHER, and said HOLY S**T this rocks we need a way to tell everyone.... SKIP AHEAD 200 and some years Hello Interwebs....

Now we all know whats happening today. We are still using all the same systems as we have for 100s of years but there has been one giant change in teh las 109 years. We are no longer a WORLD of seperate NATIONS, we are a WORLD of NATIONs knowing what the others are doing. We all have all teh info (With the exception of government secrets). We all know what eachother has and want it, and know we can get it.

But our systems of economy, government, and law have been relatively unchanged. even though everything they govern has.

Now some changes we could really use.

1. A world currency.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 03:46 AM
2. A seperate governing body, to make decisions for the WORLD, made of of peoples from every nation, to make worldly decisions, not concerning each nations own laws.

3. Universal Laws, there really only need to be a few:
1. Don't hurt other people.
2. Don't hurt yourdelf.
3. Don't break or damage other people's stuff.
they seem to cover most all bases.

4. Kids (K-12) dont need to be in a class room for 6-8 hours a day. They are learning much faster than they used to. And if they had more time to blow energy then sit and be lectured all day, they would cause less trouble

5. Work as the world we now are to come together.

We are no longer seperatd by vast lands where we can't communicate efficiently and effectively. We all need eachother. Sure it will take time, that is what that overseeing governing body is for to sowly make the transitiion.

Religion was once the means of Law and Order, it served it purpose for the masses, but now if only needed on a personal level if at all.

Law is here now, but it desperately needs to be updated.

Thank You for listening to me... Have a nice day.

EDIT: I know it is flawed, i really want your input. I have fudged some history in the story to make it fit but o well. No the big world governing body is not NATO or the NWO... It will be much more relaxed than most governments, not law makers. more like Admins or GMs... they will be there to serve the sole purpose of problem solving. small regional governments will be responsable for the taxation and law of the regions to fir their needs. only the universal law will be universal.

[edit on 28-10-2009 by voudew]

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 07:02 AM
You made a comment about folks coming here and saying "this rocks" (concerning America).

This one world bovine excrement is the total antithesis of what makes America great. Do you want to give up what little you have to some a-hole in an office micromanaging your life? Its bad enough as it is.

You want to be micromanaged? Join the military or a cult.

The clamoring for a one world govt. is symptomatic of the abdication of personal responsiblity. Period.

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