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Compare the TV show Jericho to today

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posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 01:53 PM
I know this show has been discussed before in early 2008, but I feel that it needs to be brought up again.

Just in case you're unfamiliar with Jericho, it lasted I think 2 seasons. It was abruptly cancelled. However, it had had apparently such a huge following (despite what anyone else would say) that they had to come back and try to end the series with a 2-hour special. If it was such a low rated show, why were they impelled so strongly that they needed to do something about it?

The main plot in the show was that a high ranking govt official had collected enough nuclear weapons to detonate them in cities throughout the US because it wasn't getting to his governmental style fast enough. He figured he could do this and after the anarchy settled, he would take over and run the country through a corporation.

They employed paramilitary groups in this show to help "community re-organize", shall I say. The US was soon divided into different controlled regions.

It showed I believe very realistically what would happen between neighbors, towns and even the states.

I didn't think much of it when they cancelled except it was one of the very few shows I liked to watch so I was aggravated. But now, as the government keeps taking over these large businesses, employing managerial style czars, and using paramilitary groups themselves to help with, let's say, potential riot danger spots.

Lately, it's been so heavy on my mind I just had to bring it up. My memory lacks a lot when it comes to details, so can anyone else come up with comparisons to our current government? Or show just how easy the whole bombing by alledged foreign terrorists could be done?

Apparently there's still some pushing to bring the show back as they plan on doing a movie of it and a comic book series. So, tell me why was the show cancelled if it is still so popular today! I think the reported ratings were incorrect. What other cancelled show have they considered doing this for?

Here's a Wikipedia Link to read up on the show.

posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 11:51 PM
I'm sad to see this has no posts.

First post XD

I just started watching Jericho on netflix, I'd been meaning to catch it but honestly the fact that everyone I knew who was boring and average was watching it made me stay away. I was surprised to see just how effectively it shows the true nature of people, how the world works, the results of such a disaster, and the corruPtion of our- er the government!

I honestly subscribe to the opinion put out by others that this show just hit too close to home with the people upstairs. They don't want us prepared for this. That's what the FEMA camps are for. They don't want us to panic, but they don't want us to organise be self sufficient and fight off blackwater and other foreign troops (oops I meant ravenwood, same difference =.= )

The gov/military have a heavy hand in the kitchen of Hollywood, but that doesn't mean they poison every dish. They saw this one and it had to go. The ratings were great, just like you said, they had to bring it back for season 2 and now for even more.

There is some stuff there not showing (racism, Technicalities, etc) but the majority of this is gold. If this show doesn't wake people up then nothing will. People say its a phase. Maybe we're just nke obsessed ATM, or that the gov I'd involved. I honestly dunno.

I just know that probably the day I STOP believing jericho will come true, will probably be the day it does and I'm unprepared.

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