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Abduction In Australia| The Controversial Gundiah-Mackay Abduction Incident

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posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 07:11 PM

Courtesy:“The X-Files”, 20th Century FOX

Hynek Classification: CE4

The “Gundiah Mackay Abduction” is a very controversial case in ufology. The witness and abductee reports tell of an extraordinary event that happened on Friday, October 5th, 2001. The witness and abductee accounts of the reported abduction scream of one of the top abduction cases, with a mix of the Walton Abduction, X-Files-like story line, whisperings of a “Scientology mission”, physical evidence, and one hell of a in-depth and terrifying story.

But was it a hoax? Some, including the local police agency who spent many man hours investigating the case, which for a short time became a missing persons case similar to the Walton Incident, think so. But what really happened that Friday evening? So far there has not been any conclusive evidence to prove one way or the other what really happened, although the police investigation does present some interesting evidence and theory.

The purpose of this thread is to explore both sides of this extraordinary story and present it in such a manner that the readers can decide for themselves what really happened. If this case is indeed a hoax it is still important to learn from such things, so those interested in ufology can truly understand all the aspects of the field, including complex and well thought out hoaxes. If this case is true however, then this is an unbelievable account of alien abduction. One that thoroughly deserves much more research, as this if true, could add a much needed piece of evidence to ufology in my opinion.

Friday, October 5th, 2001

Actually beginning in the late hours of Thursday, the 4th of October the following report is based upon the witness reports of what was reported to be an extraordinary alien abduction incident that began around 11:00 PM local time. First off, here are the three witnesses to the reported incident, as well other relevant information:


  • Amy Rylance: 22 years old, the alleged victim of the abduction.
  • Keith Rylance: 39 years old, husband of Amy.
  • Petra Heller: 35 years old, business partner of couple.


  • The location of this incident was at Gundiah property, near Tiaro, in Queensland, Australia. The property was being developed as a winery to be called Whispering Winds. The following is a map of the area:

    Close Up

    Extended View

    The investigating crew on this case were Bill Chalker and Diane Harrison of AUFORN.

    The Incident

    Keith states that he had gone to sleep in the caravan bedroom around 9:00PM. Petra stated that she went to into her bedroom in the residences annex. Amy stated that she had stayed on the couch watching TV in the “lounge room”. The investigators report that these locations were close to each other, only separated by a window and a wall. Both Keith and Petra's rooms had a door that was connected to the lounge room where Amy was reportedly watching television. The reported abductee, Amy, reportedly fell asleep on the couch watching TV.

    At around 11:15PM, Petra states she woke up and walked into the lounge area where Amy was supposed to be asleep. What she reports she saw is phenomenal to say the least:

    A rectangular beam of light was being projected through the open window of the caravan lounge room. This light beam appeared to be truncated at the end. Inside the beam Petra claims to have seen Amy in a sleep prone position, being carried out head first through the window. Underneath her, also within the beam were the items that had been on the coffee table adjacent to the couch Amy had been on. Before apparently fainting in shock Petra saw that the beam was coming from a disc shaped UFO hovering just above the ground a short distance away, near a tree at the rear of the clear section, immediately behind the annex caravan house.

    Apparently Petra quickly regained consciousness and began screaming, which in turn awoke Keith. Keith states that when he entered the room he encountered a terrified Petra and the entire contents of the coffee table strewn on the floor. He also stated that the window screen in the lounge room was torn in “both a vertical fashion and along the the bottom of the window frame.” Keith then stated he rushed outside in an attempt to find Amy.

    After talking to Petra and reluctantly believing the story she told him, Keith decided to call the police after his wife was reportedly no where to be found. About and hour and a half later the police arrived at the scene. The officers were Senior Constable Robert Maragna of Tiaro and an officer from Maryborough, According to the reports, the police thought they might have been dealing with a situation of foul play, maybe even a murder.

    With the two witnesses remaining steadfast on the events that lead to the disappearance of Amy by a “spaceship” the case was quickly becoming phenomenal. The two officers were later joined by Sgt John Bosnjak, which was the officer in charge of the Tiaro police force, who was awoken from sleep to join the investigation. As the scene of the incident was analyzed for evidence a plant outside the window was discovered to have apparent heat damage, oddly another bush to the right of this plant was not affected. The police took samples of the affected bush for further testing.

    While the police where at the property a phone call was received by Keith, it was a women calling from Mackay who stated she found a distressed and dehydrated women form a local BP gas station on the northern outskirts of the central Queensland city of Mackay, which is about 790 kilometers(490.883 miles ) to the north of of Gundiah, which is where the reported abduction took place! The women told Keith that Amy (which was the women she encountered) was fine and in the Mackay hospital.

    What Happened to Amy?

    Amy signed a notarized police statement at the hospital in Mackay, which under law held her legally accountable for everything she said in the statement. She stated that last remembered lying on the couch she sated she did not remember anything that Petra stated. She then went on to claim that she woke up lying on a bench in a strange rectangular shaped room. It is interesting to note that she states the illumination came from the “walls and ceiling”, this is interesting because it is commonly reported that ETs use some sort of electromagnetic energy source, which does not utilize “lights” as we understand it. It is reported that the illumination comes from the material that makes up the rooms themselves. This has been reported in many abductions, as well as the illumination technology used in the rumored Dulce Base.

    Amy stated that she was alone when she awoke. She then states she “called out” and heard what she describes as “what seemed to be a male voice asking her to be calm and that everything would be alright and that she would not be harmed.” She went on to describe that “soon an opening appeared in the wall and a 'guy' about 6 feet tall walked into the room.”

    The man appeared to be slender in build but in perfect proportion, covered head to foot in a full body suit. He had what seemed to be a black covering mask on his face, with a hole for his eyes, nose and mouth. He repeated his calming assurances. Amy felt she had been there a while. The guy told her they were returning her to a place not far from where they took her from, because the lights were wrong at the property and it wasn't safe. She then indicates she found herself lying on the bed and falling asleep.

    She stated the next thing she recalled was waking up on the ground with trees around her and smelling the ocean, but feeling disoriented. She made her way through the bushland for what seemed like a long time before finally coming to a road and seeing the gas station where she was found at. When she walked into the station the staff, seeing that she was not in a good state and covered in mud offered her assistance.

    At the BP station Amy drank some water, stating that she felt dehydrated. It is reported that initially she could not answer simple identifying questions and did not know where she was. The staff at the gas station asked her if she had been drinking or on any kind of drugs, which she denied. Amy stated she felt sore, lethargic, tired, and drained. She then asked a women at the station to take her to the hospital The women and her friend took her to the Mackay hospital. Later at the hospital Amy contacted her husband and spoke with two police officers. After being released from the hospital Amy went to the Mackay police station, where she gave the notarized statement of events, which is where the majority of this account comes from, as well investigator interviews.


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  • posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 07:12 PM
    It is interesting to note that Amy claimed she was gone for days, and strangely enough the hospital confirmed that she had excess hair that had not been shaven in a couple days, as well no signs of eating anything for at least two days.

    Amy stated this has never happen to her before, but she did see a large UFO surrounded by several smaller objects when she was in 5th grade. The Mackay police set up a motel room for Amy to stay at while she awaited the arrival of her husband, Keith. When Keith and Petra arrived in Mackay they state they spent a large amount of time discussing the incident with Amy.

    The Ufology Investigation

    Extensive notes were apparently made and photographs were taken of a triangular arrangement of marks on her inner right thigh, marks on each heel and the growing out of her hair which she had dyed earlier in the week. Her hair had apparently started to show her former color, suggestive that some considerable time had passed for her, apparently indicative of rather more than a few hours. Body hair had allegedly also become somewhat more pronounced that would otherwise would be apparent for the short time involved.

    Via an Newsagent's a copy of the Australian Ufologist magazine was purchased, Keith, Petra and Amy started to learn more about UFOs. Keith Rylance contacted the Australian UFO Research Network office number mentioned in the magazine. Diane Harrison took the call Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 15:20 p.m and for the next hour or so listened to the story that Keith and Amy told. Petra was apparently sleeping at the time.

    Given the nature of the story, its complexity and the fact it apparently featured the alleged use of "solid light", Diane decide to bring Bill Chalker into the investigation, making contact with him during the evening of Friday, October 5th. Paradoxically Bill was scheduled to talk at a Brisbane UFO conference on October 13th, and his topics included "solid light" cases and the application of science to alien abduction cases. Bill put a call through to them at the motel, securing permission to record the conversation.
    (Important text underlined and bolded by me.)

    Image of newspapers courtesy of

    Petra was not available to discuss the events she had witnessed, but investigators Bill Chalker and Diane Harrison were able to have a detailed discussion with Keith and Amy over the phone. The initial ufologist investigation focused on what Petra and Keith experienced, as well Amy's account of what happened to her, particularly the events that happened before and after the actual onboard experience.

    I must personally say that it appears the ufologists were doing exceptional in their investigative approach at this point. They were using correct tactics in attempting to judge Amy's physical and mental state, as well her general responses in what I assume was to check for any inconsistencies or evidence of lying, or any signs of her having a misinformed memory of events. There was also a good timeline built by asking about the events prior and after the reported abduction, which is also useful to spot any possibly inconsistencies and to get a more lucid understanding of events.

    Amy's husband, Keith had a strong desire to contact the media about this incident, as he believed it was important to “get his story out, as it would come out anyway and this way he could control the way it did.” One thing that I find somewhat suspicious is the way Keith apparently tried to restrict the way the investigators looked into their experience. He claimed that the investigators did not need to prove the event, I would assume this is because he seemed to believe everything Amy said even though he did not directly experience the events himself. While some may think this is expected, since Amy was his wife, it does raise some investigative questions none-the-less:

    1.)Why was Keith not concerned with the investigators proving his wife’s story?
    2.)While Keith was apparently not concerned with proving Amys story he still wanted to go public with her account. One would think you would want to have at least some type of evidence to back such an extraordinary claim.
    3.)Why was Keith concerned about controlling the course of the investigation? This does not look good, as it could imply he (they) had something to hide that could be exposed during the course of an investigation.
    4.)Why was Keith apparently so concerned about getting this story out to the media?

    Now while all those investigative questions could be attributed to the emotional stress of being involved I such an extraordinary event and being the husband of the victim they are still aspects that need to be looked at. Now let's continue with the incident report:

    Given the possible nature of the event, and that irrespective of the ultimate resolution of the affair, it seemed destined to be a big story, Diane and Bill decided to undertake an investigation. They had been given an indication from Keith Rylance that the three would wait for the investigators to come to Mackay. The claimants were in no apparent hurry to return to Gundiah. They gave permission for Bill and Diane to visit the property on the way. Bill arrived in the Brisbane area on Tuesday afternoon, October 9th.

    Diane and Bill then traveled to Gundiah, arriving at the Whispering Winds winery property, just after 10 pm. Because of the lateness of the hour, we got the witnesses permission to stay there overnight and to conduct whatever investigation we needed to do. Keith had arranged for a neighbor to regularly check on the two pets left behind, namely a parrot and a kelpie dog. He indicated to us that it would be okay to let the dog off for a run, but warned us it was very friendly but inclined to jump all over people.

    We let the dog off at some point and observed its behavior At one point it did jump up on the window where the damaged screen was located.

    When the investigators noticed how active the dog was they began to wonder if the dog may have been responsible for some or all of the damage to the window screen. They state that some of the damage appeared suggestive of possible dog damage. The investigators also noted that the plant damage could also possibly be explained by prosaic causes, in this case heat stress. This possibility was considered because other plants ( one of the same species) around the house and area had similar damage.

    It is vital to note that these observations were only suggestive at this point, and I am not aware of any further investigations carried out to confirm or deny this postulate, as more investigation would be required for any certainty. In totality the investigation at the residence raised many more questions, which were not and have not been properly addressed, even eight years later.

    Images of Gundiah area

    The investigations of the ufologists moved on to the service station where Amy made her “re-appearance”. The staff at the gas station were spoken to and a surveillance video that should have showed Amy's visit there was also acquired. According to the investigators this part of the investigation also led to many more questions that need to be answered (isn't this ALWAYS the case in UFO reports?).

    At this point the investigation and thus the case gets extremely interesting, but somewhat suspicious. Keith, Amy, and Petra indicated to the investigators they would make themselves available for physical questioning, but when the investigators arrived in Mackay for the interview Keith, Amy, and Petra were no where to be found. It was soon found out that the three had checked out of their third hotel (in 9 days since arriving in Mackay) early that morning.

    The investigators state they did not hear from Keith until the next day, where he stated they had to “flee the area and had moved to a unspecified location.” The reason for this move was given by Keith as a result of a “ kind of Men In Black” encounter. Keith stated that their vehicle was pursued by a “high powered, dark brown 4 wheel truck” Keith claimed they lost they lost the truck and moved to the new, undisclosed area.

    The investigators state that they did hear from Keith on more time on October 14th, 2001 (10 days after the event). As far as I can find there has been no further developments in this case in regards to Keith, Amy, and Petra. The case is over eight years old now and apparently stagnate. This is also a highly controversial case with the investigating police force believing this a hoax, but without further investigation we are still left in the dark on what happened. This from the investigators report filed on October 14th, 2001:


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    posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 07:13 PM

    We remain hopeful that they will get into more direct contact with us.

    This affair is both extraordinary and controversial. Many have rushed to judgment, but given it's complex and evolving dynamics, caution and patience is necessary. We have many issues and questions we would like
    to try to resolve. Further contact with the Rylances and Petra Heller may help this process. The case is far from closed and requires an objective, open-minded investigation. Only time will give us the possibility of resolution and certainty about this intriguing but controversial affair.

    The Police Investigation

    As already stated above, the investigating police agency in Mackay, believes that this case was nothing more than a hoax. This conclusion was reached by the odd behavior and reluctance of the witnesses to talk,as well some suspicious evidence.

    By November 2001, New Idea had come out with a four page story, with the article reading, “Amy, Keith and Petra then fled Gundiah, and the UFO investigators haven’t been able to complete their research.” By December, Keith Rylance’s contact details, mobile phone and e-mail were no longer functional.

    The police also found paper towels, black hair dye, and burnt remains of two flood lights and electrical wiring in a incinerator 60 feet from the annex. Police Sergeant Robert Maragna states they found phone records from a motel in Rockhampton, which is in between Gundiah and Mackay. The calls were made the day before the incident:

    The police scenario had Amy already on her way to Mackay via the Rockhampton motel, with the black hair dye being used by Petra later to play the blond Amy. The newspaper also quoted the Tiaro mayor John Horrex, however, who still believed the alien story. In March 2003, civilian investigators were contacted by an overseas source who suggested events had to do with a Scientology mission to find a buried spaceship as described in “Mission Earth”, by Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard. When investigators visited Tiaro police station back in October 2001, they were shown a notebook apparently owned by Petra which the police had removed from the Gundia property. The police were suspicious of some strange content they thought might be connected to the case. Chalker recognized some of its content as being related to Scientology, such the words ‘thetan’ and ‘clearing’. Recall that the Gundia property was called “Whispering Winds” - Hubbard lived out his last years on a remote property in the United States called “Whispering Winds”.

    In 2002 the Fraser Coast Chronicle published an article proclaiming the whole incident a hoax:

    On October 4-5, 2002, the Fraser Coast Chronicle newspaper published an article asking, “Why did they do it?”, arguing that the affair had been a hoax and highlighted forensic issues that the police had found back in October 2001. The Tiaro police had a clear message: “The police file remains open and Sergeant Robert Maragna would love to talk to Amy, Keith and Petra and give them the bill for the hours of police time that went into investigating the alien abduction.” “There were too many inconsistencies in the story for it to be true,” said Sergeant Maragna.

    Unfortunately the Mackay police will not release the nine relevant documents to this case because they contain personal information. So until Keith, Amy, and Petra can be properly interviewed it is hard to see this case going any further. This from AUFORN in 2006:

    However, all was not as it seemed. Journalist Kevin Corcoran of the "Fraser Coast Chronicle" newspaper, in an article 12 months after the event wrote:
    "Mystery still surrounds the trio at the centre of an alleged abduction by aliens of a woman from her Gundiah farm a year ago. Except for a few Brahman heifers, the farm is deserted. It has been unoccupied since English born Keith Rylance, his wife Amy, then 22 and house-mate Petra Heller, left the country after the story of Amy's abduction by aliens broke." The account went on:
    "Officer in charge of the Tiaro police Acting Sergeant Robert Maragna, who was first at the property after the alleged alien visit, is 99.9% sure that the abduction was nothing more than an elaborate hoax."
    Given our success with the Federal Freedom of Information (FOI) Act it was decided to use the Queensland FOI Act to try and secure copies of any papers on the above case. To this end, an FOI request was submitted to the Queensland Police Service asking for any documents "held relative to the police investigation of the alleged "abduction" of one Amy Rylance, formerly of Gundiah, Queensland on or about the 4th & 5th October 2001."
    In a letter of response, the Queensland Police Service replied that "Following receipt of your application, inquiries were conducted at Tiaro Police Station for documents relevant to your request. As a result of those inquiries nine (9) documents were located and a determination made concerning them." The response went on to state: "I have determined today, to exempt from release all documents pursuant to section 44(1) of the Act. I consider the information contained in these documents relates to the "personal affairs" of a person other than yourself and is exempt from release pursuant to section 44(1) of the Act."
    A retrospective investigation is currently being undertaken into this reported UFO abduction. The Rylances are believed currently to be in the north of England. Any UK reader who might wish to assist in this research is asked to contact the Project.
    (Parts bolded by me)

    My Conclusions

    This is a very controversial case, there is no way to make any type of conclusion on this case at this time in my opinion, due to the lack of witness interview. Although the corroborating evidence in favor of the witness reports is interesting, there is also some suspicious behavior and evidence that needs to be further explained. I for one do not agree with the police theory based on the evidence they found in the incinerator for the following reasons:

  • The hair dye was explained adequately by the witnesses, as it was mentioned beforehand.

  • How does the finding of floodlights and wires mean this is a hoax? Why would the hoaxers need to fool themselves by mimicking an alien abduction “beam” with the lights, which is the only logical theory the police could have been proposing.

  • The phone conversation is suspicious, but not damning, as the police put it. There are many other explanations that I feel are being overlooked, including the overall likelihood of this hoax being carried out to the detail they postulate.

    Although I do not agree with the police conclusions I do not omit them, nor do I omit the odd behavior of the witnesses, and as stated needs to be explained. What is interesting to me is the fact that the witnesses have not continued to try and propagate this hoax, if indeed that is what it was. With recent evidence showing that Amy and Keith fled to the UK what would be the point of making this up if they were not going to attempt to make money off of it or further the “story”? Maybe they got scared of being arrested for lying to the police? This is possible, but given the evidence and events surrounding the case it seems to me that the police scenario would be a stretch at best, in my humble opinion.

    I also feel that we must be careful to judge what is and what isn't “suspicious behavior” concerning the experiencing of an event like a alien abduction. How are we to know how one would act? Do we really have the facts to judge that the reports of a “MIB-type encounter” is a lie? We do not, but admittedly the odd behavior and stories of the witnesses does not look good. There is however enough questions and evidence to further an investigation in this case, as well give some credence to the witness testimony.

    With even the police themselves refusing to close this case I feel it is very ambiguous to make any form of further conclusions. While in the best case scenario (at this point) we could either get a “likely true” or “likely hoax”, I firmly believe this case is indubitably worthy of much deeper study, if possible. In this case I feel that some rather hasteful conclusions have been made erroneously, with a potential great case being quickly dismissed as a hoax. If indeed this whole event was a hoax than it still serves a useful purpose in my opinion, and that is to teach us how far some will go to perpetrate such things. In either event I feel this is an important case to bring to the attention of our community, and I look forward to any additional insight anyone may be able to provide if possible. At the least this case will hopefully come to some further attention than it has gotten thus far.

    Sources, References, and Related Threads


    Related Threads

    The Gundiah Mackay Alien Abduction

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  • posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 08:37 PM
    reply to post by jkrog08

    another great well researched thread by jkrog08

    why are people not flagging and starring this thread!

    posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 09:03 PM
    reply to post by The Cloak

    S&F I agree. This is a well researched, well thought out thread! Great job jkrog

    posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 10:23 PM
    I wasn't previously aware of this case. Thanks for gathering the pertinent facts and statements about it.

    What was the result of the security tape from the gas station? Did the ufologists post a copy of it or make it available to the public?

    Interesting that part of the investigation about the hair dye assumes that Petra had previously dyed her hair blond to play Amy and then dyed it back to black (if that is her normal color).

    Very interesting all in all!

    posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 11:32 PM
    Thanks everyone for your kind words. I am glad everyone enjoyed this very interesting case. I feel it is important to get things like this out to a wider audience, because if ufology is ever to progress we need to generate interest and build a large knowledge base. Thanks again everyone...


    Reply to elfie

    As far as I am aware there is no public version of the tape available. One might try and contact AUFORN for inquiries about it however.

    posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 12:11 AM

    Very interesting indeeed..... I'll have to keep an eye out for that lot on my travels

    thats one hell of a chronic hoax if it is....

    posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 02:24 AM
    reply to post by jkrog08

    a very strange story with lots of suspicious stuff. i'm not sure what to make of it all and i agree with you, we need more info on this one.

    totally awesome presentation thanks

    posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 03:01 AM
    Cops were so sure of a hoax and so am I. Ridiculously suspicious behaviour sort of ruins any perception of honesty I may have had for these people. That includes fleeing the country. Nice bit of research though.

    [edit on 28/10/2009 by believer81]

    posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 03:36 AM
    Interesting stuff, and a good job putting it together.

    I may have taken this the wrong way, but saying the idea that they ran because they were scared of the consequences of lying to the police is a "stretch"? Is it not more of a stretch to believe that she actually was abducted and they had been followed by 'men in black'?

    The 'phone records, the dog, the hair dye, the way he wanted to control the investigation, the scientology element and the fact they left the country before questions could be satisfactorily answered?

    Our survey says...


    ...but hey, it was just a survey of me, so no biggie

    posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 03:38 AM
    Yet another great thread! S&F!

    The way her time "dialation" or what ever you would like to call it reminds me of Zygmund Jan Adamski case but in a opposite context as in she appeared to be gone for several days but was found later the same night
    Zygmund Jan Adamski was gone for days and only appeared to be gone for a day when his body was found.

    posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 06:16 AM
    reply to post by jkrog08

    This is an interesting case S&F, I have read quite a lot of abduction cases over the years, but have never heard of this one, brilliant post thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 06:35 AM
    Well done Jkrog.... great post, ill need to read it again, and all the links to form my opinion but thanks for putting it out there so I can!
    Definitely getting a star and flag from me!

    [edit on 28-10-2009 by grifta]

    posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 06:49 AM
    reply to post by jkrog08

    UFO abduction cases get more and more interesting as i read them.. in the vast majoirty of cases it seems that the voices and men/women tend to say "Be calm we mean no harm" then when someone asks "what are you going to do to me?" they reply "What we did has already been done"....

    If this ever happens to me my first question would be "why are you abducting people worldwide?"

    is there any way of knowing if you were abducted or not? I keep getting wierd feelings as if someone is watching me for the last 4 months.

    posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 07:50 AM

    Originally posted by The Cloak
    another great well researched thread by jkrog08

    why are people not flagging and starring this thread!

    Maybe they have the same problem I'm having here. The first post I'm getting is your one here.

    I'd love to know what any previous pages say...

    posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 08:07 AM
    reply to post by sotp

    Thanks, in regards to where I said the police scenario was a "stretch" I was talking more about everything they postulate the witnesses did to pull of this hoax, which did not get them anything in regards to money and got them ridiculed by newspapers. As I said, this very well could be a hoax, but more investigation (which we likely won't get) is needed for any definite conclusion. I am totally open to this being a hoax, due to the suspicious behavior and I understand it could have been a failed hoax, a "attention hoax", or some sort of weird Scientology mission. But I am also open to the possibility that they were telling the truth. So thus the reason I stated that in my opinion the police scenario was a stretch, based on the lack of evidence available for investigation. Thanks again for your comments and kind words.

    posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 08:32 AM
    Just my overactive psychology but...

    flood lights, 22 year old wife, 39 year old husband, sexy Russian woman living and in business with them...
    The first thing I thought of was Keith and Petra having an affair and maybe drugging naive young Amy and using the flood lights to, you know... convince her something else was going on?

    But then theres mention of Scientology, fascinating, maybe Keith and Petra were Scientologists and needed to convince Amy to join, how do you prepare someone? Make it seem real?

    Was she drug tested even though she denied? When someone is woozy cant remember it is pretty standard.

    Jkrog your threads are getting really awesome and I like that its not all copy paste like a lot of peoples! I hope one day you will get to write about me ^_^

    posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 11:39 AM
    Um, yeah, if the police have a record of a call from a hotel half way between the place of the abduction and the place where she was found that night, when she was abducted, then that basically proves this was a hoax. However, this is something that could have been made up by the police.

    Which link provides this information?

    I read through a few links which were very repetitive, and none had anything on this critical information.

    Where do these people get their money to buy this property and then abandon it, along with their pets? How long had they lived at this property?

    Did anyone actually meet with these people, other than the police?

    Did the people at the gas station confirm the story?

    The whole story is extremely sketchy.

    posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 12:13 PM
    the Scientology part of this post is odd.but the facts seem a bit off. the call from a half way point? unless the men in black put the in the call from the room.

    on the other hand 700 miles away how much time did the have to move that far? did people see them on this trip.

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