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Police: Gang rape outside school dance lasted over two hours

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posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 09:11 PM
Well if I had come upon the scene I'm afraid I'd been in jail right now also. More than likely for the murder of several boys. Any type of abuse towards women is one of the few things that will cause me to lose any and all self control.

I think they should be castrated, not sutured, and then burned alive in front of the girl's parents at a location of their choosing. Then the ashes should be mixed with dog food, and fed to several dogs. That way they will literally become what they were figuratively in life, nothing but a pile of....

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posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 09:15 PM

Originally posted by rapunzel222

most people dont know how inadequate the australian criminal law system is. child rapists and incest crimes are not being punished. ive seen 2 month sentences for repeated sexual abuse of someone's own granddaughter (child). ive seen seven year sentence for gang rape of 7 year old girls. ive seen 4 month sentence for a man who had a relationship with an underage girl who had been previously raped by her father (who was his friend, and he paid the father for her).

My goodness what on earth was the logic to those sentences???

sometimes i think some of these judges are abusers themselves or they couldnt write this stuff.

I don't know if they personally abuse kids but those sentences are abusive as well as unbelievably shameful.

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posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 09:24 PM
What I see repeatedly is a culture where kids go to school for hours on end and go home to either emotionally and/or physically absent parents - and the kids have the mindset that the KIDS are US and the adults are THEM.

So the tough kids that are the most seemingly cool and able to protect become the biggest influence on the other kids.

Ever talked to even a 'nice' teen and have them look at you like you are crazy? Like, "What, an adult? Talking to me?" then they give you the most minimum of an answer so they can hurry and get back to other kids and away from the crazy adult that dares address them.

I do not see this in kids that are homeschooled and around adults a lot. I do not see this in kids that are involved in religious or cultural type activities in which they have a lot of adult interaction.

I suspect the gang thing is this problem taken to the extreme. Then if the kids' leaders are nothing but violent thugs, well, it's monkey see, monkey do because there is no evolved socially responsible being worth imitating in their life.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 09:56 PM
My virtues follow:

I am against violence/rape. It is not right.

Above that, I believe in justice. Justice may be defined differently by all of us, but my form of justice may involve violence. Depends on the situation.

All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are other words, there comes a time when our morals collide and we have to pick one over another.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 10:22 PM

Originally posted by Chai_An

Originally posted by nixie_nox
For everyone going on about the degradation of society and how horrible the world is, there is neither more nor less crime then a hundred, two hundred, three hundred years ago. The only difference is that you hear about it on television.

Yes and no. Yes this type of crime took place and no it was not commonplace in most communities because people feared the consequences something many youth today lack.

Didn't say it was or was not commonplace. It isn't commonplace. Which is why we are horrified and discussing it here.That is a blanket statement. I know plenty of teens who are good kids. Some who are not. The ones who are not are usually the parent's fault or they have a mental illness.

hese same type of horrible crimes have always happened. Before video games, television, internet, whatever.

The difference is video games kids play, music/movies they like, and sites they visit today is causing them to devalue life as well as be desensitized to violence with no fear of consequences.

This is a cop out. The opposite could be said, that those who are violent are attracted to video games. I like crazy video games as much as the next person, and I can't kill a spider. There is a huge difference between video and reality. For one, videos have a reset button. And most kids, if they were to wander into the real world of crime, would run screaming home. If they are playing a lot of video games, that is a small symptom of a large problem of parents ignoring them and letting the media babysit.
Lets go back a few years to when the teen killed himself after listening to Ozzy for 18 hours. And there was a big hoopla over if Ozzy was to blame. No. For as a parent, my child would never be locked in their room for 18 hours listening to anything.If that wasn't a big flag I don't know what is.

A long complex history has created these teens. Like I said, most likely it was a gang. And gangs are developed when people in poverty need a "family" and have no other choice but to join a gang.

That history started with parents. I not getting this stereotypical, "he joined a gang because he was poor. Or how dangerous the urban areas are," is just stereotypical hogwash that is played over and over in movies. Sure there are places that are rough but to generalize all urban (inner cities) being this way is not real. To justify joining a gang because one is poor is ludicrous. If that logic was true it would be too unsafe for anyone whether they live in urban or suburban areas to walk outside if only for a moment.
Of course people don't make the same decisions. But some ingredients are more conducive. some poor women sell jewelry, others prostitute. But the line of economics is same.

If you think these areas don't exist you need to quit squeezing the charmin.
The demographics are there. I have three of these areas within an hour of me. I have lived on the fringes with drug dealers urinating on my house and bullets pinging off the brick. We would sit on the porch and play: name that gunshot during the summertime.
The majority of these gangs are in inner cities. Are all cities like this? No.

There are quite a few gangs in well to do communities so it has nothing to do with socio-eco standing and goes right back to home life or the lack of as well as what the child put into their brain on a daily basis.

There are always exceptions. Yes home life is a part of it. No one is denying that. Many of the family members are in teh gang too. But the families are gonna pass on what they know, which is poverty, crime and early pregnancy. Is every member of a corrupted city like this? Absolutely not. But the risks are much higher. The reason I stated that many have abused and neglected backgrounds. But the majority of the gangs are inner city, poor ares. Some are in nice areas, but then those areas quickly degrade, and become like all the other war zones. I have witnessed it myself. IN fact, the neighborhoods surrounding Andrews Air Force Base is one. They were once very nice family military neighborhoods and now they are turning into gang slums, unfortunately. Since there are a lot of families that have been there a long time.

And this is not unlike horrible things gangs do. I heard a story about how a local leader lured his 6 month old girlfriend into the woods, had sex with her, and then him and the other gang members beat her and decapitated her because she snitched to police.

This gang leader had a 6 month old girlfriend? And decapitated her because she snitched to the police? Now who's being sensational here?

Its called a typo, I accidently deleted pregnant. She was six months pregnant and 17 years old.

You have not heard of the crimes that these gangs commit, this one was not far from me:

In a recent Texas incident, a MS-13 gang member admitted that he had led the gang rape of a 24 year-old woman and then kicked her in the neck with such force that it killed her.


Their penchant for violence is renowned. Members often arrive in the United States with fighting skills gained in military training and are particularly adept with machetes. In March 2004, the Maldon Institute, a Washington DC based think tank, released a report detailing the violent methods MS-13 used, including their increasingly typical (and disturbing) calling card. MS-13 often leaves behind dismembered corpses, complete with the decapitated head, at the scene of their murders. Often a grim note is attached to the body.

In one Washington DC event, witnessed by a reporter, the inductee was an 11-year old boy - he sought membership in MS-13 so they would protect him from bullies in his neighborhood. The rights of passage included placing the boy in a circle of gang members. The five strongest members stepped inside the circle with the 11-year old boy. As members began counting slowly to 13, the boy was beaten and kicked repeatedly until he reached the point of unconsciousness. If he had been a girl, the rights of passage would have included being gang raped by six gang members.

Members of the MS-13 street gang live by the motto "We kill, we rape, we control" and follow the orders of leaders known as "The Word," a prosecutor said yesterday as the federal racketeering trial of two alleged gang members began. According to prosecutors, Velasquez and others accused of being MS-13 members sexually assaulted two teenage girls at a "skipping party" -- in which students ditch school -- May 12, 2003. In her opening statement, Wilkinson said Velasquez wielded a gun during the assault, adding that the victims were 15 and 16 at the time.

Gang activity in the United States has been traced to the early 19th century when youth gangs emerged from some immigrant populations. Now, as then, gangs provide identity and social relationships for some young people who feel marginalized by the dominant social, economic and cultural environments in which they live.



Long before video games and tvs, Hells Angels would make women clean their bikes. If there was even a little smudge, the women would be gang raped as punishment.

Correct me if I'm wrong but television was around when the Hells Angels a motorcycle gang who terrorized communities in the 60s and 70s roamed. The things allowed to be shown on television were different than today. The Hells Angels were supposedly horrible adults boozing and causing havoc in the towns they visited we're talking about kids.

But the gang mentality is the same, no matter the demographic. Hells angels became huge in teh 70s(or problematic I should say)but they started in the 40s or 50s. They also use colors, gestures and symbols like any other gang.So what was on tv in the 40s I would doubt contributed to anything. BTW they were also started in San Fran. It is theorized to be started by WWII piolet vets who still had a need for action but were also angry at being dismissed by society after the war.

In the roman coloseum, exotic women were brought in from other countries and gang raped by several men in front of the whole crowd as entertainment.

And look what happen to ancient Rome it failed. Whenever a society becomes so misguided and inhumane something happens. It perishes.

Does all the violence scare you? Is that why your in denial? No one likes crime or gangs around. But most societies begin and end, or change. ALL have crime, even horrific crimes.

No one takes comfort in this crime. But ignoring it won't make it go away. That is why I try to inform people. If you change the socio economic status and clean these areas up, you can make it go away. FBI considers MS-13 a far deadlier threat then terrorists. And because of the current economy, it is increasing instead of the war on gangs decreasing it. And they are winning the war on the borders.

Before proclaiming how scarey society is, realize you are hearing about one event, involving 15 people, out of 360 MILLION in the United States. If it wasn't sensational, it wouldn't be news.

I agree.

What you don't hear about, is the person rescuing 20 puppies today. Or the man who bought 600 girl scout cookies, or the anonymous donations. Because that doesn't make news.


I wish I could remember the name of the comedian, but what they said really struck me:

I couldn't handle all the sex and violence on television, so I turned off the news.


posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 11:26 PM
This is taste of a world to come, nothing works behind the eyes nothings felt.
No Mom home no Dad home, No family around,
processed through the skool system, where clothes, cliques, and texting are most important, taught nothing,
go home, plug in a game where you kill, steal, raped hookers and take their money, watch girls gone wild, spring break college shows where whipped cream licking and nipping means you went to college,
keep texting keep texting, play some more game, go out with your friends, hook up, keep score keep count of who you have and and how many times you have hooked up, get preganant, no biggy, just go get it sucked out abortion is birth control, right?, no mom at home no dad at home aight"
no jobs to go to, got no money, news tell you every day war war , sky is falling, global warming, flu pandemic, priest are molesting, congress is stealing, killers with big wallets go free, stupid rich girls get their own tv shows, mtv the real world, the real world? really the real world?
credit card offers flow in the mail box just flow into the mail box on your 18th birthday, no mom at home no dad at home,
no one in the school theyre all left behind, education is left behind,
fantasy tv land fantasy tv commercials fantasy propaganda pounded into the kids head pounded and pounded,
numb affected uneffective adults as their seeing eye dogs,
adults that dont see, no mom at home no dad at home no family,
these kids, this next batch to come up through, will make the kids that are bad today seem like helpful girl scouts.

no mom at home no dad at home.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 11:38 PM
bunch of lame dumbas**es geesh when i was 15, and antying like taht ahppened, at my school, a lowsey public school, jsut about everyone would have helped the poor girl out, pullin the sex ceraved mofo's off her* that was 1990 to 94. For a bunch of teens same age, to look in awe and do nothing, in fact participate, goes to shwo we are in serious trouble as a society* and where thier parental values came from
that poor poor girls..i hope she gets all the help she can get at the hospitol, and the guilty ones ARE bought up on rape and harrassemnt charges*** i REALLY wanna see thsoe 15 year odls got o prison*

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 11:40 PM
IN fact i hope they are treated like adults, in prison, they may get raped themselves, by antoher man no less, and no one will be thier to help them* lesson learned and time to think over what youve done wrong*

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 11:43 PM
Articel like this get me FUMING mad...if iw as thier, ide be pulling those guys off her left n right, and yelling out loud WTF is worng with all you, are you mentally ill!!! at least, put it in thier head, this is wrong! IDe DEF call the police and ambulance thier, and hold down 2 or 3 of them till the cops the cops can get more info on the others* last case scenario, incase they ganged up on me, ide take the girl with me at least, and run into a heavily ppopulated public building*

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 11:52 PM
reply to post by ziggy1706

Very honorable and noble ziggy, yet in reality unless you were armed in that kind of scenario and mob environment your attempt to save would make you a victim as well, it would be best to call as fast as you could law enforcement.
This is one, "one" incident out of thousands that happen daily that we never hear about in our country, now try to imagine worldwide.
Some people ziggy, they just need a whole lot of killing done to them, and a whole lot of them are needing it done as soon as it can be delivered.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 12:02 AM
Of course, this happened in Richmond. That place is a total ghetto hole. I bet half the crime in the Bay Area happens in Richmond.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 12:39 AM
And, again, why is it ok to put out "rape sex" videos on the web for people to get their jollies off to? Show me a girl that wants to brutalize and torture me, and forcefully have sex with me and I'll show you a guy who isn't interested.

What happened to the world that was more ideal, like Leave it to Beaver, or "Andy Griffith?"

Obviously, it was never perfect to begin with. But, we are being de-moralized. Abortion is considered "a choice" to take away the sting of the crime committed. We go into marriage already planning for the day the thing falls appart. Criminals get off easy because they are deemed not responsible for their actions. There is no reponsibility for crimes, because you get labeled with some sort of "disease" that made you do what you did.

I could go on and on, but I think a lot of it has already been mentioned.


posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 01:11 AM
This is really our fault.

We let just anyone have kids,

Who are breeding: the stupid, the dumb, the ignorant, the low class.

Who's not breeding: the intelligent, the moral.

I say we kill all that took part, all that watched without doing anything.

It sounds harsh, but if you can tell me that their humans, i'll fight that.

Your not a human if you can watch a girl get gangraped, and either laugh, or pull out a camera.

It's the 21st century, and we can't even get to the moral ground of animals.

The sad thing is, I'm sure all these kids will get off easy, and light, either from some race card deal, or age deal, or some stupid ****.

The worst part, is I'm sure their now 'top dogs' amongst their friends.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 01:13 AM
At some point you have to go beyond nurture and look to nature.

I know it is not politically correct to say so, but some people are just no damned good.

The question is, how do we prevent their breeding?

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 01:21 AM

Originally posted by Grumble
At some point you have to go beyond nurture and look to nature.

I know it is not politically correct to say so, but some people are just no damned good.

The question is, how do we prevent their breeding?

Same way as china, expect specialized.

I know people locally, that are reproducing at one kid per year, and they all have no jobs, no ambition, and think gangs are cool, and killing people earns you respect, (no matter who you kill, children, the elderly).

I can't believe you guys are so concerned about end of the world theories, or that stuff.

When an individuals life, was just ruined, by soulless people.

Priorities, if the whole system of america collapsed, this would just be a preface, gangs would run rampant.

Kids these days, think street smarts, is more important than book smarts, and i'm thinking, their right now.

You hear rappers on the radio rapping about how they made it succesfully by killing, raping, and rapping, selling drugs. And that's just easier to do, and better yet, it's the cool thing to do.

This story would of been much bigger, had an taliban group or whatever did it, but since just an ordinary minority group did it, it's not such a big deal, (not sure if they were all minorities, as a disclaimer before you shout racist, like a friggin witch hunt).

100,000's of years, and no progress at all.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 01:40 AM
It wasn't all that many centuries ago...

That your life expectancy was in your 30's and needing a root canal could make it even less than that.

Your life, was very likely to have been a small farm with a wife and a couple of kids and every single day, you watched that horizon because at any given moment... a group of males might come over the hill, run you down, kill you and your sons and rape your wife and daughters.

This was the case if you were a settler, a native living in most places...

If you were a woman just over a century ago, you couldn't work, like parts of the middle east today you might be sold as young as 12 or 13 into marriage to be used by a stranger anyway he wished, if you had no family as a woman use for sex was a weekly occurrence... rape was an accepted part fo war, women had to cover even in America from head to toe for fear of being called promiscuous and being raped...

To go into greater detail would be gross...


But it is also our media that takes the Worst of what we have going on and displays this...

Per fact it is safer and saner to be female than anytime in our history...

And I say this only to contradict, the entirety of posts condemning people, the human race, our values and all the rest.

Because even 30 years ago... this happened daily on College campuses in America until a spotlight was put on it...

Date rape wasn't even talked about until the 80's

Molestation was pushed under the rug until the 60's 70's... IF a man molested his child a woman wouldn't ever mention it even 50 years ago...

Sexual abuse in schools to women by teachers and students was rampant, so was a corporal punishment.

We are not in decline as a species when this happens once this year and The Media makes a spectacle of it... Our kids aren't "out of control"

The reality we have made massive strides in eliminating this kind of behavior almost entirely in the West. So much so that we are shocked and enraged, even men when it happens...

But truth be told this happened every day in a salon in America 100 years ago...sick and sad as that is...

Truth be told, this was not so long ago an every day event for any stray girl... If you had a daughter or wife she not so long ago had to be kept under lock and key and 90% of men faced with this would have done exactly what these yahoo's did in this incident and said "she deserved it" or "was asking for it"

Condemn the participants and give them what they deserve...

But don't condemn our society.... because the truth is, this is daily life for women still in some parts of the world and was here too a very short time ago...

We have in reality made massive strides in regards to the treatment fo women and obviously there is a long way to go... But we didn't get here, to a place where this is shocking and unthinkable... because we have been doing something wrong.

If anything, we strive for Utopia and by far are more civilized as a species than anytime in human history.

100 yrs ago, you simply could NOT leave your daughter alone anywhere at night around men unsupervised, where men in posts say they would give up their lives in her defense, 100 years ago most would throw her from her home as disgraced and leave her to die...blame her, the men would not be punished.

That this shocks us is a testament to how far we have actually come.

Now... On with the be headings of the perpetrators

But don't forget how far we actually have come in our society

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 02:01 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

So true Mopus.... So true...

Thanks for the addition...

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 02:40 AM
I hate it when people say nobody did anything because they were all waiting for someone else to step up. For two and a half hours? I understand if someone just ran up to her and knocked her out then ran away. People would be in shock and their brain would take a while to realize and figure out what to do. But for 150 minutes of standing around and partaking in the gang rape shows a lack of empathy, pure sociopathic behavior. These kids are monsters and it's not just the parents who are to blame.

These kids obviously come from families who are poor so both parents have to work in order to provide. This is most likely because they have no education or legal immigration status so they are forced into that life. The system is broken and unless we fix it there is no way to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. It's really sad. Instead of spending $20 trillion bailing out the worlds banks and trillions more on useless wars we should be spending that on creating a truly great country where everyone can get a decent job and live a normal stress free life with their family.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 02:51 AM

Originally posted by nixie_nox
This actually sounds like a gang incident. either an initiation or somehow this girl affronted a gang. That is the only reason for a group standing around and getting away with it for two hours.

How does a large group of teends get together for over 2 hours and not be broken up?

If the girl knew one of the boys, this sounds like a setup. There is more to this story.

I can't imagine being raped till unconsiousness. She will probably never be able to have children, or be physically right again. And to be thrown under a bench. Awful. awful awful. It makes my heart hurt.

But this is a hate crime of sometime, I don't believe this is random.

Pretty much explains it.

Gang initiations often involve beating someone up or (if it's a girl) sleeping with male members. This sort of behaviour takes away the shock of rape for these kids and is another sort of punishment/activity. Rape is probably not uncommon for gangs.

Like you said it would be highly unusual that you'd get a large group of people looking and laughing seeing someone raped without the ppl being affiliated in some way. Also the 15 year old girl was probably scared of violence that she didn't make a "scene" (crazy screaming etc.) which made it more convenient for the onlookers/fellow gang members to participate and watch.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 02:53 AM
I can't believe how low we as humans have sunk! This is truly disgusting and should by no means be acceptable. i hope this person and all his buddies get caught and rot in jail.

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