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Abduction In Australia| The Controversial Gundiah-Mackay Abduction Incident

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:20 AM
Thanks for the awesome weirdness you keep putting out.

As mentioned elsewhere I still think abduction is a spectral phenomenon taking place between waking and sleep in which perception is re-aligned to see more than in waking life. I know it sounds strange, but most abductions are connected to sleep, half-sleep, half-awake, nighttime, bed, bedrooms, is this one.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:24 PM

Originally posted by chunder
reply to post by InfaRedMan

If MIB's are disinfo then it is conceivable that was a plant, as were the phone records.

Given there were no independent witnesses, I don't see the point in a 'government agency' going to those lengths to discredit these people. The general public would judge these people (floodlights or not) to be some kind of crackpots or weirdo's looking for attention... which they have a tendency to do along with the media.

It's not like some G-Men are going to come along saying "OMG.. we better plant something incriminating or the general public will suddenly wake up to the reality of UFO's and ET's". It would take more than this story I'm afraid. All they have to do is stand back and let human nature run it's course.

Just my 2 Cents!


posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 09:38 PM
reply to post by InfaRedMan

Love your new avvy btw IRM.

Although your theory does have credence we also must realize that if these agent exist they likely knew that the abduction happened. So to close all possibilities of any further recognition of this being a highly regarded case I do think it is possible they would go through such lengths to "close it out" so to say. Even if they didn't plant the evidence (that could have been a coincidence) the chase that was reported was likely a warning "not to take this any further". As possibly the aliens that took Amy did so without the knowledge of the government agencies reportedly in cahoots with others (of course if that is all true
). Basically IMHO there is just too many inconsistencies on both side to form any for sure conclusions. As the best way to cover something like this up (and I am sure they've had MUCH practice if they do exist) is to let the normal mainstream ideological debunk the case, while they "close it out". It is certainly a theory to take notice of anyways. As always, your insightful and logical input it MUCH appreciated in ufology my friend.

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 02:05 AM
the men in black ruin all the fun. they're the reason it's hard to determine fact from fiction. MIB i spit on you! >

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 07:37 AM
Reading the whole post and going outside of ATS to read the links I'm surprised the OP even thinks this comes close to an Alien Abduction. There is just to much evidence pointing towards this being a hoax!! Specially the Motel in between both towns! The way the 3 acted throughout the whole event until disappearing shouts HUGE *WTF were you thinking* questions!! The boyfriend was highly suspicious... These 3 individuals had no concrete facts to present other then their word...the MIB wouldNOT in my opinion need to threaten any 1 of them to keep this all hush hush because there was no physical evidence to back up what any 1 of them were saying. The MIB would need something more tangible to risk showing themselves. In this case being there's no evidence they don't even need to get the word out these people are CRAZY!!! lol I highly doubt this story...I'm really surprised that anyone would believe it with so little to go on and by the victims themselves.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 09:25 AM
reply to post by tracehd1

Reading the whole post and going outside of ATS to read the links I'm surprised the OP even thinks this comes close to an Alien Abduction.

As stated NUMEROUS times, as well in my THESIS and TITLE, the "OP" (which is me btw
I have stated that this case could be an alien abduction OR could be a hoax? Are you sure you read the ENTIRE 3 OP thread or external links? Are you sure you comprehended them?

I am sorry, but in this cases and many other controversial cases in ufology we have situations like this. We can not be so linear and one thinking. We also must look at all kinds of things such as logic, peripheral evidence, circumstantial evidence, feasibility, etc. This case is still WELL open, and as stated in my opinion section more information is needed to make any type of a more definitive resolution, as really there HAS NEVER been any definitive answer to a case being real, only hoaxes have been proven.

I am not going to outline the case for you again, as it is lucidly and exently outlined for you already in my OP. I brought this case to our community for a few reasons:

  • To see what the general consensus is of ATS, which seems to be around 20% real, 40% hoax, and 40% unsurr.

  • Another reason was to bring this relatively unknown case to ATS and the world as not many, even those who LIVE in Australia (and I know many) knew about it. The main focus right now in ufology should be to get the cases, especially the better ones (controversial or not) and make a case file to present to mainstream to draw more attention and thus attempts to locate the truth.

  • Yet another reason was to show that if indeed this was a hoax to educate people maybe not experts in ufology how far and convincing some hoaxers will go. It is all about learning and educating.

  • The final main reason is to teach all aspect of reported abductions, the similarities, types, species, etc. Again, even if this is a hoax that point is still valid.

    Now if I was being intentionally misleading or "pseudobeliever-ish" or trying to deceive do you think I would have mad it clear many times, like the title, throughout the OP, in the sources, references, related thread-not to mention offering the case in a totally neutral viewpoint (as I always do), which included the police testimony and opinions, as well my own interjections with some of the discrepancies. I ALWAYS do that (as should ALL), leave it up to the readers, just present ALL the available facts in an unbiased and non obfuscated manner,

    This very intriguing case was brought up for debate, more attention, and to add to the ever growing massive ufological directory. Maybe you should re-read it again, then maybe you will understand what you said was erroneous. I know how to do my research, I never am biased, I know how to present cases and what needs to be done in regards to ufology, so please remember that. All I am or have ever been trying to do is help ALL OF OUR CAUSE.

    So again, in case you choose not to re-read the OP and links all I was presenting was a controversal case. one that needs MUCH more investigation and attention. You can make up your own mind, and please do. Thanks for sharing

    [edit on 11/6/2009 by jkrog08]

  • posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 04:39 AM
    This case is almost exactly like the case of Linda Napolitano in lower Manhatton New York USA in November 30 1989. As many as a dozen different witnesses saw a women who turned out to be Linda Napolitano and "3 Alien looking creatures" floating in a "Blue Colored beam" floating from her window in a hotel to a UFO outside the Hotel..

    Anyway I first read about this event in Richard Dolan's new book UFO's & The National Security State. Page 502. I'm sure there's info on google if anyone is interested further in this case.. It just seemed very similar..

    posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 04:48 AM

    Originally posted by chunder
    reply to post by Molan27

    I think you'll find that story was eventually proven to be false, there were some strange relationships found between the police and the alleged abductee.

    However, I can't link to them here so that's just my recollection.

    It's possible that it was proven false. I finally put the case up above. Seeing a UFO silently floating outside a Hotel in NYC city seems Insane. Then tack on a blue beam levitating 3 beings from a hotel window to the UFO is Crazier still. If it did happen people must have been SH**ing their pants while seeing that.

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