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Hamid Karzai already fixing 2nd round of voting

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posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 05:42 PM

The monitor, who helped catalogue fraud in the August 20 election, said tribal elders in southern provinces had already reported that officials were preparing to rig the November 7 run off.

The claims came as the International Crisis Group warned that without an overhaul of the election process and action against the most senior perpetrators of fraud, the vote-rigging would be repeated.

ok so you add this to the senior us diplomat quiting afghanistan and the costliest month in US lives in the entire war and we have no clear reason to be there. they dont want to be helped, if we could even do it in the 1st place. (iraq is suppose to be a us victory yet they remain a third world hole) we are losing on every front yet we outnumber the taliban 12-1.. its time to leave..

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